Gunner Advanced Classes and Abilities

August 24, 2021

Heroes of Arkesia,

This week we conclude our Advanced Class spotlight series with the Gunner. While they may be last, these deadly ranged combatants are certainly not least. You can visit the previous spotlights for the Warrior, Mage, Assassin, and Martial Artist, or learn about all of the Classes Lost Ark offers in our Intro to Classes article.

Whether wielding high-tech weapons or bows and arrows that never jam, keep an eagle eye on these sharpshooters or they may even hit you with their worst shot. Players interested in the lethal, ranged attacks of the Gunner Class can pick between four Advanced Classes; the quick, catlike Gunslingers, the destructive Artillerist, triple-weapon swapping Deadeye, or the accurate, bow-wielding Sharpshooters.

Lethal accuracy and diverse arsenals ensure that Gunners are prepared for, and ready to take down with efficiency, any threat that they’re targeting. You can see the attacks and abilities of the four Gunner Advanced Classes here:

Advanced Classes Breakdown


With a gun for every occasion and the ability to switch between them quickly, Gunslingers are deadly opponents at any range. Light on their feet thanks to their catlike reflexes, gunslingers are hard to pin down—and quick to unload a flurry of shots on any unwary foe.

Gunslinger Abilities:
  • EYE OF TWILIGHT: Turn back from your closest foe, mark them as a dueling target, and apply the Eye of Twilight debuff on them, reducing your target's move and attack speed. After 2s, fire with your revolver, damaging all foes and staggering foes with the Eye of Twilight debuff.

  • LAST REQUEST: Fires a powerful explosive bullet, inflicting damage and launching foes into the air.

  • PLASMA BULLET: Fire a plasma bullet that travels at a low speed while continuously inflicting damage.

  • PEACEKEEPER: Fire your handgun to inflict damage in front of you. As a combo, fire the handgun in a burst, then deliver a powerful kick, and then fire the handgun rapidly. You can change direction during the combo, and the first hit allows for a counter attack.

  • HOUR OF JUDGMENT: Fire 3 bullets that spread in a cone-shaped range, with each bullet fragmenting upon impact and hitting foes behind the hit targets for additional damage.


Artillerists believe in firepower and lots of it, blasting their enemies with some of the biggest guns under the sun. They may not be the most mobile fighters, but they make up for their lack of agility with huge mechanical launchers and other hard-hitting weapons, heavy armor, and incredible destructive force.

Artillerist Abilities:
  • MISSILE BARRAGE: Fire 20 rockets in the sky. The missiles fly to the cursor position and explode, inflicting damage.

  • BUCKSHOT: Fire a conal blast with a shotgun, inflicting damage and pushing foes away.

  • FLAMETHROWER: Fire your flamethrower in a single direction while moving freely. The flames last for a while, inflicting fire damage.

  • GATLING GUN: Spin in the cursor's direction while firing your machine gun.

  • NAPALM SHOT: Detonate a napalm shell, damaging foes and launching them in the air. The napalm shell sets the ground ablaze on impact, inflicting fire damage every second for 5s.


With their flexible triple-wielding playstyle and brash attitude, you might mistakenly suppose that this rough-and-tumble rogue has a death wish. They do, but don't worry—it's just for their opponents. They can choose the most effective weapon from an arsenal that includes a double handgun, shotgun, and rifle.

Deadeye Abilities:
  • BURSTING FLARE: Summon a large-caliber rifle and shoot 3 times. The first 2 bullets directly hit foes and create a rear blast along the trajectory that pulls foes in and inflicts damage. The last shot damages foes and knocks them down.

  • METEOR STREAM: Fire a volley of bullets to the sky, then sends them to impact at the cursor position, inflicting damage and launching foes into the air.

  • SPIRAL FLAME: Fire a powerful flame bullet, launching foes in the air, inflicting fire damage, and setting the ground ablaze, inflicting more fire damage over time.

  • SHOTGUN RAPID FIRE: Fire the shotgun 3 times, inflicting damage with each shot. The third hit will push your foes and deal damage to nearby targets.

  • DEATH FIRE: Fire a volley of bullets at all nearby foes. Hit this skill's Perfect zone to also throw a grenade as you jump backward, inflicting damage and launching foes in the air.


Sharpshooters are ranged attackers who use mechanical bows with special arrows that have custom effects. Their high survivability and agility keep them in the fight for the long haul, and their stealthy machinations are excellent for exploiting enemy weaknesses.

Sharpshooter Abilities:
  • GOLDEN EYE: Summon 4 golden hawks that fly around and create a devastating whirlwind that gradually grows stronger, damaging foes and launching them in the air. When the whirlwind is created, you become stealthy. Stealth lets you move past foes and is not canceled by taking damage.

  • ARROW SHOWER: Shoot multiple arrows in the sky, causing a shower of arrows at the cursor position, which inflict damage for 2s.

  • ARROW WAVE: Send a tornado arrow flying toward the cursor and periodically inflict damage to foes. The tornado arrow can hit the same foe up to 4 times.

  • BLADE STORM: Quickly spin and throw 6 blades, inflicting damage, then throw another round of blades to inflict damage 3 more times.

  • CHARGED SHOT: Charge to inflict increasing amounts of damage depending on the charge. Also knocks foes away.

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