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This month brings the Souleater class, new skins, weapon skins, packs, Powerpass, events and more.

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The Harvester of Souls

The Souleater is part of the Assassin class. She wields an enormous scythe and collects the souls of her enemies. When her Possession meter is full, she becomes the Grim Reaper with abilities to cause enormous damage.

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Path Paved By Souls

Path of the Souleater

Take the Path of the Souleater and be rewarded with Achievement chests at each 10 item level increment from 1540 - 1580. These chests are filled with silver, gold, honing materials, card packs and more!

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Max Out

Super Mokoko Express / South Vern Powerpass

Pair a South Vern Powerpass granting level 1415 gear, with the Super Mokoko Express Event where you can designate one character between Item Level 1415 and 1540 to receive discounted honing rates and earn honing materials.

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Black is Such A Happy Color

Goth Skins

Show your dark side with these new Goth skins. Heavy sigh and roll your eyes sitting on your Rose Throne Mount while stroking your familiar — the Noctural Cat. Don’t forget the Lone Prairie wallpaper, so your scenery can be as empty as your soul.

Choose Your Adventure

Song of Adventure Skins/Weapon Skins

Equip a full suit and cape, sleek cocktail dress, a classic dress shirt, jeans, or short shorts and a sporty bralette. Dress it up or down depending on the adventure, but keep it classic with a black and white color palette.

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Time to Feast

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