Lost Ark x The Witcher Release Notes

17 January 2023
Release Notes

Heroes of Arkesia,

The January “Lost Ark x The Witcher” Update arrives in Arkesia tomorrow. Unravel mysteries with Geralt and his crew, explore all-new events, earn themed rewards, and gain access to a variety of quality of life updates to make everyday adventuring in Arkesia a smoother experience. Downtime will begin on January 18 at 12AM PDT (8AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours.

Spotlight: Lost Ark x The Witcher

A beautiful island’s festivities have been interrupted by a mystifying vortex. Uncovering the mysteries will lead to encounters with iconic characters from The Witcher on an all-new island and in new event quests! As you work with Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer, and Triss through a series of story and daily quests, a variety of Witcher themed items are available as rewards. Quest rewards include Witcher Potions, 2 Jukebox songs, a new Card Set featuring 5 Witcher Characters, a Stronghold structure, Emoticons & Selfie Stickers, and even a Title! The Lost Ark x The Witcher collaboration and event will begins with this update and runs until February 22. New character customization scars will also be available.

Unlock the all-new event island by speaking with the Guild Investigator in major cities. Participating in the event requires completion of the [Set Sail!] Main Story Quest, which unlocks the ability to sail around Arkesia. With Main Quests & Daily Quests to be completed, players can use the Ocean Liner for quick trips to White Wolf Haven Island.

Guild Updates

Guild System Improvements

  • Added a gold deposit system for guild members to deposit gold to their guild. Deposits (the amount of gold minus fees) will be deposited to the guild, and will be recorded in guild history. Players receive weekly contribution based on the amount deposited. There is a maximum weekly contribution which resets after weekly distribution, and the 3-day hold / trade restriction system for gold is applied.

  • Added 3 new guild research options. Research effects are only applied to players in the guild. They will not be applied if a player leaves the guild.

    • Guild Repair Cost Discount

    • Ability Stone Faceting Cost Discount

    • Additional Trade Skill XP Gain

  • Added 3 new guild skills:

    • Battlefield Recon - All allies on the battlefield gain the ability to detect stealthy foes within 24m.

    • Battlefield Flare - Mark all foes on the battlefield.

    • Battlefield Debilitation - All foes within 24m of caster take more damage.

Raid Match, Island Siege, & Mercenary System Improvements

  • Added 3 Rank A Guild Raid Match enemies: Proxima, Magmadon, and Kohinorr.

  • Added 7 new Siege achievements with earnable toys as rewards:

    • Medeia: Arcturus's Mirror

    • Slime Island: Slime Queen

    • Death’s Hold Island: Malicious Cursed Spirit

    • Lush Reed Island: Treasure Chest

    • Naruni Island: Naruni

    • Snowpand Island: Snowball

    • Golden Wave Island: Loot Hunter

  • The following monsters in the Slime Island siege have been changed to ‘Lucky’: A - C Slime Captains, Slime Gatekeeper, Slime Queen, Split Slime Queen. Adjusted monster combat balance to fit the monster type.

  • PvP rank points can be earned by completing the competitive quest at Slime Island. Winning grants 800 points, and losing grants 350 points.

  • Once the finish line at the Naruni Island Siege has been crossed, players can no longer get into the lane during the race.

  • Update challenge requirements for PvP Island Siege:

    • A guild can no longer issue a challenge to a PvP Siege base if a guild member is working as a mercenary.

      • If a guild member is working as a mercenary, it will show up on the list when a challenge is issued.

      • Mercenary restriction message added to the PvP Siege base challenge requirement.

      • Working as a mercenary does not restrict issuing challenges to PvE Siege bases.

  • Mercenary system UI/UX improved

    • If a guild did not issue a challenge to the PvP base, an individual mercenary UI will be displayed.

    • The UI for hiring mercenaries will only be displayed after a guild has issued a challenge to the PvP base.

  • The Mercenary hire/request period will take place 10 minutes before the start.

