October Update

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Spooky season has arrived in Arkesia. Dance with a demon, ghost a guardian, and get creepy in a new costume.

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Legion Raid

The Demon Battle

Battle the demon Vykas in an eight-player Legion Raid, but be careful—she loves to manipulate humans. She leverages her demonic abilities to tap into desire and lures you to lose all reason. Once in her grasp you’ll do whatever she wants; even turn against your own people.

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Guardian Raid

Become a Legend

Challenge the guardian and gain a legendary title reward for your achievement. The only way to challenge the guardian Achates is by setting skills and engraving through the ‘Book of Coordination’.

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Abyss Raid

Into the Mystic

You’ll face the guardian, Mystic, in this eight person raid consisting of three phases. After successfully completing each of the phases, you’ll have two options: receive a reward and complete the raid, or continue the battle to compete for more valuable prizes. Choose wisely.

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Neria’s Wardrobe

Frightening Fashion

The limited-time skin shop has returned! Check out Neria’s Wardrobe and create the perfect costume for your character.

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