Slayer Lost Ark Academy

04 May 2023

The Slayer arrives in Arkesia next week on May 10, accompanied by progression events to help players quickly level up. Learn about the Slayer’s abilities, engravings, and progression events below. The Slayer is the fifth Warrior Advanced Class— a female remix of the Berserker class. A melee warrior who stirs up the battlefield with her greatsword and Burst Mode, this powerful class has the potential to overwhelm anything in her path.

Successful attacks with the Slayer fill the Fury Specialty Meter, which, when full, can trigger Burst Mode. During Burst Mode, the Slayer's damage and movement speed greatly increase, and a Specialty skill called Bloodlust (unique to the Slayer) can be used to unleash powerful slashes and stabs. In Burst Mode, Atk. Speed, Move Speed, and Crit Rate are greatly increased. (Atk. Speed +20%, Move Speed +20%, Crit Rate +30%). Bloodlust allows you to quickly slash at foes in front of you to inflict Damage, then perform a powerful stab, knocking them away for more Damage. This skill is only available while in Burst Mode, and can be used with [Z] key.

Class Engravings


Damage +7% (lvl 1) / 15% (lvl 2) / 25% (lvl 3) while in Burst Mode and Bloodlust Crit Rate +5% (lvl 1) / 10% (lvl 2) / 20% (lvl 3). Fury gain -25% and Burst duration -50%. When Burst ends, Exhaustion does not occur.


Fury Meter +3% (lvl 1) / 6% (lvl 2) / 10% (lvl 3) and MP +1% (lvl 1) / 2% (lvl 2) / 3% (lvl 3) when hitting an enemy and absorbing their vigor. (Cooldown: 1s) In Burst Mode, Crit Damage +10% (lvl 1) / 25% (lvl 2) / 40% (lvl 3) and gain Fatigue every 3s. Fatigue: Fury Meter Consumption +10% every 3s, and cannot use Bloodlust. When Burst Mode ends, the duration of Exhaustion will be reduced according to the stacks of Fatigue. The Fury Meter is fully recovered when Exhaustion ends.


  • Flash Blade - Perform a diagonal slash to inflict Damage.

  • Cross Blade - Swing your greatsword in an X shape, inflicting Damage for each swing.

  • Fury Blade - Jump and swing your greatsword to inflict Damage and launch foes into the sky, then strike down to inflict Damage and knock them down.

  • Wild Stomp - Stomp the ground with one foot to attack all foes within a 4-meter radius inflicting [Earth] Damage, inflicting Earthquake on them for 3s.

  • Wild Rush - Charge 7 meters toward the target location and inflict Damage to foes in your path.

  • Punishing Draw - With your greatsword pinned to the ground, create a crack in the earth and raise it upwards. Deal Damage and launch foes high into the air.

  • Ground Smash - Thrust your greatsword into the ground, inflicting Damage. Then pull it out and send forth a shockwave, pulling targets and inflicting Damage.

  • Furious Claw - Menacingly slash your greatsword to the left and right and deal Damage. Spin your body to attack and deal Damage. Attack an airborne foe to launch them into the air again.

  • Spinning Sword - Swing your greatsword as you move, inflicting Damage. Ignore collisions with adventurers and normal monsters while moving.

  • Flying Strike - Leap up to 8 meters to the target location and strike downward with your greatsword, inflicting Damage and knocking down foes.

  • Cruel Pierce - Grab your greatsword with one hand, and stab with ferocious energy to deal Damage.

  • Final Blow - Charge 4 meters toward the target location and slash at foes, inflicting Damage and launching them into the air. Use as a combo to deliver a spinning attack, inflicting Damage before landing a downward blow, inflicting Damage.

  • Fatal Sword - Thrust your greatsword down, inflicting Damage.

  • Hurricane Sword - Spin around for 3s to inflict Damage.

  • Mountain Cleave - Jump while spinning counter-clockwise and smash the ground to create a storm of swords, inflicting Damage and knocking foes down.

  • Guillotine - Grab your greatsword in one hand and unleash all of your strength, dealing Damage and launching foes into the air.

  • Volcanic Eruption - Thrust your greatsword into the ground, inflicting Damage. Hold for 1.5s to attack 6 times to inflict Damage. Hit the Perfect Zone to deliver a finishing blow that inflicts Damage and launches foes into the air.

  • Brutal Impact - Condense the energy of rage into your greatsword and put your weight into it as you strike the ground. Deal Damage before Charging, and Damage when Overcharged.

Awakening Skills

Execute - Concentrate your fury into your greatsword to create a giant blade of rage. Perform an upward slash to deal Damage, then jump up and slash 4 times to deal Damage before striking down. Each slash of the sword will leave a Sword Wound on the ground. All Sword Wounds explode with the last strike, dealing Damage and launching foes into the air. In Burst Mode, outgoing Damage +20%.

Ragna Break - Enter a state of extreme fury that manifests as a Flame Demon. Gather this furious energy into your greatsword and strike the earth, dealing Damage and launching foes into the air.

Progression Events

An event Punika Powerpass and Hyper Express Plus (II), will accompany the launch of the Slayer on May 10 and run until August 9. While there won’t be a new Story Express, the existing event can be used with the Slayer if you haven’t designated a character already, and is active until June 14. The other events that launched with the Artist in March will continue until their planned end date of June 14.

Punika Powerpass

With this version of the Punika Powerpass you'll receive Item Level 1340 gear, and unlike previous Punika Powerpass events, Berver's Friend does not need to be completed to receive this. To prevent bots from reaching endgame areas, only players with Trusted status or with a Lost Ark account created before December 14, 2022 will be granted a Powerpass. While many players have met the requirements or have been granted legacy Trusted status, new adventurers arriving in Arkesia can earn their trusted status in multiple ways, and can choose the path that’s right for them. The first option is for new players to enable the Steam Guard mobile authenticator, have a Steam profile that’s no longer a ‘Limited User’ account, and be Steam Trusted on the platform. This path won’t require making any Lost Ark purchases. Alternatively, new players can also receive trusted status by making any purchase in Lost Ark through either Steam or Amazon.

Hyper Express Event II

Pairing well with the Punika Powerpass, players will be able to designate one character between item Level 1340 and 1460 on their roster to participate in the Hyper Express Plus II Event, where they’ll earn honing materials to quickly level up to Item Level 1460 and beyond. The designated character will earn rewards every 15 Item Levels up to 1460, including Silver, honing materials, Gems, Engravings, and more!

Engraving Support System

As a new feature available with the Hyper Express Plus, the Engraving Support system lets players choose 4 engravings to be in effect at level 3 during the event. Here’s how to get started:

  • After selecting a Hyper Express Plus character, the Engraving Support button will light up.

  • Click the Engraving Support button to open the Engraving Support page and select your 4 desired Engravings.

  • Press the Activate Engraving Support button to start using their effects.

The effects of Engraving Support will also be shown in your Character Profile.

The Slayer and progression events aren’t all we have planned for the May Update— Ebony Cube releases along with quality of life updates, new player improvements, and some very special cosmetics! Stay tuned to and our social media channels for the full list of updates in next week's Release Notes. Until then, we'll see you in Arkesia.