  • Mercenary Rating is now automatically set to the average of characters in a Roster. If a player does not have any mercenary ratings, they will be set as a novice.

  • Item Level Limit Function added for hiring mercenaries. Only mercenaries who meet the level requirement can apply.

PvP Island Siege Ranking Rewards Minimum Requirement Change

  • The minimum requirement for PvP Island Siege ranking rewards has been changed to 1000 points (was 1400 points)

  • You can now obtain rewards with 1000 ranking points from the following islands

    • Medeia

    • Slime Island

    • Death’s Hold Island

Added 2 PvP Island Sieges

  • Lush Reed Island (Rank A / PvP base)

    • Take the other team’s treasure chest to transform into a Tooki.

    • Bring the treasure to your main base while transformed to earn a point, and 3 times will earn a win.

    • Your character’s combat stats, cards, and engraving effects will be applied during transformation. Move speed is fixed.

  • Golden Wave Island (Rank B / PvP base)

    • Transform into a loot hunter and earn points by killing monsters or opponents.

    • Use the loot hunter’s basic attack to kill monsters and opponents.

    • Only opponents will take damage from mines and detection grenades.

    • Combat in Golden Wave Island Siege will be adjusted accordingly.

Quest/Una’s Tasks System Improvements

  • If the player has a main/world quest directing them to a specific layer in a multi-layered map, the quest symbol is displayed on World Map, Minimap, and Overlay Minimap.

  • It’s now easier to check quests that other Roster characters have active in the Quest Journal.

  • Improved the clarity of messaging when abandoning quests in the confirmation pop-up.

  • Viewing Daily/Weekly quests in Una’s Tasks UI will now apply the last filter used.

  • Added a new achievement to Una’s Tasks reputation in Punika. Earn maximum ‘White Sunlight, Blue Waves, Pink Breeze’ reputation to earn the ‘Take Me Anywhere, Wind And White Sail’ achievement.

    Players who have already finished this reputation will immediately get this achievement when you log into the game.

  • When doing the Daily Una’s Task ‘The Story Flowing in the Luganic River’ in Candaria Territory in South Vern, the merchant NPC will now appear in a different location every 24 hours instead of every 6 hours.

  • Co-op quest requirements to earn rewards for the following islands have been changed:

    • Freedom Isle

    • Atlas

    • Peyto

    • Aiwana Island

    • Azure Wind Island

    • Shadowmoon Market

  • Co-op quest guide alarm time has been changed for the following islands:

    • Atropos

    • Fermata, Cradle of the Sea


  • Reward Updates

    • Thronespire - the Legendary Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch is now untradeable.

    • Anguished Isle - Legendary Engraving Recipes are now untradeable. Honor Leapstones are now untradeable, and the quantity has increased from 50 to 80 per Roster.

  • Updated Pheon Requirements

    • Tier 1 & 2 Equipment and Amulets and Tier 2 Ability Stones no longer require Pheons.

    • Tier 3 Accessories have reduced Pheon requirements:

      • Rare Accessories have been reduced from 5 to 1.

      • Epic Accessories have been reduced from 9 to 5.

      • Legendary Accessories have been reduced from 15 to 9.

      • Relic Accessories have been reduced from 25 to 15.

  • Expanded Masterpiece Collection Rewards up to 60.

    • 54 – Menelik’s Tomes

    • 56 – Greater Stat Increase Potion

    • 58 – Legendary Iron Wall Rune

    • 60 – Vediche’s Invitation

  • Added a new track of daily log-in rewards.

  • The Event Powerpass and Express Event will end when maintenance begins.

  • Updated the CAPTCHA system to provide better bot prevention measures.

  • Added a "Change Group Order" option in the ‘Friends’ menu that allows additional customization with friend groups.

  • Updated the icons for the Umarka, Lailai, Wave Dance, Star Dance, Sway, and Wave Dance emotes to better match their animations.

  • [K] can now be used to open/close the ‘Character Settings’ menu in the Trixion Training Grounds.

  • Added text to the tooltips of all Structures obtainable via Adventurer's Tome rewards which explain how they can be obtained.

  • When previewing a chest in the Marketplace containing multiple instruments, pressing the left and right arrows shown will now immediately cycle the displayed instrument. Previously, the new selection would not be shown until a new song was being played in the preview window.

  • Wallpaper songs have been added to the Stronghold Jukebox.

  • Added the Euro & Dollar Selfie Stickers.

  • Added a skill instant cast function. When active, skill shortcuts can be used without setting a target area. The skill will be cast to where the mouse cursor’s location. You can set this function in Settings > Gameplay > Combat Related Settings > Combat Settings, and it can also be used for Awakening skills and battle items.

  • You can now use chat macro to instantly activate Sight Focus for Awakening skills.

  • Material Exchange Improvements:

    • The number of items displayed on a single screen has increased from 5 to 12.

    • Material Exchange UI will now display items in one row.

    • You can now scroll your mouse to navigate the list of items.

    • Item icon and cost icon are different sizes, making it easier to see what item you’re purchasing

    • You can now display all items, items at your tier, or items at your item level.

    • ‘View Items at My Item Lv.’ option added.

    • ‘View Only Remaining Items’ option added.

    • ‘Buy Using Only Bound Items’ option added.

    • ‘Exclude Items that Do Not Meet the Conditions’ option added.

    • Combat XP potion will be automatically hidden for Combat Lv. 60 characters.

  • Added 4 Stronghold Mount Structures.

  • Added new favorite Engraving functionality:

    • Engravings favorites is now ‘Engraving Notification Option’

    • You can click on the Engravings Notification icon in the Engravings Effect UI (ALT+I) to set notifications.

    • Equipment that contains an Engraving with a set notification will display an icon.

    • Up to 40 notifications can be set.

    • Favorited Engravings will automatically have notifications set for them.

    • Engravings with Engraving Notification will have a marker in the Auction House, including Advanced Search options.

Store Updates

Gear up like Geralt and Ciri with new Witcher Themed cosmetics found in the in-game store— from a wallpaper & Jukebox song to weapon skins to full outfits that add Witcher hairstyles, you’ll strike fear into the heart of all monsters in Arkesia. Other new skins, bundles, pets, and mounts also accompany the update. Find them showcased below!

Lost Ark x The Witcher Skins

Wallpaper: Kaer Morhen

New Year’s Wish Skins

Baby Calf Pet

Tiger Mount

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing various sound effects to be missing while using the Korean VO DLC.

  • Fixed an issue causing sound effects to play twice when opening the Integrated Dungeon menu.

  • Fixed an issue causing the chat speech bubble to not be shown when linking an item in the Material Storage section of the inventory.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Wild Blue Wolf to not be removed from the inventory when used while one is already owned.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Shadowhunter's Piercing Thorn skill to not target the closest enemy when a controller is used while the Massive Thorn tripod was active.

  • Fixed a rare issue causing some NPC's to freeze in place during the "The Festival Begins" quest.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Stronghold Quiz timer to momentarily freeze on screen if restarted immediately after a quiz finishes.

  • Fixed an issue causing the skill point number to not update as expected when resetting skill point allocations in the Book of Coordination.

  • Fixed an issue causing the "Enter" and "Matchmaking" buttons to not be greyed out in the Integrated Dungeon menu if opened while interacting with furniture in a Stronghold.

  • Fixed an issue causing the “Details” tab in the “Profile” menu to flicker if opened while being attacked.

  • Fixed an issue causing an "unknown error" to appear when interacting with a Mount while in a transformed state in a Stronghold.

  • Fixed an issue causing the search bar to not function as intended in the Titles menu while playing in French or Spanish.

  • Fixed an issue causing some friends to be shown as being offline for 57 years.

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from completing the "Tragon, the Predator of the Sea" quest if a character with the quest active is deleted.

That’s everything in the Lost Ark x The Witcher Update - but keep an eye out for an exclusive Twitch Drop arriving! In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia.