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Heroes of Arkesia,

The March “Break Through to Thaemine” Update arrives in Arkesia tomorrow.

Downtime will begin on March 20 at 2AM PT (9 AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours. The March Update includes the Breaker Advanced Class, new progression events, and a new series of Story Quests! Find the full list of content, events, skins, and other updates below. Henry is back with an episode of “Patch Notes with Henry” for any players looking for an express video explanation and visual showcase.


Introducing the Breaker

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The Breaker Advanced Class arrives. Breaker is a male version of the Scrapper and is a force to be reckoned with, using his Heavy Gauntlets, mobility, and combos to deal massive damage.

To help interested adventurers prepare to master this new martial artist's arsenal and relentlessly bash the biggest and baddest enemies in Arkesia, we partnered with none other than Breaker expert and Lost Ark Creator Program member Saintone. Find the full breakdown in the recent Lost Ark Academy.

212 KB

Learn more about how to quickly break into the endgame in the Event section of the Release Notes below, with a ton events built to support players excited to add a Breaker (or other class) to their roster.

Along with the new class and class engravings, the following Breaker specific systems have been added:

  • 1 new Title, 10 new Achievements added

  • Related quests, and skill unlock items added

  • Training Room Guide added

  • 1 Trophy added

The Breaker will release with the recent balance changes made in Korea.


Arkesia Tour

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Arkesia Tour is a horizontal catch up mechanic that has 4 tiers of missions, built to help players catch up on islands, adventure tome, skill points, and more!

This event will make it easier for new and returning players play with their friends and enjoy the end game, or help current players fill any gaps in their collection of horizontal content rewards. Each tier requires you to complete a task and once you've completed all 3 sub missions, you will be able to claim rewards that horizontally progress your character. Completing all the missions gives hundreds of rewards, including:

  • Skill Runes (up to Legendary)

  • Skill Potions

  • Stat Potions

  • Emote / Song unlocks

  • Cards / Pheons / Silver / Providence Stones

  • Masterpieces / Omnium Stars / Giant's Hearts / Island Souls

  • Rapport Items

  • Mounts

219 KB

The Arkesia tour can be viewed through the Arkesia Tour icon located at the left of the minimap. If certain continents are related to Arkesia Tour, that continent will have an icon in the Adventurer's Tome (upper left corner). If mouse-hovered, a pop-up will appear with the system guide.

  • All rewards per Mission can be claimed by clicking the Completion Reward buttons.

    • Some of the rewards that require players to go through the content will not be included here. Player discretion is needed to decide whether to play the content or use the Arkesia Tour.

    • If the rewards have already been obtained by the players, they will not be granted again.

    • Completion Rewards will only be claimed inside the main cities or in Stronghold.

    • Rewards will be sent directly to the player’s Inventory. If there are not enough slots, they will be sent via mail.

    • (Collectibles that require visiting NPC for reward claiming will be auto-claimed)

The Arkesia Tour will help with horizontal content all the way to Punika and its related content.


Light of Destiny

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The Lost Ark’s location is getting closer to being revealed. Sacria is beginning to investigate the events that have occurred in Pleccia.

As the situation grows more unpredictable, it will be up to you to face the chaos as you follow your path. The Light of Destiny update will reveal the location of the Lost Ark, which will actually bring us closer to the end of Story Chapter 1. It will be a story that answers some of the most important questions of the journey to find the Lost Ark after Voldis, and brings you to a new location— Praeteria.

  • 7 New Achievements, 2 New Titles added

  • 1 Rapport NPC added

  • New Island "Praeteria" added

  • Praeteria Island Soul added

  • 1 Una's Task added (This task is available only after finishing the Light of Destiny quest line)

Light of Destiny requires Item Level 1520. New relevant quests will be added. Starting Quest: The Lost Key. This quest can be accepted in the following cities:

  • Voldis: Kalinar (NPC Hogun)

  • North Vern: Vern Castle (NPC Hogun)

  • Elgacia: Ereonnor (Transparent Mirror)

431 KB

Prerequisite Quests:

  • Adento's Legacy – Voldis World Quest

  • [Awakening] The Sunset – Promise Isle Adventure Quest

If the following quests are still in progress, partial Light of Destiny quests cannot progress.

  • Thirain Rapport Quest

  • Voldis Neria Rapport Quest

  • Pleccia Adventure Quest 'Masterwork Collection: The Fading Light'



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As players strive to reach the Item Levels required for existing and upcoming endgame content on either their main character or an alternate character, we’ve planned a suite of events to support players.

While the number of events listed below may feel overwhelming all at once, we wanted to separate the rewards into various events so that players were able to mix and match or focus all the events onto a single character, providing options and the best support for their journey into Lost Ark’s endgame.

Elgacia Event Powerpass

An Event Powerpass that will drop players off in Elgacia at Item Level 1460 will be granted to all players. Powerpasses can be claimed and used until July 17, at which point it will expire if the powerpass has not been used.

There are no restrictions for players to use the Powerpass (apart from not being able to use it on a character above the target Item Level), but trading on the Auction House will be blocked for 3 days if the player does not have at least one character at Item Level 1490 to prevent bot abuse.

Super Mokoko Express

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Pairing well with the Elgacia Powerpass, players will be able to designate one character between Item Level 1460 and 1580 on their account to participate in the Super Mokoko Express Event, where they’ll have discounted honing rates, discounted gold requirements, and earn honing materials to quickly level up to Item Level 1580, with reward chests that include Silver, honing materials, high level Gems, Engravings, and more!

Super Mokoko Honing Benefits:

  • Honing Percentage Increase:

    • 1460 to 1475 - 20%

    • 1475 to 1490 - 15%

    • 1510 to 1520 - 20%

    • 1520 to 1580 - 10%

  • Honing Materials Discount

    • 1460 to 1490 - 70%

    • 1490 to 1580 - 60%

  • Leapstone Discount

    • 1460 to 1490 - 40%

    • 1510 to 1580 - 60%

  • Gold Discount

    • 1460 to 1490 - No Gold Required

    • 1490 to 1580 - 65%

  • Double Artisan Energy

    • 1460 to 1580

There are also Combat Style Setting Support options for players to easily set skills and Engravings through presets, and get item support for accessories with relevant stats and Ability Stones. The Super Mokoko Express Event also includes an Engraving Support system that lets players choose 5 engravings to be in effect at level 3 during the event. Here’s how to get started:

  • After selecting a Super Mokoko Express character, the Engraving Support button will light up.

  • Click the Engraving Support button to open the Engraving Support page and select your 5 desired Engravings.

  • Press the Activate Engraving Support button to start using their effects.

  • The effects of Engraving Support will also be shown in your Character Profile.

The Super Mokoko Express Event will last until July 17, the character cannot change once the event target character has received the Honing Buff.

Descend into Darkness

Brace yourself for the upcoming onslaught of the Darkness Legion and its leader—the most powerful Demon Commander—Thaemine.

Road to Thaemine has been renamed to Descend into Darkness as players prepare for the Darkness Legion Commander’s arrival in April. The rewards differ slightly from previous iterations of the event, and is built to help progress a single character quickly from 1580 to 1600, with additional support as players approach Thaemine at Item Level 1610. This special event includes:

  • A Gear Honing Support Effect applied when honing Akkan Ancient Gear from 1580 to 1600 that decreases the amount of Gold and materials needed to hone along with granting double Artisan’s Energy.

    • 2x Artisan’s Energy when honing Akkan Ancient Gear from 1580 to 1600.

    • Caches of rewards every 5 Item Levels from 1580 to 1610, with a particularly valuable reward at 1600. Rewards include silver, gold, honing materials, honing books, card packs, and many more valuable items, all the way up to Legendary Elixirs at the highest level!

    • 25% Honing Materials Discount.

    • 25% Gold Discount.

  • Special Missions to earn additional Raid & Abyssal Dungeon materials, including bonuses of:

    • Empyrean of Contemplation from the Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon

    • Eye of Decay from the Akkan Legion Raid

    • Additional Honing Material chests from completing Chaos Dungeons

The event it can be used on a single character, which cannot be changed or transferred, between Item Level 1580 to 1600, and will last until July 17.

Please note there are several known issues with the Descend into Darkness Event.

  • In some places, the Descend into Darkness Event is incorrectly named "Road of the Breaker".

  • The event incorrectly states that the benefits apply to 1560 from 1580. The actual levels are 1580 to 1600.

  • When designating a character for the Descend into Darkness event players will see messaging in-game that states that you can change your event character one time. This is incorrect, and you will be locked into the first character you choose for that event. You cannot change this character. Please also note that Customer Support will not be able to assist with any changes to a new character for the event.

Rather than delay the release, the incorrect name and text lines will be fixed in a future update. Thank you for your understanding.

Extra Endgame Content Clear Rewards

Extra Endgame Content Clear Rewards is a new event built around rewarding players for clearing current endgame content and helping players get ready for the upcoming raids arriving in April and beyond. The extra rewards will include Protection and Obliteration stones, Leapstones, and Honor Shards, corresponding to the Item Level of the activity. Extra rewards will be granted when clearing either the Normal or Hard modes of the following activities:

  • Brelshaza Legion Raid Gate 3

  • Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon Gate 3

  • Akkan Legion Raid Gate 3

  • Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon Gate 4

The extra rewards will be available to all characters on a player’s roster, no need to designate a character in this event. The Extra Endgame Content Clear Rewards event is currently planned to last until July 17.

Honing Event Mission

This event is designed to help players as they hone their Akkan Ancient Gear and work to progress toward higher Item Levels. Effective Target: Character Item level between 1580 - 1619. Please note that you cannot change the target character once an event target character is selected. When players hone upper ancient gear (Akkan Gear) on their designated character, they will be given honing support materials (metallurgy/mending books) and Gold for easier honing.

After the first weapon hone attempt, players will receive 2 Metallurgy Selection Chests. Players will then receive 2 Metallurgy Selection Chests and 2,500 Gold after their 4th, 8th, 12th, and 16th attempts.

After the first armor hone attempt, players will receive 10 Mending Selection Chests. Players will then receive 10 Mending Selection Chests and 2,500 Gold after their 20th, 40th, 60th, and 80th attempts.

Arkesia Grand Prix

The fan-favorite Naruni Racing event returns! In this mode, two teams of seven players (7v7) will compete against each other, racing around a course while transformed while preventing the other team from progressing. Earn event coins that can be exchanged for a variety of impactful rewards. Make sure to checkout the ‘Special’ tab in the store as well. An NPC named “Arkesia Grand Prix Manager” will arrive in every major city to help you enter the event, granting an “[Event][Daily] Go to the Arena!” quest for players to gain entry. Players must be level 50 to enter the event. The Grand Prix event will last until May 22.

Golden Frog Event Shop

The Golden Frog Event Shop will stay for an additional month, lasting until April 17. Golden Frog Event is a shop where players can exchange Gold for valuable rewards, such as honing materials, legendary engravings, card packs, and more! Some rewards will include a ‘Toad Token’ which can be redeemed for additional items. The Twinkle Twinkle Shop will be included in the Event Shop category.

General Event Updates

  • Daily Playtime Rewards will continue, but will refreshed the new event tokens. Otherwise, the rewards remain the same.

  • Added a new Daily Log-in Reward Track.

  • New Fever Time Events have been added.


Store Updates

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97 KB

Breaker Cosmetics

348 KB

Three cosmetic sets accompany the Breaker’s launch:

  • The Breaker Launch Skin

  • Breaker Unity & Providence Skins

  • Breaker Yoz Skin: Leap

    • As Breaker was released after Yoz’s Leap season was created, Breaker will have the same Legendary skin appearance as the Striker.

General Store Updates

  • A Voldis Powerpass will now be purchasable on the character selection screen.

  • The color of the 'BUY +' button changed.

Ark Pass - Immortal Phantasmic Beasts

The newest Ark Pass arrives and adds new ways for players to earn impactful rewards just by playing Lost Ark.

Players can complete missions to progress through 30 Ark Pass levels, and with each level reached, new rewards will be unlocked and earned. The regular Ark Pass is completely free and grants a variety of helpful rewards, such as Pheons, honing material selection chests, pirate coins, and even a Legendary Card Pack! Ark Pass progress is earned across your entire roster, and the rewards are roster bound.

While all players will have access to the free Ark Pass, those interested in more rewards and cosmetics can exchange Royal Crystals for two premium reward tracks (Premium & Super Premium) which each layer in additional rewards to the leveling track. The Premium Ark Pass adds rewards at all 30 levels earned alongside the free rewards. Examples include more honing material selection chests, battle items, rapport chests, and more! On top of the Regular & Premium rewards, the Super Premium Ark Pass weaves the Neon Techwear cosmetic collection, Phoenix Mount, Wallpaper: Memories of a Summer Day, and a Legendary Card Pack through the Ark Pass.

Find the cosmetics layered throughout the Ark Pass showcased below:


General & QOL

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  • Added 2 new male and 2 new female hairstyles.

  • Adventurer’s Tome:

    • Players are now able to see the previous stories after completing the 'Hidden Stories' of the Adventurer's Tome.

    • Players are now able to use the context menu on the Adventurer's Tome UI regarding each collectible.

  • A message now appears notifying a player why they can't enter a secret dungeon when trying to use a Secret Map in certain conditions.

  • Skill effect visibility option added.

  • Wandering Merchants:

    • Boosted the chance of legendary cards appearing in each continent.

    • Legendary card 'Kharmine' added to the inventory of Rethramis Wandering Merchant NPC 'Ben'.

    • Legendary Card 'Azena & Inanna' added to the inventory of Rohendel Wandering Merchant 'Aricer'.

    • A 'Collected' label is displayed for cards that have been already collected when placing cursor over the world map's Wandering Merchant icon.

  • Added an Auto-Save option when obtaining or purchasing a card.

  • Direction guide now appears faster when the Head attack/Back attack guide option is activated.

  • When disabling 'Show Tool Specific Info' in settings, certain categories for set effects are shortened or removed.

  • When mousing over settings to display tooltips, the slider shows where the tooltip is shown.

  • Updated to not show the Amount Stacked in the Market listed items.

  • Rapport UI

    • Design improved to better show each NPC's rapport achievement level

      • Added info for each NPC, improved specifics

      • Added info for each reward

    • Rapport NPC for 'Sailing' category separated into Gienah's Sea / Procyon's Sea

  • Roster XP added as rewards for reaching certain NPC's rapport level

  • Chat icon glows when a new chat is shown after joining a party in Party Finder and have minimized the party UI.

  • Players can now press RMB+Q/E in Selfie mode to rotate the camera clockwise/counterclockwise.

  • Reward added for 1400 Mokoko Seeds collected.

  • 20/30/34/38/52 Masterpiece collection reward changed from Gold to Silver.

  • Added a guide for moving from Elgacia to the surface.

    • Added an instruction to move to the surface to the holy beast 'Albion' icon on the Ereonnor minimap.

    • When a character arrives on Ereonnor for the first time after using an Elgacia Pass, a guide pop-up to help move to the surface is provided once.

  • When playing with a game pad, basic attack key can now use the class's Point Control type skills.

  • Pet features can be used in LaiLai Island.

  • Adjusted the sound when a Fate Ember drops to release at the right time.

UI Updates

  • If the quest needed for Story Express designation 'On the Border' is already complete (making it impossible to select the character for Story Express) Story Express Mission UI will not be shown after moving to 'Loghill' in Rethramis.

  • Event mission UI will no longer appear when logging in if a character has not started the event mission.

  • When activating the 'Applied the same during the next honing' feature and exhausting all the extra materials, the same feature will be in effect during the honing session.

  • When checking on the character info screen in Rowen, changed the location of the 'Preview Transformation' button so it does not overlap with the 'Raging Earth' title.

  • Improved the UI icon shown when there's no data for monster collection on the Adventurer's Tome.

  • Improved visibility for some UI info areas.


663 KB
  • Attraction Improvements

    • Able to start attractions poll with keyboard.

    • Improved to fold quest info screen automatically when attractions activity starts.

    • Changed the default structure in Racing attractions area.

    • When activity is in progress in the Racing Attractions area, if all participating players reach the goal before the 10-second count (after first place has been decided) expires, count immediately ends.

    • 2 Options added in the Survival Attractions settings: 'Allow View Far', 'Allow Look Around'.

    • Announcement added regarding deaths during survival activities.

    • Able to check other player's HP after death during survival activity.

    • Able to use Stronghold Attractions Operations feature in Free Area.

    • Kill info now appears when a player kills another player in a free area that allows PvP.

  • Other Stronghold Improvements

    • Can remove game notes in the following instances by clicking on them directly:

      • When player's Action Energy is depleted or is not enough to perform an activity.

      • When a Trade Merchant has left the stronghold.

    • When creating a 'Great Success' feast in the Chef's Kitchen, feast's name and buff info is announced based on 'Great Success' values.

    • When placing structure 'Elegant Velvet Curtain Dividers', can place other structures on each side of the Curtain.

    • Able to preview Monster Structures when looking them up in the Codex.

    • If a player acquires and uses an NPC outfit item outside of Stronghold, system message announcing the item acquirement no longer appears when entering Stronghold.

  • Changed the form of Arcanist weapon skin on the weapon rack.

  • Changed the bamboo shadows to look a bit lighter in color when applying the Stronghold Mood 'Spring Night Market'.

  • Exit button added to the top side of Stronghold UI and Stronghold menu.

  • Adjusted Attraction's 'Exit' button to be located at the same place as the Stronghold 'Exit' button.

  • Can warp to 'Memory Chamber' from Stronghold.

  • Breaker skins can be displayed on mannequins.

  • Can display Breaker weapon skins on Weapon display rack.

Siege Updates

  • Three New Raid Matches have been added:

    • Thunderwings added (S Rank: 1610)

    • Ancheladus (S Rank: 1500)

    • Moake (S Rank: 1580)

  • Improved Siege PvP progression methods

    • Medeia

      • A special mineral appears 5 minutes before the match ends, in two random places

        • Special Minerals have higher point value than the original A/B/C minerals.

        • The original minerals are upgraded 5 minutes before the match ends, and Special Minerals are upgraded 2 minutes before the match ends to provide higher points.

      • Attack Increase buffs removed.

      • Improved 'Elysium' buff:

        • Buff now appears in two random places.

        • Buff time is longer, and when the buff is acquired the whole team gets a new buff.

      • Adjusted the location for healing buffs.

    • Slime Island

      • Boss A/B/C will now appear at random locations.

      • Split Slime Queen no longer appears after killing Queen Slime.

      • When Queen Slime is killed, Blue/Red Queen Slime is summoned according to the team that killed the Slime.

        • Blue team defeating the Queen Slime: Blue Queen summoned

          • Only Red team can kill the Blue Queen.

          • When the Blue Queen is killed, Red Queen is summoned once.

        • Red team defeating the Queen Slime: Red Queen summoned

          • Only Blue team can kill the Red Queen

          • When the Red Queen is killed, Blue Queen is summoned once.

    • Death's Hold Island

      • A Covetous Curse Sword' summoned 5 min. before the match ends

        • 1st appearance: 5 min. before the end of the match

        • When first interaction is successful, 2nd sword gets summoned 100 sec. after

        • When second interaction is successful, 3rd sword is summoned 100 sec. after

    • Lush Reed Island

      • Changed points for 2nd, 3rd treasure contribution

        • 2nd: 200 > 350

        • 3rd: 200 > 500 (victory)

  • Guild Flag UI improved when interacting with conquered area's guild flag.

Combat, Raid, and Enemy Updates

  • Changed the motions of Glaivier, Deadeye, and Gunslinger so stance-swapping in combat looks more natural.

  • If a party or Raid member uses a battle item in key contents, the usage message is announced regardless of the distance between players.

  • Improved to show Hotkey guide on Specialty & Engraving tooltip when changing Specialty Hotkey.

  • Improved to allow point control settings for battle items and quest items with basic attack key when playing with a controller.

  • Added movement length on tooltip for Slayer's Burst-mode dash skill (Wild Dash).

  • Changed the Skill tree tooltip icon for Deathblade's 'Earth Cleaver' - 'Leap Attack' to match the skill tab icon.

  • Players are now able to observe characters in a topological space with observer mode.

  • Players are now able to use the 'Exit' feature after clearing the final gates in Abyssal / Challenge Abyssal Dungeons, Abyssal Raids, and Legion Raids.

  • Players are now able to check the status of content resetting every two weeks in the 'Task Tracker' UI and Party Finder before entering certain activities.

  • Damage number is now shown when hitting Lauriel's alter egos in the pattern where players must get 'Light's Protection' buff using the statues in Kayangel's 'Eternal Cradle of Light'.

  • Giant Worm appearing in Chaos Dungeons no longer applies Darkness debuff.

  • Guardian Hanumatan's fist uppercut pattern has a smaller hit area now.

  • The hit-zone warning color of Giant Worm's slime-spitting pattern has changed.

  • The hit-zone warning color of the monster 'Slaughterer''s knife-wielding pattern that applies 'Stun' debuff has been changed.

  • Kakul-Saydon Normal & Rehearsal Gate 3 nerfed

    • Normal/Rehearsal Mode

      • Players touching the cogwheel no longer die, instead inflicted with massive damage.

      • Lowered the Stagger points required to clear the 'Offer the Sacrifice' pattern.

      • Lowered the damage for 'Circus Balls' and 'Missiles' appearing in the sidescrolling minigame pattern.

      • If a player fails to remove the 'Doll's Curse' placed upon another player in the sidescrolling minigame pattern, the player with the curse gets a debuff instead of dying instantly.

      • Brand debuff obtained upon entering the sidescrolling minigame pattern removed when using Sidereal skill 'Inanna'.

    • Normal Mode

      • Puzzling Curse pattern removed.

      • Stagger amplification effect buffed when pulling on the lever in the fourth 'Offer the Sacrifice' pattern.

  • Can check the Field Boss appearance time in lower level areas.

  • Changed the appearance time for the following Field Bosses to Every Hour / Every 30 minutes

    • Rethramis 'Rudric'

    • Yudia 'Salt Giant'

    • West Luterra ' Rovlen'

    • East Luterra 'Wili-Wili'

    • Tortoyk 'Caspiel'

    • Anikka 'Chuo'

    • Arthetine 'Velkan'

    • North Vern 'Casrick'

    • Shushire 'Maneth'

Quests & Music Box of Memories

  • The phrase '(in progress)' will be displayed if a current ongoing quest is a roster quest in the quest journal, among the 'Start Requirements' items guided when searching for quests.

  • Improved the instant quest journal search results when the players click on the Music Box of Memories in the Collectibles UI.

  • Changed some of the objectives of the Music Box of Memories quest 'Toward the Crest'.

  • Certain background NPCs appearing after Music Box #11 now disappear after completing certain quests.

  • Added an announcement regarding an NPC that cannot be met in 'Neria's Tavern' in 'Wavestrand Port' while progressing through Music Box quest 'Untie the anchoring rope'.

