Team Update - Upcoming Releases

31 January 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

The February Anniversary Celebration Update arrives next week, on February 8! The February update includes the new continent, Rowen, along with special events to celebrate the anniversary of Lost Ark launching the west. Before we dive into the new content, we wanted to share a roadmap update on the Artist Advanced Class.

Roadmap Update - Artist Class

While we previously announced that the first Specialist Advanced Class, the Artist, would first arrive on Arkesia’s Western shores in April 2023, we’re excited to share that development work preparing the class will finish ahead of schedule, resulting in a March release! The Artist will be accompanied by a Powerpass and progression event similar to previous Express Events to help new Artist mains (or those eyeing another class) quickly prepare for both the Brelshaza Hard Legion Raid & the Hanumatan Guardian Raid arriving in April.

Leading up to the March Update, we’ll share more specifics on the Artist, progression events, and the other content arriving. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the Artist Class, you can find a description of the class along with our plan for the Artist’s arrival in the West in the 2023 Roadmap - Part 1 article.

February Update - Rowen & Anniversary Celebration

Rowen is a continent located west of Shushire, that’s filled with Sylmael; crimson jewels that are a precious resource in Arkesia. After a prosperous ancient civilization disappeared, Rowen was forgotten from Arkesia's history. However, when rumors about the abundant crimson jewels covering the land spread, factions coveting the jewels have begun mustering their forces in Rowen.

Strange tensions linger between the factions, and the barbaric nomads assault those who have dared to set foot on their lands. Who will succeed and who will perish in this war-torn land? The neutral ground Eliyabeck has lost balance, and now the land is divided into two competing factions: Preigelli and Liebertane.

Preigelli was formed under the belief that the chaos in Rowen was due to its indulgences, and that strict rules are needed in Rowen. They were formed by a group of mercenaries who excel at utilizing machines. "Order defeats Chaos every time."

Liebertane was formed under the belief that the chaos in Rowen was due to overly strict rules and restrictions. This group of pirates and mages values freedom and passion. "We have a simple rule. Take as much as you can."

Where does the fate of Rowen lie? Item Level 1445 is required to begin Rowen's world quest. Once a faction is chosen after completing the “Cataclysmic Eliyabeck” world quest, you will enter a PvP mode against the opposing faction. Ranks for the Factions are divided into 15 tiers and can be earned by participating in activities to get Faction XP, such as killing the opposing faction's members and participating in daily, weekly, and co-op quests. In next week's update, the war between Preigelli and Liebertane will begin— but the competition heats up further in March, when the Tulubik Battlefield releases.

The February Anniversary Celebration Update also includes new events with valuable rewards to celebrate Lost Ark’s first birthday in the west, along with other activities like new Twitch Drops. Stay tuned to our website and social channels for the full release notes next week. In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia!