Lost Ark Academy - Pet Ranch

15 August 2022

Heroes of Arkesia,

Long ago, the mages in the Vern Magick Society were researching the mighty Guardians when they created Pets by combining traces and elements of Guardians.

The August “Under the Arkesian Sun” Update arrives next week on August 24 after the weekly maintenance and reset, bringing with it the Pet Ranch and Legendary Pets. The Pet Ranch is a new location in the Stronghold where Pets can play, grow into more helpful companions, and help you earn valuable rewards. The cute and precious Pets aiding adventurers across Arkesia are ready to further help their worthy leaders by creating Jam Cookies and earning Pet Expertise to level up and unlock new abilities.

Pet Ranch Overview

In the Pet Ranch, your Pets are training to become stronger while generating valuable resources. Pets earn Pet Expertise to level up, while producing Jam Cookies you can exchange for rewards. But Pets can’t continue to earn Expertise and produce Jam Cookies without some well-deserved breaks. To balance your Pet’s morale, the Pet Ranch is separated into two sections; the Cookie Workshop and the Ranch.

In the Ranch, Pets regain Morale while they relax and play with other Pets. Pets can either be placed in the Ranch or the Cookie Workshop as they regain morale or spend it while creating Jam cookies, but not both at the same time. Working in the Cookie Workshop will decrease a Pet’s morale, and a Pet without morale can no longer produce Jam Cookies.

Pets earn both Expertise and Jam Cookies simultaneously in the Cookie Workshop, and when the Pet’s Expertise reaches max it can be upgraded. You can unlock additional Cookie Workshop slots through Stronghold research to place more Pets and increase your output. The amount of Jam Cookies produced depends on the Pet’s grade, increasing as the Pet is upgraded from Rare to Epic to Legendary. Before we dive into the items and rewards you can exchange Jam Cookies for, let’s dive into why you want to earn Pet Expertise— upgrading your Pets to Legendary.

Legendary Pets

Pets can be upgraded to Legendary by reaching max Pet Expertise and spending Pet Growth Tokens, which can be earned by exchanging Jam Cookies. Once a Pet has been upgraded to Legendary, several features are unlocked. Legendary Pets are granted a (random) powerful skill, and at random intermittent intervals, one of 3 effects granted by the skill will be applied to you while in combat. There are 6 Pet Skills which can be randomly unlocked, or switched between:

  • Cheers of the Heart

    • 20% chance of recovering 8% of Max HP

    • 40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

    • 40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

  • Cheers of Serenity

    • 20% chance of resetting Cooldown of Movement and Stand Up Skills, and reducing the Cooldown by 40% for 8s

    • 40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

    • 40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

  • Cheers of Heaven

    • 20% chance of Attack Speed +3% for 8s

    • 40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

    • 40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

  • Cheers of Courage

    • 20% chance of Move Speed +5% for 8s

    • 40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

    • 40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

  • Cheers of Resonance

    • 20% chance of Specialty Meter gain +10% for 8s

    • 40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

    • 40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

  • Cheers of Silence

    • 20% chance of recovering 25% of Max MP

    • 40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

    • 40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

Pet Skill can be changed at a Pet Management NPC in exchange for 20 Crystals. You can select which skill you want, and it can be changed again whenever you’d like.

Legendary Pets can also have their appearance changed to match that of another unlocked Pet. Changing a Pet’s looks requires a Pet Customization Potion obtained from the Cookie Vendor, but it only needs to be used once per Pet. Afterwards, that Pet can have their appearance changed any number of times. Finally, obtaining a Legendary Pet unlocks access to purchase one more slot in the Pet Inventory for more storage space.

Pet Ranch Items & Rewards

The Jam Cookie Vendor has a variety of unique rewards which can be exchanged for Jam Cookies. From pet-themed cosmetics to weekly rewards such as Card Packs and Phoenix Plumes to Pet Ranch specific items, there are plenty of valuable rewards to be earned. Some of the Pet Ranch items include:

  • Vitameow - a consumable vitamin that gives vitality to Pets, recovering 10% of a Pet’s Morale.

  • Arcane Battery - a battery booster created by the Nebelhorn Lab in Arthentine. When a booster is applied, 3 extra Jam cookies will be produced every 10mins in the Cookie Workshop.

  • Pet Expertise Potion - a potion created by the Vern Magick Society to increase Pet Expertise.

  • Pet Customization Potion - a morph potion for Pets, which can be used on Legendary Pets to unlock the reskin feature.

  • Pet Growth Token - a mysterious enchanted token produced by the Vern Magick Society, used when upgrading Pets.

Pet Ranch Helpers

There are four helpers in the Pet Ranch ready to assist you in managing the Pet Ranch:

  • Totocookie is a vendor, and will take the Jam Cookies that you've obtained from the Pet Ranch and exchange them other items.

  • Dispatched Chromarong will help you place your Pets in the Ranch or the Cookie Workshop.

  • Minky, Protector of Pets will exchange Rapport Gifts for Vitameow.

  • Working Achatemeow manages Pet functions; retraining, upgrading, or changing Pet Skills.

Getting Started

To unlock the Pet Ranch, you’ll need to be Stronghold Level 15, unlocked the Stronghold Farm, the Cave, and have a Pet. When you’ve accomplished those, you can complete the quest "Yay, Pet Ranch!!", given by Butler Adeline. If you haven't been working on leveling up your Stronghold— now's the time— as, after all, the exclusive Achatemeow Hoodie is a wardrobe staple and the latest in Arkesian fashion.

We wish you and your Pets luck as they train to become Legendary after the update on August 24! In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia.