Break Into The Endgame

05 April 2024

Heroes of Arkesia,

The March update brought new game systems and five key events built to help new and returning players get to endgame, or hardcore players to level up a new alternate character— such as the new Breaker Class— quickly. While the Break Through to Thaemine Release Notes cover the events and a ton of other content that arrived in Arkesia with the March Update, we wanted to highlight how these events can be layered together, especially for those returning to the game. To best show off how to use them in-game, we partnered with Lost Ark Creator Program member KanonXO, who recently returned to Lost Ark and has been working to prepare for Thaemine’s impending arrival.

Interested in breaking into the endgame? Watch KanonXO’s tutorial on how to leverage the events.

Looking for a text breakdown instead? Make sure to read through the Break Through to Thaemine Release Notes to learn about all the new events and systems. The events are available until July 17, but Thaemine’s arrival is imminent— leading the Darkness Legion to Arkesia on April 17.

We wish you luck as you upgrade your characters and brace for the onslaught of the final Demon Legion Commander. In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia.