Lost Ark Community Spaces

08 February 2022

Heroes of Arkesia,

From battling alongside teammates as you progress through Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Abyssal Dungeons, attempting to defeat World Bosses, forming guilds, to working together to earn glory through PvP combat, Lost Ark is a game that values player interaction and community. While Lost Ark supports in-game text and voice chat, with Head Start access beginning today, we wanted to ensure that players had the tools to connect with other players, and our team, outside of the game. Below you can find ways to connect with the Lost Ark community and get involved if you’re interested in joining the Lost Ark Creator program.

Community Platforms

Official Forums

The Official Lost Ark forums are the best place to submit feedback and bugs directly to our team, chat with other players about in-game systems, fun interactions, or recruit players to your in-game guild or play group. You’ll also find key information, such as known issues, here.

Amazon Games Discord

The Amazon Games Discord server was built for Amazon Games staff members to host events, townhalls, AMAs, and talk to the community. Feeling up for something more real-time and conversational than the forums? There are spaces for players to chat about all things Lost Ark and interact with our team.

Social Media

Follow our social accounts and playlostark.com for exclusive content, community highlights, and to stay up to date on all things Lost Ark. Here’s where you can find us:


Creator Program

Are you a streamer, video host, wiki author, writer, artist, fan site admin, guild leader, or gaming mentor eager to contribute to the Lost Ark community? We are excited to offer the Lost Ark Creator Program! This program is designed to empower you to collaborate with the other creative members of the community and the Lost Ark Community Team.

Thank you for your support! We can’t wait to see you in Arkesia.