A monumental free-to-play action MMORPG

About Lost Ark

Explore the vast world of Arkesia. Choose from diverse advanced classes to customize your fighting style as you battle demon legions, colossal bosses, and more in your search for The Ark.

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The Legend of the Ark

For 500 years Arkesia and its people have enjoyed peace. They have forgotten the war between gods and demons that tore their world apart. They forgot that all of the light was once stolen, and darkness threatened to overcome all. They think The Ark is a legend, a fairy tale. But with darkness poised to return, it’s the only hope they have.

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Explore Without Limits

Possibilities as vast and diverse as the lands you’ll travel

There’s something for everyone in the immense world of Lost Ark. Choose from diverse advanced classes, swap as you go to change your style and experience. Explore seven continents, hundreds of islands, and all the seas between them. Engage with interesting and varied cultures, befriend or battle magnificent beasts, and dive into immersive lore.

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Define Your Fight

The best of ARPG combat and RPG progression

Lost Ark offers easy-to-learn features with unexpected depth and room for customization within the Tripod system.

Lost Ark’s diverse advanced classes invite you to explore until you find the fighting style that’s just right for you. Then, you can unlock three tiers of customization for each of your abilities, giving you control of your combat style.

The same goes for other features. As you continue your journey, you’ll find non-combat skills, crafting, guilds and social systems, and other rich features that bring the world alive. Whether you want to skim along the surface or dive deep into the details is up to you.

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Your adventure awaits

An epic story of gods and demons unfolds in an immersive MMO world

Embark on an odyssey for the Lost Ark in a personal story that will lead you through a world of endless depth.

Whether you want to play solo, in groups with friends, or matched up with other adventurers in the world, there’s an epic adventure waiting for you.

Put your teamwork to the test with dungeons and raids, compete against other players in PvP, travel to distant islands in search of hidden riches, face packs of enemies and colossal bosses in the open world, and more.

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Lost Ark provides a unique dungeon experience. You’ll face monsters and bosses for loot, but you can choose to play solo in the Abyss Dungeon or with a party in the Chaos Dungeons. Just like everything else in Lost Ark, your choices will decide your destiny.

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These aren’t typical MMO raids. Each features multiple phases — you’ll journey through new experiences, changes of scenery, and face complex mechanics all in the pursuit of Lost Ark’s most powerful Raid bosses for a shot at big rewards.

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Put your skills to the ultimate test in player vs. player combat. Defeat other players in combat to win epic loot. With so many advanced classes you’ll face a ton of match-ups and hundreds of skills in 3v3 deathmatches and 1v1 personal arenas.

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