October Update Announcement

03 October 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

The October Update arrives in Arkesia next week, on October 11. To ensure players had time to prepare for the new content arriving, we wanted to share the Item Level requirements and other prerequisites for the new continent and Trial Guardian Raid.


Pleccia is a new continent that players over Item Level 1475 will be able to visit. To begin the new questline, players will also need to complete the “Call of Destiny" quest. Pleccia is a continent of romance, art, and freedom. Players can enjoy the fantastic view of Pleccia Port and Prehilia Prairie, and interact with unique NPCs including the Vediches, Yoz illusionists, and more.

The story of Pleccia begins in Luterra - with rumors of strange things happening in the beautiful continent. Players must solve the mysteries surrounding the Vediche family, the priests of Sacria, and an old friend to reach the end of the story. After the story has ended, players can search for a unique set of collectible items to receive special rewards, and look for hidden achievements unlockable only in Pleccia.

Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid

A challenging experience akin to the Inferno difficulty of Legion Raids, the Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid can only be entered after setting up your build through the 'Book of Coordination', completing Raid Level 1: Defeat Vertus, and reaching Item Level 1250. If defeated, prestigious rewards of achievements and a Legendary Title will be earned by the vanquishing party to celebrate their hard-fought victory.

The Caliligos Trial Guardian Raid displays the first clear in the region and fastest clear time on a leaderboard. With an inevitable competition brewing for those coveted slots, we will be opening the raid simultaneously at a more friendly time for all regions on Saturday, October 14 at 7PM UTC (12PM PT, 9PM CEST) to let as many players as possible participate in the competition.

Stay tuned for the full release notes next week! In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia.