Ivory Tower Release Notes

19 December 2023
Release Notes

Heroes of Arkesia,

The Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon, new Elixir System, and some special winter sales arrive in the second part of the December Update. We’re also excited to announce that we will be bringing changes to the Elixir system when they launch, alongside the release of the changes in Korea. Downtime will begin on December 20 at 1AM PT (9 AM UTC) and is expected to last for 4 hours. Find the full list of content, special winter sale items and other updates below!


Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon

The Ivory Tower is a new 4-player Abyssal Dungeon located in Voldis, which has 4 gates. The entrance Item Level is 1600 for the Normal difficulty and 1620 for the Hard Difficulty. The rewards include Honing Materials (Refined Protection Stones, Refined Obliteration Stones, Radiant Honor Leapstones, Honor Shards), Gold, special hidden rewards, and materials for the new Elixir system, such as Elixir of Wisdom and Energy of Wisdom.

To enter the Ivory Tower of Chaos, players will need to complete the pre-requisite quest Adento’s Legacy.


Elixir Summary

Elixirs can be obtained after clearing Abyssal Dungeon: Ivory Tower of Chaos 'Trampled Gardens'. Guide Quests will be added in-game to teach players how to use and interact with the system.

Elixirs are a new system which will drastically increase player’s combat abilities by imbuing their gear with new, powerful effects. Epic elixirs will be obtainable through the Normal mode of the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon, while Legendary Elixirs can be earned via Hard mode. Once obtained, Elixirs need to be refined and imbued onto a player’s gear.

  • To refine an Elixir, players need to first get ‘Ductility Catalyst’ by paying gold and Chaos Stones. Catalysts are also acquirable through Wandering Merchant in Voldis.

  • The refining process requires both a certain amount of Gold and Catalysts. Players have a set amount of tries for each refining process, and players can use the advice from the three Sages of the Tower to pick the best outcome possible. Players will need to think carefully and use the advice well – it’s important to understand the logic of the system.

  • There are powerful Set bonuses to aim for when special conditions are met. The refining process is unlike any other experience in Lost Ark – it relies on a certain amount of luck, but it also requires the players to think carefully and logically to plan for the best outcome.

  • Once the Elixir is done refining, players can imbue the Elixir to their equipment to get bonus effects. Only 1525 Ancient Gear earned from the Akkan Legion Raid can be imbued with Elixirs. There are various types of bonuses that Elixirs provide – categorized broadly into offensive, defensive, and utility. Players can choose a maximum of five abilities for each Elixir and refine two out of the five. There will be 10 abilities once refining is done – two for each equipment (as Elixirs are not applied to the weapon).

Elixir Details

Elixirs can be transmuted through the 'Elixir Transmute' NPC in major cities after completing the guide quest '[Guide] Alchemy's Blossom, Elixir.'

  • You can accept the quest '[Guide] Alchemy's Blossom, Elixir' via the quest journal when you first acquire Elixirs.

  • In Elgacia, 'Arian orb,' you can check the guide for Elixirs through the quest '[Guide] What is an Elixir?'

When initially acquired, Elixirs have no effects imbued. Through Transmuting an Elixir, you can imbue effects from Elixirs to your gear. Elixir effects are divided into 'Common' effects and 'Part-Specific' effects, which are activated when attached to a specific piece of gear.

Special options that trigger additional transmute effects can be granted as part-specific effects to helmet and glove parts. Helmet parts are granted the Order effect of additional Transmute, while glove parts are granted the Chaos effect. To trigger additional Transmute effects, the same pair of part-specific effects must be imbued to both helmet and gloves, and the combined level of imbued Elixir effects on all equipped gear must be 35 for Stage 1 or 40+ for Stage 2 of the effect. The combined level of Elixir effects is reached by summing the active Elixir effect levels on all equipped gear.

Crafting Elixirs

You can craft Elixirs using 'Energy of Wisdom.'

  • Clearing the 'Trampled Garden' in the Abyssal Dungeon, Ivory Tower on Normal difficulty grants 'Clear Energy of Wisdom.'

  • Clearing it on Hard difficulty grants 'Radiant Energy of Wisdom.'

You can also craft Elixirs using the materials gained when dismantling Elixirs, 'Energy of Wisdom.' Elixir crafting takes place at the 'Transmute Elixir and Crafting' NPC. When crafting Elixirs using 'Energy of Wisdom,' you need to achieve certain Item Level requirements and achievement conditions first. There is also a weekly limit.

Dismantling Elixirs grants you 'Energy of Wisdom.' Dismantling Clear Elixirs grants 'Clear Energy of Wisdom.' Dismantling Radiant Elixirs grants 'Radiant Energy of Wisdom.' The more you refine and Transmute an Elixir, the more 'Energy of Wisdom' you can obtain when Dismantling. Each 'Energy of Wisdom' can be traded on the market.

Refining Elixir Effect

Before enhancing Elixirs, you must first refine the effects you wish to Transmute. You can refine effects in a total of 5 slots. Locked Elixirs cannot be refined.

During effect refinement, you can choose one of the advice effects provided by the three sages. Choose carefully, as the refined effect cannot be changed once chosen. You cannot refine the same effect twice.

During effect refinement, effects that are already refined on the Elixir will not reappear in the sages' advice. If a part-specific effect has been refined, the same part-specific effect will not appear again. You can click the 'View Different Advice' button to change the sages' advice to different options. The 'View Different Advice' feature can be used up to 2 times per Elixir by default, and can be used for both the advice received during effect refinement and the advice received during Transmute.

Effect refinement requires the consumption of ' Stabilized Ductility Catalyst' and currency. You can exchange for 'Stabilized Ductility Catalyst' from the wandering merchants in Voldis or craft it through the 'Transmute Elixir and Crafting' NPC. Crafting 'Stabilized Ductility Catalyst' requires 'Chaos Stone' and currency.

Transmuting Elixirs

Transmute Elixir allows you to refine the effects of Elixirs and Transmute the Elixir's performance by increasing its Transmute level. You can Transmute an Elixir that has all five effects refined. Locked Elixirs cannot be Transmuted. During Transmute Elixir, you can choose one of the advice effects from the three sages. Through their advice, you can gain additional effects that assist in Transmuting. Transmuting Elixirs also consumes ' Stabilized Ductility Catalyst' and currency.

After selecting the desired advice option, click the 'Select Advice' button and then the 'Transmute' button to imbue the effect. Once 'Select Advice' is confirmed, it cannot be canceled, so please choose carefully.

During Transmutation, the Transmute level of one effect increases by 1 level according randomly. As the Transmute level reaches certain values, the effect level increases.

  • The effect level of the 'Clear Elixir of Wisdom' can increase up to level 4.

  • The effect level of the 'Radiant Elixir of Wisdom' can increase up to level 5.

When all Transmute attempts are used, Transmuting the Elixir is completed. Three out of five effects will be sealed during the Transmute process, and ultimately, two effects will remain on the Elixir. Effects that remain at level 0 due to insufficient Transmute levels will be removed upon Transmute completion. Transmute Elixir is completed under the following circumstances:

  • When all available Transmute attempts are used. Transmute attempts are not consumed during the effect refinement stage.

  • When there are only two effects available for Transmute due to sealing, and all effects have reached their maximum level.

Imbue Elixir

Imbue Elixir allows you to imbue Elixirs with completed Transmutations to gear to use their effects. You can imbue Elixirs onto armor through the 'Elixir imbue and craft' NPC in the city. Only 1525 Ancient Gear earned from the Akkan Legion Raid can be imbued with Elixirs. Elixirs can only be imbued to currently equipped gear, and must have completed the transmutation process. Elixirs being Transmuted or locked cannot be imbued. The imbued Elixir will be consumed, so please choose the Elixir and gear carefully!

Elixir Tuning

You can use the Elixir Tuning feature to change the activated Elixir effects, which can only be used when gear with imbued Elixirs is equipped. Elixir Tuning is not possible in areas where gear cannot be changed.

Elixir Updates

For players who have been following Elixirs in the Korean version of Lost Ark, we’re excited to announce that we will be releasing the changes to Elixirs recently announced in LOA ON in the Ivory Tower update.

  • The cost of refining and transmuting of Epic Elixirs has been reduced.

    • Gold requirements reduced from 120 Gold to 40 Gold, resulting in one Epic elixir requiring a total of 640 + 40 Gold instead of 1920 Gold.

    • Amount of refining and transmuting materials for Epic Elixirs will be reduced. Before: Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x 2 / now: Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x 1

  • The transmute amount (amount of tries) for Epic Elixirs will increase from 11 to 12.

  • The number of Elixirs that can be crafted by tradeable materials (Clear Essence of Wisdom, Splendid Essence of Wisdom) will increase from 5 to 10.

Winter Sale Store Update

To celebrate the winter holidays, we have bundles arriving that offer major savings on a variety of cosmetics and valuable in-game items packaged together. The packs will arrive in the update, and be available in exchange for Royal Crystals via the in-game store. They’ll stay in the store for two weeks, until January 3, 2024. Find all of the specific packs and their contents showcased below!

Cosmetic Showcase

Merry Holiday Honing Pack

Available in exchange for 7,500 Royal Crystals, with a limit of 5 per roster.

  • Pheons x50

  • Crystals x1000

  • Prime Protection Selection Pouch x40

  • Prime Destruction Selection Pouch x20

  • Prime Leapstone Selection Chest x15

  • Prime Fusion Material Selection Chest x15

  • Honor Shard Pouch (L) Chest x10

  • Ancient Platinum Coin x50

Happy Holiday Card Pack

Available in exchange for 3,800 Royal Crystals, with a limit of 2 per roster.

  • Legendary - Epic Card Pack III x10

  • Legendary - Rare Card Pack III x30

  • Any Card Pack III x40

  • Menelik's Tome x10

  • Creation Fragment x30

Winter Holiday Pack

Available in exchange for 4,400 Royal Crystals, with a limit of 1 per roster.

  • Snow Bike Mount

  • Pit-a-Pat Chest x10

  • White Prayer Wallpaper

  • Party Chestpiece & Pants Selection Chest

  • Joytide Pet Selection Chest

General Updates

  • The current cost of upgrading the set gear effect consecutively (lv.1 to lv.2 to lv.3) is higher than upgrading from (lv.1 to lv.3). This update will change the cost imbalance. After the update, only Mayhem Horns will be required when upgrading to set level 2, as the gold cost has been removed.

We wish you luck as you work to defeat the challenges found within the Ivory Tower, and luck as you refine your Elixirs. We’ll see you in Arkesia.