October Monster Bash Release Notes

October 10, 2023
Release Notes

Heroes of Arkesia,

The October “Monster Bash” Update arrives in Arkesia tomorrow. Downtime will begin on October 11 at 2AM PDT (9 AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours. October brings a new continent, Trial Guardian, events, and more! Henry is also back with Episode 3 of “Patchnotes with Henry” for any players looking for a video explanation and visual showcase.

Let us know on YouTube if you enjoy this type of content from our team and would like to see more heading forward. Want all the details? Find the full list of content, events, skins, and other updates below!


New Continent - Pleccia

Pleccia is a new continent that players over Item Level 1475 will be able to visit. To begin the new questline, players will also need to complete the “Call of Destiny" Main Story Quest. Pleccia is a continent of romance, art, and freedom. Players can enjoy the fantastic view of Pleccia Port and Prehilia Prairie, and interact with unique NPCs including the Vediches, Yoz illusionists, and more.

The story of Pleccia begins in Luterra - with rumors of strange things happening in the beautiful continent. Players must solve the mysteries surrounding the Vediche family, the priests of Sacria, and look into Armen’s memories to reach the end of the story. After the story has ended, players can search for a unique set of collectible items to receive special rewards, and look for hidden achievements unlockable only in Pleccia.

There's no Adventurer's Tome, Field Boss, or Chaos Gates available in Pleccia, but there are Mokoko Seeds, a Wandering Merchant, Cards, and Viewpoints. To accompany Pleccia, the following have been added:

  • Pleccia Una's Quests & Regular Quests added

  • Pleccia Guide Quest added

  • New Emote ‘Turn’ added

  • Pleccia Collectibles unlocked

  • Pleccia Rapport NPC added

  • Pleccia Wandering Merchant Pedro added

  • 34 new Achievements

  • 2 new Titles

  • 6 new Cards

  • 2 new Card Book sets

Trial Caliligos Guardian Raid

Caliligos is the master of lightning, commanding blue lightning to bring his enemies to their knees. His wings are as swift as wind, and the power of blue thunderbolts concentrate in his horn, sharper than any spear, to pierce the hearts of his enemies. As a ruler of the skies, he was worshipped in the past as a god. But Caliligos is no god— he’s a cruel ruler of the sky and a ruthless Guardian.

A challenging experience akin to the Inferno difficulty of Legion Raids, the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid can only be entered after setting up your build through the 'Book of Coordination', completing Raid Level 1: Defeat Vertus, and reaching Item Level 1250. Trial Guardian Raids apply 'Scale of Harmony', meaning your Attack Power, Hit Points, Defenses and Combat Stats are scaled to simulate an appropriate difficulty level. If defeated, prestigious rewards of a Trophy (Thunderproof) and a Legendary Title (Thunderstrike) will be earned by the vanquishing party to celebrate their hard-fought victory. In total, 2 new Achievements, 2 new Titles, and a new Trophy have all been added.

The Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid displays the first clear in the region and fastest clear time on a leaderboard. With an inevitable competition brewing for those coveted slots, we will be opening the raid simultaneously at a more friendly time for all regions on Saturday, October 14 at 7PM UTC (12PM PT, 9PM CEST) to let as many players as possible participate in the competition.

New Runes will be added for use in Book of Coordination to support this (and other) raids.

  • Legendary Quick Recharge Skill Rune

  • Legendary Galewind Skill Rune


  • The Blooming Mokoko / Arktoberfest, and Daily Log-in Events will end with the October Update.

Event Guardian Raid

Event Guardians return to Arkesia! Enjoy a fun twist on Guardian Raids, where you’ll hunt down Guardians (alone or with a group) in an arena with the Scale of Balance applied. To enter, you will need to be Combat Level 50 or above and Item Level 250 or above. Your goal is to attack the Event Guardian and meet certain conditions to cause it to drop buffs, which stack up to three times. The buffs will increase your damage output by a colossal amount. After defeating all the Guardians, tokens will drop in a rewards chest, which can be claimed once per day per character.

Tokens from Event Guardians can be spent at an event vendor, who has a variety of valuable and spooky seasonal Halloween rewards that can be earned! Special event feast items will be available during the event. The event will last until the December Update.

Jump-Start Shining Harvest Event

Brelshaza clear missions added to the Jump-Start exclusive Mokoko's Shining Harvest Event. Players who complete the missions will earn gear quality upgrade rewards!

  • Gear Quality Upgrade Ticket (Weapon) x 10

  • Gear Quality Upgrade Ticket (Armor) x 30


  • Refreshed the monthly Log-in Reward Track and Hot Time Events.

  • Added 2 new Female and 2 new Male hairstyles for character customization.

  • Added 1 New Preset for Male Warrior customization.

  • Players can now upgrade their Gear Set Effect from Level 1 to Level 3. If a player doesn’t have 'Mayhem Horns', but has enough 'Empyrean of Contemplation', it is possible to upgrade from Level 1 to 3, bypassing Level 2.

  • Thirain Rapport “Waiting for the Ball' Quest Step completion requirement has changed. Currently players need to use Emote: Blow a Kiss. After the update, players will need to use Emote: Turn. The Emote: Turn is a reward from the Pleccia main quest.

  • Added 15 new Jukebox songs.

Chaos Gate Revamp

The Chaos Gate revamp that combines Chaos Gates, Ghost Ship, and Treasure Map content is planned to arrive during weekly maintenance on October 25, as the teams at Smilegate RPG are still working on perfecting the adjustments. We’ll share more details leading up to the weekly update.

Store Updates

It’s spooky season and we have the skins to prove it. Dress up as witches and demons or pick up weapons guaranteed to scare your enemies. Find the Overlord and Witch Skins along with the Little Ghost Pet showcased below.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Machinist Drone Skills were not traveling towards the cursor when using a controller.