Jump-Start Thank You Letter

25 September 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

It’s been an exciting few weeks for Lost Ark with the Jump-Start Servers launching in the Western version of Lost Ark alongside the Thaemine Legion Raid in Korea! Our teams at Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG are extremely thankful and humbled by the enthusiasm and excitement we’ve seen from players around the world. In-game, we’ve seen new and veteran players band together to learn raids, discover the hidden stories and challenges woven into the fabric of Arkesia, and form new friendships on existing and Jump-Start Servers. To thank players, we’ve worked with Smilegate RPG to prepare a gift for all the inhabitants of Arkesia in the West.

Thank You Gifts

The following gifts will be sent to players on Monday, September 25 and can be claimed in the Product Inventory.

Gratitude Gift I

  • Luke Atdis / Ovahere Skin Selection Chest x1

  • Luke Atdis Pet x1

  • Legendary Card Selection Pack x1

  • Wishful Amulet Chest x2

  • Sage Powder x10

  • Pheon x100

  • Collective Battle Item Chest x2

Gratitude Gift II - Silvery Honor Pack

  • Ancient Platinum Coin x30

  • Honor Shard Pouch Chest x6

Jump-Start Update

We previously stated that Jump-Start Servers would be reconnected to the rest of their region within six months, and wanted to provide more insight into the timetable our team is considering. While our teams will be monitoring the health and progress of players on the Jump-Start Servers and working to identify the optimal time to reconnect them, we’re currently targeting a date in roughly three months.

We’ve also seen players ask for clarification on what Jump-Start Servers being “reconnected” means. When Jump-Start Servers are reconnected to the rest of the region, they will function like any other server in that region, with the Auction House, Marketplace, PvE Matchmaking, and Party-Finder all available to play and interact with other players in the same region.

Interested in learning more about Jump-Start Servers? Checkout the Jump-Start Details article.

QoL Announcement

While our teams at Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG worked extremely hard to ensure that the Legion Raid changes released simultaneously in Korea were present for the new players diving into Lost Ark raiding for the first time on Jump-Start, we know there were other changes that arrived in Korea this month that players are looking forward to. We’re excited to announce that the overhaul to Chaos Gates will arrive in October alongside the continent of Pleccia, the Trial Caliligos Guardian Raid, and more!

Once again, we’re extremely thankful for the support we’ve seen from the Lost Ark community surrounding both Jump-Start Servers and the many other changes. Our teams are fully dedicated to continue working with you to make Lost Ark the best that it can be! We’ll see you in Arkesia.