Region Merge Policy

22 August 2023

On August 30, we will conduct a region merge to fold Europe West into Europe Central. The Europe West world names (Nia & Ealyn) will remain the same and will be integrated into Europe Central. No servers (and therefore rosters) are being merged into each other. Policies that merge or sum item counts will only apply to players with an account in both server regions, and players within those regions can find the specifics below. The Region Merge maintenance is expected to last 12hrs for Europe Central and West.

Market, Auction House, and Currency Exchange

  • Active Market & Auction House product registrations will be cancelled ahead of the merge, along with listings on the Currency Exchange.

  • All Action House and Market transaction history, recent transactions, and interested lists will be deleted after merge.

Guild & Character Names

  • Overlapped character names from accounts on Europe West will be reset. When logging in for the first time after the merge, players will be prompted to change their name.

  • Overlapped Guild names from Guilds on Europe West will have a “#” added before their name. A Guild name change will be automatically available to the Guild Master by navigating to Guild > Management > Guild Name Change.


  • Open pending requests will not be cancelled, but they will reflect the name changes due to the merge. The character names in the friend and blocked list will also reflect the changes.

  • Recent list will not be cleared, but it will not reflect any name changes due to the merge.

  • We will retain the global chat in Europe Central but Europe west global chats and chat history will be deleted. This means anyone who has a chat setup in Europe West will need to remake it once they are merged into Europe Central.

Progression Events

Super Mokoko Express & Story Express Events

  • An event status with the higher progression between two regions will remain. In case that the progression is equal, the event info of the character with a higher Item Level will remain.

  • Event rewards from completed missions will be added. Any unclaimed event mission rewards from the event status to be deleted, will be delivered to the Universal Inventory.

Event Powerpass

  • The lower count of Event Powerpasses will be retained.

Tickets & Tokens

Powerpasses, Character Slot Extension Tickets, Reskin Tickets, Name Change Tickets, and Guild Name Change Tickets will all follow the same policy:

  • Purchased Tickets/Tokens will be added together.

  • Free Tickets/Tokens will be added together. The excess above the cap will be discarded.


  • The ‘Send Stronghold Gift’ function will be blocked prior to Merge. Sent products will be returned.

In-game Shop

  • Products in Product Inventory will be integrated.

  • Product purchase limit will be integrated.


MMR info of previous seasons was reset when Proving Grounds Season 3 ended on August 16. The Previous season's Ranking info will be reset with the merge. Unclaimed season rewards will be sent to Universal Storage on August 23 in preparation of the region merge.

After the August region merge, we will begin identifying servers in need of a merge. Stay tuned for information on region and server merges here, on In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia.