Ebony Cube Notice

26 April 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

The Ebony Cube arrives in two weeks, on May 10. Clear waves of enemies in a new activity that consolidates Boss Rush and Cube. With all the original rewards of both activities rolled into one, completing should feel more impactful while also cutting down on the grind. Ebony Cube will arrive with three levels:

  • 1st Forbiddance - Item Level 1302+

  • 2nd Forbiddance - Item Level 1490+

  • 3rd Forbiddance - Item Level 1540+

As Ebony Cube will replace the existing Cube & Boss Rush activities, we wanted to provide two weeks’ notice so you can figure out the best plan for your tickets. Ebony Cube entrance ticket drop rates will be the same as the old Boss Rush entrance tickets. Titles earned from old Cube & Boss Rush activities will remain obtainable from Ebony Cube. Existing tickets in your inventory will be unusable when the update drops, so you can choose to use them ahead of time or convert them into Silver or Entrance Ticket Trade Vouchers (a new item that lets you select the level of Ebony Cube best suited to your Item Level), after the update drops. Here’s how the conversions will work:


  • Cube - 30,000 silver

  • Elite Cube - 40,000 silver

  • Dimensional Cube Normal - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x15

  • Dimensional Cube Hard - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x20

Boss Rush:

  • Hall of Silence - 50,000 silver

  • Hall of the Sun Normal - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x45

  • Hall of the Sun Hard - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x60

  • Hall of the Sun Inferno - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x75

And here’s how many vouchers you’ll need for each Ebony Cube Ticket:

  • 1st Forbiddance (Item Level 1302+) - 75 Vouchers

  • 2nd Forbiddance (Item Level 1490+) - 100 Vouchers

  • 3rd Forbiddance (Item Level 1540+) - 125 Vouchers

While a balanced approach to exchanging or using tickets might be the right play, we wish all the best to those looking for maximum value and knocking out all their tickets. Let us know your final count on our social channels! In the meantime, we’ll probably see you in a Cube or Boss Rush run.