February Update

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It’s our anniversary! We want to thank and celebrate you with a brand new continent, new skins, and a special event!

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Anniversary Event

Get the Message

As a thank you to all our adventurers we’ve put together a fun event to celebrate with you. We’ve scattered letter cards around Arkesia, you’ll need to collect them then head to Master Artisan Anni and Exchange Merchant Bursery to collect your anniversary gifts.

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Whose Side Are You On?

You arrive on the new continent of Rowen as it’s dividing into two competing factions: Preigelli and Liebertane. You must choose a side before you join their war.

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Steaming Hot Spring Event

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Grab your rubber ducky and head to the hot springs. Cross the finish line with your duck toy: 100 points, destroy the opposing team's duck basket: 300 points, eliminate the opposing team: 15 points, assist in eliminating opposing team: 7 points. But remember to relax and enjoy.

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Anniversary Skins

Lookin’ Good

New armor, weapons, accessories, and more are now available to customize your favorite character. Shed last year’s skin and try-on something new to celebrate your first year in Lost Ark!

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