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Sage Wisdom

When the capital city of Sacria fell, the Sages sought refuge in Voldis. There, they built Sage Tower and stored all knowledge.

Now you must travel to Voldis to seek their wisdom, battle through new chaos dungeons, collect an adventure tome, fight a new field boss, and more.

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It's Giving Chaos

Guardian Gargadeth, The Master of Storms, has awoken. Possessed by chaotic energy, he loathes all living beings. Defeat him for a chance to earn Ancient Grade Accessories and Honing Materials. But be careful not to be swept up in his thunderous storm — you may never find your way back.

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Boots With The Fur

Start feeling festive in these winter and holiday inspired skins.

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Get Your Fill

The Elixir system is a new progression system that allows players to further customize their characters and increase their power by imbuing them with Elixirs found in the Ivory Tower of Chaos.

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Making a List

Have you been good this year? Find out as you traverse the Naughty and Nice Maze on Freja Island to earn rewards.

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'Tis the Season to Shop

Get a penguin pal, a reindeer mount, or some warm and cozy threads.

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Waddle on Over

Dressed in their best, these pets are here to impress!

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You Know Dasher and Dancer

Doesn't Santa have enough reindeer? Treat yourself to one of your very own.

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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Bundle up in puffy coats, winter hats, and soft sweaters.

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Exploring in a Voldis Wonderland

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