Martial Artist Advanced Classes and Abilities

12 August 2021

Heroes of Arkesia,

Today, we continue our exploration into the Classes available in Lost Ark with the fourth installment, diving into the Advanced Classes and abilities of the Martial Artist. If you missed our previous spotlights, be sure to check out the articles for the Warrior, Mage, and Assassin. You can learn about all of the Classes offered in Lost Ark in our Intro to Classes article.

Martial Artists are quick-footed fighters who like to rush the enemy with combined attacks at lethal speeds that can only be described as breakneck. Players interested in the quick and nimble Martial Artists can pick between four Advanced Classes; the elemental power channeling Wardancer, the heavy-hitting, gauntlet-wielding Scrapper, the special energy conduit Soulfist, or the wind-like, aerial Striker Class.

The fast, fluid combos, devastating punches, and channeled powers of the Martial Artists ensure their presence will be felt on any battlefield. You can see the attacks and abilities of the four Martial Artist Advanced Classes here:

Advanced Classes Breakdown


Do you enjoy weaving together impactful martial arts moves to create powerful combination attacks? If so, Wardancers reward a skilled hand— augmenting their lightning-quick fighting skills with elemental power. They can store up elemental energy to unleash in devastating attacks and gravity-defying maneuvers.

Wardancer Abilities:
  • FIST OF DOMINANCE: Use the power of elementals and release an energy field, pulling foes close. Fly past foes and attack up to 6 times while absorbing 6 elemental forces, inflicting damage. After the last attack, absorb the barren energy field and strike down into the center of it, inflicting damage and knocking foes back. You receive less damage from incoming attacks while flying past foes.

  • ADVENT OF THE PHOENIX: Focus your fire energy and soar into the air. Inflict damage as you come down and upon hitting the ground, also knocking down nearby foes.

  • FLASH HEAT FANG: Throw multiple punches to inflict damage, followed by a more damaging finishing blow.

  • LIGHTNING KICK: Deliver a flurry of kicks that inflict lightning damage, and strike down at foes causing more damage. Downed foes are lifted off the ground, and airborne foes are slammed onto the ground for additional damage.

  • TRIPLE FIST: Violently swing your fists forward and damage foes.


Are you looking for a Martial Artist with good mobility and earth-shattering punches? Check out the Scrapper. They’re armed with heavy gauntlets, and draw on two inverse forms of attack energy that feed off each other to deliver nonstop destruction. With excellent attack, defense, mobility, and lasting power, they're well balanced enough to throw enemies off their guard.

Scrapper Abilities:
  • MYSTERIOUS ART: BLAST OF RUINATION: Focus your mind and reinforce your gauntlets to deliver a powerful strike. Gather the energy in the air onto your gauntlets and thrust forward. The ground cracks, dispersing an energy wave, knocking foes back. The damage of the wave decreases with the distance it travels.

  • CRUSHING SMITE: Launch up to 3 shockwaves in front of you, dealing damage.

  • UNDEFEATED DRAGON KING: Concentrate energy throughout your body and deal damage at your cursor position while moving toward the target location. Two black dragons emerge from the ground and fly alongside you, obliterating your target in tandem.

  • CHAIN DESTRUCTION FIST: Smash the ground to shake the earth. You attack foes up to 4 times, the damage radius increasing with each hit. The last strike will knock foes back.

  • DEATH SENTENCE: Release all condensed shock energy, dealing damage and knocking foes back. The damage increases with the amount of shock energy you have.


Are the fast flurries of martial art combos offered by the other classes not enough? You want to have sweet martial arts moves and blast enemies with devastating energy attacks? Alright, the energy channeling, enemy pummeling, Soulfist is probably the Advanced Class for you. The Soulfist switches between melee and ranged attacks, which can be used together for explosively powerful combos. They channel a special energy called Adamance, which they can imbue into abilities or use to sustain themselves through fights.

Soulfist Abilities:
  • ANNIHILATING RAY: Gather energy and shoot an energy ray forward. Hold the skill up to 1.5s to damage foes up to 5 times. Afterwards, a friendly soul appears to lend you energy and hurl an even stronger blast that attacks and damages foes in front of you for 1.2s, knocking them back. If you stop holding before the meter is maxed out, the soul will appear and attack foes instantly.

  • HEAVENLY SQUASH: Drop a massive palm inflicting damage. Foes already down on the ground or in the air take an extra 30% damage.

  • MAGNETIC PALM: Jump forward and inflict damage 3 times. Smash the ground with your palm and draw foes near while inflicting damage. Release your palm to launch the pulled foes in the air for more damage. Hold the skill hotkey to send your energy into the ground for up to 1s.

  • PULVERIZING PALM: Quickly dash forward, inflicting damage. Strike foes with energy-charged palms for damage and deliver the last strike to inflict more damage. The last strike inflicts 100% more damage on airborne foes.

  • DEADLY FINGER: Dodge backward and quickly thrust your finger diagonally at the sky multiple times, for 6 hits. Damage to airborne foes increases by 30%.


Strikers are excellent jugglers— preferring to keep their enemies in the air, unleashing graceful destruction with splendid aerial combos. They attack like a strong wind, are equipped with fast, fluid, movement, and use both quick-hitting combos and powerful elemental skills to turn the tide of battle.

Striker Abilities:
  • TIGER EMERGES: Advance forward and inflict fire damage, then perform a upward attack for additional damage.

  • TRULY HEAVENLY ATTACK: Gather powerful energy in your legs before kicking 2 times to inflict damage and send foes airborne.

  • STORM DRAGON AWAKENING: Jump up and spin your body, then kick and inflict damage on foes. Press the skill key again within 2 seconds to perform a knee attack that inflicts damage. Press the skill key again within 2 seconds to perform a downward strike that inflicts damage. The first and second attack will send airborne foes back into the air and the last attack slams foes to the ground.

  • MOON FLASH KICK: Charge forward while kicking, dealing damage. Follow up with 4 fast kicks, another spinning back kick, and a finishing blow that deals additional damage and knocks foes back.

  • SWIFT WIND KICK: Deliver a spinning kick in the air, attacking foes 22 times to inflict damage over 2.5 seconds.

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