2024 Roadmap - Part 2

23 April 2024

Heroes of Arkesia,

We’re excited to share the second part of the 2024 roadmap, which includes the major planned content pieces arriving in Arkesia over the next three months in 2024. Join Product Manager Andy Lin, Head of Editorial Henry Stelter, and Community Manager Roxanne Sabo for our team’s video update.

The roadmap content discussed are highlights we know players are eagerly awaiting, but the roadmap is not a comprehensive list of every change arriving in Arkesia over the next few months, and could change. As we approach each month, more details will be shared. New quality of life (QoL) updates, balance tuning, adjustments to support new and returning players, and unique events may appear in the upcoming months. Stay tuned to our website and social channels for future release notes including the full list of new content, cosmetics, balance changes, events, and more included in our major monthly updates. Below you’ll find the video roadmap with our team members discussing the content, followed by a written summary. With that, let’s dive in.


With the Thaemine Legion Raid releasing in April and many players still working to vanquish the most powerful Demon Legion Commander, and progressing through the Transcendence, the month of May is focused on exploration and events. The chapter of Thaemine will draw to a close with an epilogue story, and a new event will herald the beginning of Lost Ark’s next adventure.

Thaemine Epilogue

Players who have cleared Thaemine Hard will be able to experience the Darkness Legion Commander’s Epilogue in a new story. The quest, “Shadow of the Moon” can be acquired from Knight Oscar in Luterra Castle. Be sure to pay him a visit to learn more about what has happened with Thaemine after his recent assault on Arkesia.

Trial Guardian Raid - Hanumatan

500 years ago, Guardian Hanumatan crushed enemies in battle for the side of Light. When the war ended, Hanumatan went into a deep slumber. He awoke only after sensing chaotic energies possessing Arkesia, and concluded that the humans were the threats to the Arkesia. Hanumatan needs be stopped before his wrath destroys Arkesia, and with this new Trial Guardian Raid, now is your time to do so with speed and precision.

The Trial Guardian Raid Hanumatan will arrive in May for heroes that want to test their skills and speed against a powered-up version of the Guardian. This Trial Guardian works a little different than previous iterations. Two key changes are that the Item Level will be a lot higher, and there are first-time clear rewards that grant gold alongside the classic rewards of titles and achievements. At item level 1600 for Normal Mode and 1630 for the Hard Mode version of this challenge, players will be able to take on Trial Hanumatan to fight for fastest clear times and the all new rewards. Defeating hard mode will also grant the gold rewards from normal mode.

Music Box of Memories II

The Music Box of Memories is being updated with 6 new stories to uncover. These stories are different, and will focus on the lives of some of the every day citizens of Arkesia. With so much focus on our heroes of Arkesia, these stories will showcase how special the ordinary can be as well and share a glimpse at what life is like for others in Arkesia. This update will also come with new jukebox music, achievements, and titles as well as other UI and QoL updates for the Music Box of Memories system.

Cruel Toy Castle Island

A new Adventure Island known as “Cruel Toy Castle Island” has appeared in the southern seas of Shushire. Players can enter using Procyon’s Compass, and will find an Ominous Paper when disembarking that will send them on a curious quest. Players will be able to earn new achievements, a title, an Island Soul, find a new Mokoko Seed, and earn a new toy.

Western Exclusive Cosmetics

We conducted some research, and found that a significant number of our players really like anime. So this year, our western cosmetics will be designed to evoke the 80s and 90s anime, where magical girls and boys went to school during the day, and moonlighted as magical beings at night. These skins will stay exclusive to the Western version of Lost Ark for six months.

Stronghold Updates

May will also include some additional updates, such as QoL updates for Strongholds.

  • Design Points have been expanded and optimized so that players will be able to have nearly two times as many points available for decorating their Strongholds, allowing for more structures and characters to be placed.

  • The Structure Book will also be added, which will allow players to view information on Stronghold Structures, such as how it will appear and how it can be earned. Players will also be able to trade, purchase, and craft structures within this UI, and can use it to learn more about other player’s structures when visiting their Strongholds.

  • Additionally, 29 new structures are being added, including a signpost that can be used to post messages for any visitors.

Chaos Assault

The first part of the Kurzan Prelude Event, Chaos Assault, will arrive in May. Players will need to head to Mount Zagoras, where Chaos has taken hold, and defeat hordes of enemies by entering Distorted Chaos rifts that will open in Mount Zagoras. There’s a special Suppression Meter for the event that increases as more enemies are defeated, and resets daily at 6AM server time. Defeating enemies or filling up the suppression meter will grant special powders that can be exchanged for special rewards at the event shop, and players can also earn a special new drop called Wishful Embers. The difficulty of the field varies depending on the player's character item level, but the same rewards are distributed regardless of the item level. It will be a fun event with some lore tie-ins as we head toward the events of Kurzan in June.

Open Chat added to Global Chat

Further immerse yourself in Arkesia through this convenient, community feature.


A new continent and new raid arrive in the next major chapter for Lost Ark. After exploring and beginning the Chaos Assault event in Mount Zagoras, you’ll be able to venture to South Kurzan to investigate the surge of Chaos.

Chaos Assault Part 2

Kaishuter, who led the Guardians of Chaos in Chain War, is now back in Arkesia. Chaos Assault will continue with new activities in part 2, titled Return of the Dragon. Talk to Researcher Marcus at Mount Zagoras to learn about the giant shadow appearing in Fortress of Chaos. Players can enter 'Fortress of Chaos' through a portal in Mount Zagoras during the event period. Defeat Kaishuter to receive various rewards!

Just like part 1, the difficulty of the field varies depending on the player's character item level, but the same rewards are distributed regardless of the item level. Players can obtain 'Chaos Crystals' by participating in the event, which can be exchanged at the event shop for various rewards.

South Kurzan Continent

With the arrival of the Red Moon, strange events have begun occurring across Arkesia. A mysterious, pungent red liquid is corrupting the Sea of Gienah, and people fear that it could be an omen of the return of the Demon Lord Kazeros. Researchers in Arthetine have investigated this substance, and determined its origin to be Kurzan. Adventurers will need to set out to South Kurzan to continue these investigations.

Players Item Level 1580 and above will be able to enter Kurzan, a harsh, barren land. Following the Chain War, Kazeros' body was sealed here in the heart of Mount Antares, and even today his evil energy seeps through the land due to the volcanic activities of the mountain.

Take on new quests, meet new Rapport NPCs, earn new achievements, titles, cards, emotes, and more when you explore South Kurzan.

Kazeros Raid: Echidna

Arriving with South Kurzan is the first Kazeros Raid, an all new set of raids that players will have to conquer in order to someday face Kazeros himself. This is an 8-player Raid with 2 gates featuring new enemies and mechanics. The main enemy is Echidna, who was the Covetous Legion Commander long before Vykas came to power. She was jealous of Brelshaza, Kazeros' favorite. She concocted a plan to use Vykas, a lowly demon then who served Echidna, to sabotage Kazeros' trust towards Brelshaza. However, Vykas saw this as her opportunity to rise, betraying Echidna and taking her place. Ever since Vykas's betrayal, Echidna has been absent from Petrania. After a long time, Echidna reappeared in Arkesia. Prepare to face true desires in the lotus blossoms of Echidna.

You’ll be able to challenge Echidna in Normal Mode at Item Level 1620 or in Hard Mode at Item Level 1630. This raid introduces a new mechanic, Allied Forces Skills, which are a new twist on Sidereal Skills from Legion Raids where the raid leader can call in a variety of allied NPCs to aid their party in combat.

This new Kazeros Raid is a new piece of end game content alongside existing Legion Raids and Abyss Raids. Along with gold, achievements, titles, trophies, and mounts, the Echidna Kazeros Raid will also include materials for a new progression system, Advanced Honing.

Advanced Honing

Advanced Honing is a new progression where gear can be upgraded in Item Level in an all-new way from the materials earned in the Echidna Raid.

To proceed with Advanced honing, the gear must go through 'Tempering' first. Sidereal weapons, along with Upper Ancient gear with item level 1620 and above can be tempered with 'Agris's Scale' (obtainable in Echidna NM), or 'Alcaone's Eye' (obtainable in Echidna HM).

By using either of the two materials to temper gear, players can activate Advanced Honing levels 1 - 10. Players can re-temper the gear that reached Advanced Honing level 10 with 'Alcaone's Eye' (obtainable in Echidna HM) which will open level 11 - 20 of Advanced Honing. To reach Advanced Honing level 20, a single gear must be tempered twice.

Advanced Honing tempered gear will increase 'Advanced Honing XP'. The amount of XP increased per Advanced Honing try is set, but a 'Great Success' can occur (by chance) and will increase more Advanced Honing XP. Finally, when players try Advance Honing, 'Ancestor's Grace' orb is filled. When 6 'Ancestor's Grace' orbs are full, the next Advanced Honing attempt will activate the Ancestor's Grace to summon the powers of great Umar ancestors. When 'Ancestor's Grace' is in effect, a few useful effects will be bestowed - some of which include:

  • Advanced Honing XP increases by a large amount.

  • The next honing attempt will not use any materials.


Enjoy some fun in the sun and relax at the Maharaka Festival in between your continued battles against Echidna and working to progress through Advanced Honing. With those systems still fresh, no major content pieces will be arriving. We’re still looking at ways to add a few more things to the July update, and will keep you informed as we lock down the content and updates in that update.

Maharaka Festival

Celebrate the summer on the Maharaka Paradise Event Island, located east of Luterra in the Sea of Gienah. Players will be able to hit the pool and participate in an event race, transforming into a Pirate Mokoko to jump, headbutt, and dash their way through a swimming race before attempting to defeat a giant rubber duck. The event shops and rewards are still being finalized, but expect to earn some fun summer rewards and progression items.

We’re excited to see players experience the unique events, explore new story quests and continents, and prepare for the challenging experiences awaiting in the Echidna Raid. In the meantime, stay tuned to our website, social channels, and the release notes for the full list of new content, store updates, events, bug-fixes, and more over the coming months.

Head over to YouTube to let us know your thoughts on the video component of the Roadmap, and if you’d like to see this type of content heading forward.

We’ll see you in Arkesia!