Tales of Arkesia: Anikka

17 November 2021

Heroes of Arkesia,

With Closed Beta ending last week, we’re resuming our adventure through Arkesia, leaving the lush island of Tortoyk for the flourishing yet mysterious land of Anikka. While we’re in Anikka, expect to learn more about the lore and history of the land and see some short tourism spotlights that capture the essence of this location. Be sure to keep an eye out on our social channels for some exclusive content, your favorite tournament fighter, and for a few inside jokes only devoted Lost Ark fans can appreciate.

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If you didn’t get to experience Anikka in the Closed Beta, or rushed through on your warpath to end-game without stopping to smell the demon-trampled flowers, let’s dive into the backstory of this mysterious region's greatest hero.

Tales of Anikka

The Epic Tale of Sien, found within a journal in Anikka

The Chain War had ended, but there was new chaos growing in the lands of Anikka. Not all Demons returned to where they belong when the Chaos Gate closed after the Chain War. The ones that could not escape to Petrania followed their instincts to Anikka, where the smell of blood filled the land. The foul energy cast over Anikka and the blood flowing on the lands changed the Demons, making them completely different from what they used to be.

Sien, a heroic member of the Sidereals who fought against Kazeros during the Chain War, and a master of the Sihwa School, followed the chaotic energy to Prisma Valley and discovered that Guardian Luen was the core cause of the events. Sien and his eight followers sealed the valley tight to subdue Guardian Luen and started to cleanse his soul.

Guardian Luen, upon coming back to his senses, told Sien to kill him, saying the disaster was caused by the demonic power that spread to his body through his wound. Sien, however, insisted that he would save Luen, just as Guardians had saved him and his loved ones in the past.

After a long silence, Guardian Luen disappeared into the clouds.

“So be it, friend.”

Excerpt from Tome of the Horizon

A book written by an ascetic who participated in the sealing of Bleak Edge, hundreds of years ago. The book thoroughly describes the Demonic Portal and the fiends from hell.

"If it had not been for the leaders of Yeon and Jeok, we most likely would have failed. When every single one of us sank into despair in the face of the Hellspawn's power, they stood up and fought fearlessly. When they managed to rip the eye and heart out of the Demon, my heart was filled with renewed admiration for the wonder and the glory of Anikka's martial arts. I was reassured that, with our combined might, we would be able to defeat any enemy, no matter how powerful it may be. It was as if Sien, the hero who saved this continent, had returned..."

Looking Ahead

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