April Update

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A new class arrives as demon legions unite on a new continent. You’ll need all your allies to face them and defend Arkesia from the Throne of Chaos.

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The Glaivier

A new class comes to Arkesia

The Glaivier has two distinct skill sets, each one is represented by one of her weapons, the spear and the glaive. The best way to leverage her eloquent, yet deadly form of martial arts is to find balance between her two stances.

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South Vern

Darkness gathers, prepare for battle

South Vern was thriving and peaceful but there is a darkness hidden there. Hordes of demons have begun gathering on her shores. They’re guarding the Throne of Chaos, the link between Petrania and Arkesia. This is the battle you’ve been preparing for. You and your allies need to stop them and break the link and close the chaos gate.

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Proving Grounds

Enter the Proving Grounds and enjoy a PvP experience

Choose between a Capture Match where your team will need to get the Elysium shard first, Defense Match where you’ll protect your Elysium shard at all costs, or a Team Deathmatch — where Elysium shards will help but your kill count is all that matters. Another perk? You’ll earn rewards like PvP currency, XP, and loot.

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Want in-depth details for everything that's happening in April?

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