Valtan Creator Challenge & Twitch Drop

17 May 2022

Heroes of Arkesia,

Starting on May 19 at 8AM PT (3PM UTC) and running through June 15, members of the Lost Ark Creator Program will have access to a Battle Chest & Amethyst Shard Set Twitch Drop to enable on their channels. Viewers will need to accumulate 2 hours of watch time in participating Lost Ark streams to claim this Drop reward. Instructions can be found on our Twitch Drops page.

Valtan Challenge

Valtan brings the first Legion Raid to the western version of Lost Ark, dropping May 19th! In celebration of the Legion Commander’s arrival, the Lost Ark Creator Program is hosting the “Valtan Challenge”.

Participation in this friendly competition is being offered exclusively members of the Lost Ark Creator Program. Try your hand at being one of the first 10 teams to defeat Valtan (normal or hard) before Saturday May 21st, 11:59 PM PT. Each qualified Creator Program Member on the team will earn 10 Bronze Founders Packs to distribute to their communities. Please see qualification and submission guidelines below.

Rules, Qualifications & Submission

To qualify for this challenge, all of the following conditions must apply to you:

  • You’re a member of the Lost Ark Creator Program by Valtan’s release on May 19th. Members accepted later than the 19th will not qualify for the challenge.

  • For your raid clear to qualify, you must complete Valtan on the western version of Lost Ark published by Amazon Games.

In order to validate your submission, you must send the following to the email alias:

  • Defeat Valtan and submit a link to a VOD or clip of you and your team completing the Legion Raid, showing the defeated boss and Raid completion screen.

  • You may only submit your Valtan Raid once. Multiple submissions are not allowed.

  • Not all team members need to be Content Creators. However, all Creators on your team are eligible to win the Bronze Founders Packs. For all Content Creators in your team meeting the qualifications above, provide a list of their in-game names and their Twitch channel URL.

  • The challenge must be completed before Saturday May 21st, 11:59 PM PT.

Once validated (if you’re part of the first 10 groups to submit), you will receive an email from us with your prize during the following week.

Good luck to all members of the Lost Ark community— creators and viewers alike as they earn drops, rewards, and in-game loot in their battles against the Demon Beast Legion Commander. We’ll see you in Arkesia!