Building Community Beyond Maykoko Fest

30 May 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

From raiding together clad in Mokoko garb to over-indulging on a flurry of feasts, it’s been a fun month watching the community pull together to complete the Maykoko Fest challenges and earn rewards for all.

While the event portion of Maykoko Fest ends with the month of May, the Mokoko Emote Competition continues! Submission collection for the contest runs until June 12. After the submission deadline ends on June 12, our team will spend a few days selecting 10 finalists. Once the finalists are selected, the community can vote on their favorites by using reactions in Discord from June 16 - 23, and the top 5 will be selected as winners and added into the game. We’ve seen some great submissions already and can’t wait to see what else arrives.

Maykoko Fest drawing to a close doesn’t mean the community building and activities will stop. We have a lot of new and returning players setting foot in Arkesia— and with new dangers arriving soon in Elgacia, more teamwork will be needed. We wanted to highlight two great ways of getting involved in the community to either prepare or help others prepare for the raids and team-based challenges that lie ahead.

Community Lost Ark LFG Discord

If you’re a Lost Ark player, you’ve probably heard of Stoopzz— a content creator notorious for his hot takes and enthusiasm for the game. Recently, Stoopzz led a community effort to build a new LFG experience for gamers looking to run or learn raids. With support from other Lost Ark content creators and his passionate community, they’ve built a great experience for players looking to learn, teach, or just run a quick raid with others.

“At its core, an MMORPG is about establishing relationships within the community to tackle challenges and difficult group raid encounters in hopes of creating long-lasting memories. To support this, the Lost Ark community has come together to create a central Discord server to assist new, returning, and existing players on their Lost Ark journey. While we can’t promise instant raid clears (like an Instant Una Completion Ticket), we can provide an opportunity to find like-minded individuals. Having a guild, static, or a couple of friends to play alongside of can really make a world of difference, and that’s something I’m willing to foster through this Discord. I’ll see you all in the world of Arkesia!“ -Stoopzz

Join the community-run Lost Ark LFG Discord here!

Mokoko Mentor Program

We wholeheartedly agree with Stoopzz, and have been working on a program for Lost Ark veterans to help coach new players and impart their wisdom in the Official Lost Ark Discord. Before a player is ready to join a raid group at all, there’s a lot of information and questions that arise. From the basics of learning which skills in your class have push immunities to in-depth raid mechanics to PvP tips and tricks, there’s a ton to learn as you progress.

The Mokoko Mentor Program is a space for new and experienced players to come together and buddy up in adventures across Arkesia. Using the #find-a-mentor Discord forum channel, potential mentors can pick up Mokoko students to guide through content and help with game related questions. Mentors can focus on teaching Mokokos anything that they have expertise in, from raid mechanics to class tips to PvP and more.

Mentors who show commitment to helping Mokokos grow and improve will earn themselves an in-game “Mokoko Mentor” title, along with a matching title in Discord. While the initial pairing will be through Discord, we’re hoping to help build community and give new folks a shoulder to lean on through their adventures in Lost Ark.

Head over to the Official Lost Ark Discord to learn more about how to become a mentor or find one!

We’re always humbled by the passion, dedication, and teamwork we see from the Lost Ark community. We’ll see you in both Discord and Arkesia as we head toward the release of Elgacia next month.

PS— spoiler alert— be on the lookout for some special content later this week!