June Twitch Drop Part 2

16 June 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

A tiered Twitch Drop with valuable rapport items and Amethyst Shards arrives, available for members of the Lost Ark Creator Program to enable on their channel. The first tier of the Drop contains 5 Epic Rapport Chests, and the second tier contains 3 Legendary Rapport Chests and 1,000 Amethyst Shards! Make sure to head over to Twitch and watch your favorite Lost Ark content creators to earn the drops before they end on July 11.

Viewers will need to accumulate 4 hours of watch time for each tier (for a total of 8 hours) in participating Lost Ark streams to claim the Drop. Full instructions on account linking and claiming can be found on our Twitch Drops page.

We’ll see you in Arkesia and on Twitch, watching members of the Lost Ark Creator Program.