Lost Ark x The Witcher Announcement

01 December 2022

Heroes of Arkesia,

The Lost Ark x The Witcher event arrived in the Korean version of Lost Ark last week! While we know players are still experiencing the many changes found in the November “Feast With Friends” Update, we wanted to announce that adventurers in the Western version of Lost Ark will be able to experience the unique collaboration in January, 2023!

A beautiful island’s festivities have been interrupted by a mystifying vortex. Uncovering the mysteries will lead to encounters with iconic characters from The Witcher on an all-new island and in new event quests! New Witcher themed cosmetics will be available in the store, and new character customization scars, Cards, Stronghold structures, Emojis (and more) await adventurers who participate in the event.

We’ll share more specifics on both the event’s release date and the special in-game items available in January! In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia as we prepare to release the Brelshaza Legion Raid and Summoner Advanced Class, along many other new activities in December.