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Are you ready for Valtan?

Valtan has resurfaced with his full powers and is ready to seek revenge. Head to the demon beast's lair, if you dare.

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It's a Birthday Bash!

You can’t appreciate where you are without remembering how far you’ve come. Revisit the Ivory Tower and Chaos Dungeons. Face Brelshaza, Kayangel, Akkan and earn Honing Materials, Gold, Cards, Ability Stones and more.

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Digital Scrapbook

We're celebrating Lost Ark's 2nd Anniversary in the West with in-game screenshots of our community's favorite moments.

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Divine Style

Every class can choose between the Unity and Providence themed skins with matching weapons, one of four Jelopy mount options, and take their pick of a Moon Fox pet.

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They're Back

Each week, we will be re-releasing some of your favorite skins from 2022 and 2023. Hurry and get your hands on them. They’ll only be available for that one week before they disappear back in the vault.

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Midsummer Night’s Package

February 7–14
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Festival & Ball Package

February 14–21
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Neon Wingsuit Package

February 21–28
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Swimsuit & Summertime Packages

February 28–March 6
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Breakthrough to Thaemine

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