Jump-Start Log-in Rewards

13 September 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

In addition to the many events and methods for supporting new and returning players in the Jump-Start Servers, we’re excited to announce that players on Jump-Start servers will receive a special log-in gift!

Jump-Start Welcome Package I

  • 2023 Summertime Mokoko Skin Chest x1

  • Bunny Skin Selection Chest x1

  • Mokoko Pet Selection Chest x1

  • Mokoko Hammer Selection Chest x1

  • Mount: Mokoboard Selection Chest x1

Jump-Start Welcome Package II

  • Pheons x100

  • Legendary - Epic Card Pack II x10

  • Phoenix Plumes x100

  • Collective Battle Item Chest x10

  • Regulus’ Light Chest x10

  • [Event] Reskin Ticket x1

Reminder - Jump-Start Founder Packs

Players who purchased the Founder's Pack originally at launch will find a Jump-Start version in their Product Inventory. Players will be able to see the Jump-Start Founder's Pack in their Product Inventory in all regions but each pack is only claimable once. If a player has characters on multiple regions, whatever region they first claim the Jump-Start Founders Pack in will be bound to the region/roster it is claimed in. After that, they will no longer see the Jump-Start Founder's Pack in their Product Inventory if they log into characters on other regions. All original purchasers will see this pack in their Product Inventory, but they can only be claimed on Jump-Start Servers. The Jump-Start Founder's Packs will be the same as the original Founder's Packs, with two exceptions; 1) they will not include Royal Crystals, 2) the packs and the items within the packs will be roster-bound.

Special Arktoberfest Hot Time Event

Players on Jump-Start servers will have access to both the standard Arktoberfest Daily Hot-time rewards on 9/16, 9/17, 9/23, and 9/24, and a special cumulative log-in Hot-time event running from 9/13 - 9/19 and again from 9/20 - 9/26. This event will reward players for logging in once, twice, or three times during those event periods, giving a variety of valuable items, including special festival food, honing materials, and more! The two special festival foods give powerful combat bonuses:

  • Festival Sausage - Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence +3000, Combat Resource Natural Recovery + 24%, Atk Speed + 2%

  • Festival Pretzel - Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence +6000, Crit Rate + 1%

Log-in Rewards

Along with the standard log-in reward track, there’s a Jump-Start exclusive log-in reward track packed with honing materials, battle items, amulets, and more! With many of the rewards containing selection chests, players will be able to pick the rewards best suited for them.

For the full list of events, checkout the Jump-Start Server Details Article, or hop in-game to experience them live. We’ll see you in Arkesia!