Aeromancer Lost Ark Academy

August 8, 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

The Aeromancer arrives in Arkesia next week on August 16, accompanied by progression events to help players quickly level up. Learn about the Aeromancer’s abilities, engravings, and progression events below. The Aeromancer is the second Specialist Advanced Class. With power of mystical illusion she’s able to manipulate the weather to devastating effect on the battlefield, or fight to vanquish enemies with spectacular flourishes of her umbrella.

The Aeromancer’s Identity is Sun Shower. The Sun Shower Raindrop Meter is filled as the Aeromancer successfully hits enemies with skills, and Sun Shower can be used when the meter fills all the way up— providing dual benefits of offense and defense. Upon using Sun Shower, the Aeromancer’s basic attacks and movement skill evolve while active, nearby enemies are constantly damaged, and her (and her party's) damage received from enemies is reduced.

Class Engravings

  • Wind Fury - Crit Rate +7/15/30% of the basic Move Speed Bonus percentage, and Crit damage +22/45/90% of the basic Atk. Speed Increase percentage. If Umbrella skill is used and then again within 3s, recover max 12% of Raindrop Meter. Sun Shower is enhanced and counts as an Umbrella skill. Sun Shower AoE radius is reduced and Raindrop Meter consumption +50%. Foes no longer receive the Atk. Power Reduction effect, but Atk. Speed and Move Speed Increase of allies +12%.

  • Drizzle - Sun Shower's Raindrop Meter consumption decreases by 50%. While Sun Shower is active, damage dealt by Weather skills increases by 7/15/30%.


  • Spread - Rapidly charge forward, piercing the target in front and inflicting Damage. On hit, open the umbrella, inflicting Damage.

  • Downward Strike - Slam down the umbrella, inflicting Damage, then slam it down with greater strength, inflicting Damage.

  • Tornado Dance - Open up the umbrella and rapidly spin it while charging forward, inflicting Damage. At the end, swing the umbrella with great force, inflicting Damage and pushing the foe away.

  • Rage - Perform a fierce umbrella swing and inflict Damage. Use the skill again to unsheathe a sword hidden in the umbrella and swing to inflict Damage.

  • Tornado - Throw the umbrella in the direction of the target location, hitting the target up to 8 times, inflicting Damage. The spinning umbrella pushes the target away.

  • Wind Gimlet - Perform a tornado attack using the wind-infused umbrella. If the target is downed or in the air, lift them again and inflict Damage.

  • Face to Face - Hold the umbrella up in the target location to block. Blocks Damage up to a percentage of Max HP. At this moment, if an enemy's attack touches the umbrella within 0.8s, perform a Footwork Skill, inflicting Damage and blasting the foe away.

  • Piercing Wind - Instantly take position and unleash the Footwork Skill, inflicting Damage and blasting the foe away.

  • Whirlpool - Create a whirlpool in the direction of the target location. For 2s, attack the foe 4 times with a whirlpool that inflicts Water Elemental Damage, dragging the foe to itself. The whirlpool spins increasingly faster, inflicting Water Elemental Damage.

  • Rainstorm - Create a Rainstorm at the target location within 10 meters. Inflicts Water Damage to the foes over 6 times for up to 3s.

  • Strong Wind - Swing the umbrella in the direction of the target location, summoning a penetrating wind that inflicts Damage to nearby foes. The wind strikes up to 5 times, inflicting Damage and pushing them back.

  • Thick Fog - Unleash the umbrella's fog to unleash a shockwave, inflicting Damage, and move 6 meters backward. The fog lasts for 5s, attacking 10 times, dealing damage, and Move Speed decreases temporarily and inflicts Darkness.

  • Spring Breeze - Spin on the spot, creating a wind that deals Damage and pushes the foe away.

  • Fly Open - your umbrella and fly before quickly moving forward. Create abnormal weather in your path, inflicting damage every 1s on foes exposed to the abnormal weather.

  • Wiping Wind - Create a gust of wind at the cursor location within 12 meters. Inflict Damage over 5 strikes, and deal Damage and lift them into the air.

  • Scorching Sun - Create a ray of sunlight at the target location within 10 meters. Sunlight shines down after 0.5s, knocking down the enemy and dealing Fire Damage over 20 strikes.

Awakening Skills

  • Storm's Approach - Create a huge tsunami at the target location within 12 meters. Inflicts Water Damage to the foes and pulling them in over 7 times and knock them away with Water Damage. Those hit by the tsunami have their Crit Resistance reduced.

  • Narr's Blade - Throw the umbrella up and quickly slash at foes in front, inflicting damage and disappearing, then quickly slash toward the front 12 times, inflicting damage and pulling foes in toward the center of the sword burst. Catch the falling umbrella and perform a powerful Footwork Skill, inflicting Damage to the foe in front and penetrate with the sword, inflicting Damage and blast the foe away.

Progression Events

Full Details will be provided in next week’s release notes, but we’re excited to share that players can look forward to a South Vern Powerpass, and the Super Mokoko Express Event, which will help players quickly level up to Item Level 1540 and beyond. With 5x3 Engraving Support, new gem unlocks going up to Lvl. 8, and plenty of honing materials, it will be easy to quickly level up an Aeromancer (or other new class)!

The Aeromancer and progression events aren’t all we have planned for the August Update— the Akkan Legion Raid releases along with quality of life updates, new player improvements, and more! Stay tuned to and our social media channels for the full list of updates in next week's Release Notes. Until then, we'll see you in Arkesia.