Tales of Arkesia: Luterra

13 September 2021

Arkesia is as diverse as it vast— adventurers traveling from continent to continent will experience arid dieselpunk deserts, grand medieval kingdoms, and numerous other beautiful, dangerous, and sometimes silly locations. To showcase the expansive world that Lost Ark takes place in, we’ll spend the coming months touring some of the continents found across Arkesia.

This month we’ll start our journey as the player does, in the conflict-ridden land of Luterra. As we continue our adventure, we'll journey to the quirky island of Tortoyk, and the flourishing, but mysterious, realm of Annika. In each region you can expect to learn more about the lore and history of the land, meet some of the creature inhabitants, and see some short tourism spotlights that capture the essence of these wondrous locations. Be sure to keep an eye out for a few inside jokes only devoted Lost Ark fans can appreciate.

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Interested players can learn more about the history of Lost Ark on our story page. If you’re already familiar, or just curious about Luterra, let’s dive into the backstory of our first region. Luterra is made up of four major regions, Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, and East Luterra.


Rethramis was organized by an order of priests who worship Regulus, the God of Light - praising his effort to lead the world to order against Zosma, the God of Chaos.

“Seek not to be the Light itself, but be the mirror that guides the Light of Regulus to its righteous place, shedding light to all who are in need.” -Excerpt from the preface of the Book of Light

Tales from Rethramis:

Renowned stonemasons gathered in Loghill, a proud town famous for its heritage of masonry. They accepted the challenge to build a statue of Regulus, the one that would embody all the glory and the splendor of the God of Light. Emet, a legendary mason, read through all the theological books in Rethramis and designed a statue that resembled the god as closely as possible. A few days before the grand project's completion, Emet was invited to the cathedral, where he couldn't resist his curiosity and stepped into the library of forbidden books.

The next day, he was dragged out from the cathedral screaming, and was cast out to Loghill. When everyone fell asleep, he smashed the nearly-finished statue of Regulus into pieces.

"The god is not coming. We need to be ready."

Emet was arrested by the guardian knights of the Holy Sacrian Empire, and is still behind the steel bars of the cathedral prison.


Yudia is a plateau covered with a vast salt plain reflecting the sky. Across the salt flats, a trade company is at war with bandits. Everything in Yudia is salty, from the encrusted creatures to the difficult personalities.

Tales from Yudia:

Luterra's scholars studied the salt of Yudia from various aspects, but they couldn't come to a definite conclusion. The one thing they know for sure is that there is a special kind of salt in Yudia that has a magical power. Ever since Vern and various other countries started using Solar Salt in their magick studies and experiments, foreign visitors have been pouring into Yudia.

"I can't be sure, but this salt seems like it was infused with power from outside this world."

"Do I sound crazy? Solar Salt must be related to the spells of the ancient shamans in Yudia."

"The salt desert that emerged out of the blue five hundred years ago... as well as the legend of the lost kingdom."

"Doesn't it excite you, the idea of an unknown world somewhere out there?"

West Luterra

The barren land of West Luterra is still scarred by war, but inhabited by people brave of heart. A nation of knights, many heroic figures have graced West Luterra. While legends abound of their deeds, none are as famous as Luterra himself - a hero that brought an end to the Chain War, and the founding king of Luterra. There are more records about King Luterra than one can count, but the most famous one is a saga that tells his scintillating heroic episodes. Still transcribed by numerous writers, the book is held in high esteem for its literary value and outstanding, descriptive style.

"The Invisible Dragon was truly powerful. Neither a god nor a Demon could defeat it. However, when Vanquisher, the beloved sword of the king, slashed the air, RWAAAAARR! The dragon died with a roar that shook mountains and rivers." -from Invisible Dragon, page 324, The Legend of King Luterra

East Luterra

The fertile lands and populace of East Luterra are still basking in an age of peace and prosperity that has lasted for five centuries, a stark contrast to the war-torn and scarred lands of their neighbors to the west.

The Legend of Luoden River

Back before the river that runs through Luterra was named Luoden, its water was tainted by the Demon invaders, killing many Puruus who coexisted with the river. In order to bring them back to life, Water Elementals threw themselves into the river to purify the water and perished. After a lapse of time, Azenaporium, Nahun's purification device infused with magical power, gave the nature back to Puruus and Water Elementals. Water Elementals form pure substances called Bubble Nuclei in their habitat, and these permeated the land of Luterra, enriching its soil. This is why Luterra yields a rich harvest of Dyorika, a very rare crop, as well as pumpkins and fruits.

Looking Ahead

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