  • Changed Feiton quest 'Different Appearance, Same Faith' to roster quest.

  • Follow-up changes regarding quest type change for 'Different Appearance, Same Faith'.

    • If multiple characters in a roster have completed the quest:

      • Among the characters who completed the quest, the character with the last access record was applied with the quest completed.

    • If multiple characters are in progress of the quest:

      • Preserved the quest progress of the character that performed the most steps and removed the performance history of the other characters.

      • If multiple characters has recorded the most steps, the quest progress of the character with the last access record is preserved, and the performance history of the other characters is removed.

      • If a character has already completed the quest, other characters' progress is deleted.


  • Added the source of acquisition for certain item tooltips acquired through rapport quests.

  • Changed the interaction icon image on 'Collecting Crimson Flowers' step in the Awakening quest 'One with Nature', to look more related to the objective.

  • Changed the phrase regarding 'Chaos Shards' in the Trixion 'Special Training' UI, as the item is not used anymore.

  • Changed the following 5 item types to Junk from Normal items, appearing in NPC Azakiel's Rapport quest 'Visitor from the Sky'

    • White Cape

    • Old Glasses

    • Soundpod (Right)

    • Lip Balm

    • Bundle of Letters

  • Improved drag easiness within the Battle Item Inventory.

  • Shortened the cooldown for registering Mount items from 5s to 1s.

  • When exchanging Leapstone items, can designate the number up to 9,999.

  • Changed the tier of the following chests to match the contents of the chests (Rare)

    • Initial Sentiment Head/Chest/Pants Chest

  • Changed the type of the following skin chest from character bound to Roster bound:

    • Initial Sentiment Head/Chest/Pants Chest

    • Lofty Sentiment Head/Chest/Pants Chest

  • Certain items are now available for use during sailing.

  • Improved Rapport UI when clicking on item's collection point that shows 'Rapport' in Codex.

  • Changed the standard for currencies' changing form so that silver and gold would change form more frequently according to the amount of the currency dropped.

  • Added the points needed in the Structure items' tooltip.

  • When crafting an item, if the number of items crafting is changed, the amount of ingredients needed changes accordingly.

  • If a player already has emotes from a certain emote pack, the player is no longer able to purchase an additional set.

  • Added the option for auto-dismantle 'Upon drops and clearing content'.

  • Removed the expiration date for Adventurer's Tome item 'Wriggling Tentacle'.

  • Cannot designate an amount of 999 or above when buying a product in the Exchange Shop UI.

Island Updates

  • Entering method improved for Adventure & Dynamic Islands

    • Previous Entrance Method: Instantly entered with players in the same server.

    • New Entrance Method: Enters through matching with players in all servers within the region.

  • As the entrance method has been changed for Adventure & Dynamic Islands, the minimum number needed to start Matching/Co-op quest has been adjusted.

    • Tranquil Island - Minimum 7 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Snowpang Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Medeia - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Harmony Island - Minimum 3 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Phantomwing Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Volare Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Opportunity Isle - Minimum 3 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Drumbeat Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Monte Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Forpe - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Oblivion Isle - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Lush Reed Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Lagoon Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Asura Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Cruel Toy Castle - Minimum 4 Participants - 2m waiting time

    • Lailai Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 1m waiting time

    • Illusion Isle - Minimum 4 Participants - 3m waiting time

    • Tooki Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 3m waiting time

    • Spida Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 3m waiting time

    • Shangra - Minimum 4 Participants - 3m waiting time

    • Alakkir - Minimum 4 Participants - 3m waiting time

    • Death’s Hold Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 3m waiting time

    • Unknown Island - Minimum 4 Participants - 3m waiting time

  • Quest Monster's HP and quest objective will be adjusted to match the number of participants in Adventure & Dynamic islands.

  • Characters on Adventure & Dynamic Islands can start quests even if they are not located on the co-op quest starting point.

  • Players cannot participate mid-quest in Adventure & Dynamic islands' co-op quest.

  • As quest waiting time is shortened for co-op quests in Adventure & Dynamic islands, following changes applied to certain islands:

    • Entrance point changed for the following islands

      • Phantomwing Island

      • Tranquil Isle

      • Oblivion Isle

    • When co-op quest starts in the following islands, players are now automatically transported to the starting points:

      • Lagoon Island - Raid: Lagoon's Shadow

      • Oblivion Isle - The Deathly Island

    • Upon starting Forpe co-op quest 'Much Ado About Chickens', players are automatically turned into chickens (first-time only).

  • The following islands' co-op quest progress is now easier:

    • Tranquil Isle 'A Blooming Heart'

      • Lowered the number of monsters appearing in co-op quests

      • Times for monsters not appearing during the waves changed from 15s to 30s.

      • The following named monsters' HP will be adjusted according to the number of participants in Tranquil Isle's co-op quest 'A Blooming Heart'

        • Spirit Knight

        • Cursed Elite Knight

        • Cursed Captain

    • Drumbeat Island 'The Thing from the Sky!'

      • Lowered the amount of hits needed for the rice cake dough

    • Spida Island 'Crack It Wide Open'

      • Lowered the amount of hits needed to mine the Egg.

      • As the number of minimum participants for matching/co-op quest is lowered, 'mining bomb's damage is lowered.

    • Shangra Island 'Save the Stone Monkey'

      • Lowered the number of hits needed to break the stone.

  • Changed the location of normal quest's objective to a place closer to co-op quest area in Tranquil Isle.

  • Added an additional objective to the Lailai Island's normal quest 'Senzigo Festival' so that destroying the Pinata in the training area will complete the quest.

  • Lowered the amount of baskets needed for Gesbroy's Una's Task 'The Beer Snack to End All Beer Snacks' from 15 to 10.

  • Shortened the waiting time for the following three co-op quests at Gesbroy to 1m, and adjusted the progress time to:

    • [Co-op] The Secret of the Sweet Beer 3m > 2m

    • [Co-op] The Secret of the Clean Beer 3m > 2m

    • [Co-op]The Secret of the Savory Beer 15m > 10m

  • Lowered the amount of hits the Wheat dough needed to complete the Gesbroy co-op quest '[Co-op] The Secret of the Savory Beer'.

  • Separated the objectives of the co-op quest at Tooki island, and added a new quest to improve progress.

    • Previous: Tooki Tooki Treasures > Invincible Tooki King

    • After: Tooki Tooki Treasures > (New) Tooki Tooki Chest > (New) 101 Tookies > Invincible Tooki King

      • The objective number and order for the co-op quests are the same as before.

      • The rewards for the co-op quests have been adjusted as the improvements to 'Tooki Island' were made.

  • Lowered the number of hits needed for all Tooki monsters on the island.

  • Changed the notification time for Shangra's co-op quest 'The Song of Prancing Deer and Clouds' to 3 min. before the quest starts.

  • Chest item appears more quickly while progressing co-op quest for Lush Reed Island 'The Reed Field'.

Honing, Gear, and Skill Improvements

  • Improved to fill the max. exp with the current materials without designating a separate amount of shards in the 'Gear Upgrade' UI.

  • Honing effect animation ends immediately by clicking on the screen.

  • Moved the 'Confirm' button slightly toward the bottom when the honing animation is starting.

  • Added a new feature to reuse the same honing support materials automatically on the next try.

  • Added a button to directly use Market and Express Mail in the honing screen.

  • To make it easier to distinguish which skill cannot be upgraded, added the phrase 'Cannot Upgrade' to Skill Tree's upgrade UI.

  • Added a feature to not show the 'Binding Guide' screen appearing when granting or changing bonus on bracelets.

  • If a skill tree effect able for transfer is the only one, the effect is automatically selected.

  • If a gear level able for upgrade is the only one available, the level is selected automatically.

Progression Boost

  • Expanded the Arcturus' Touch boundaries

    • Plague Legion Commander Akkan Raid NM/HM Gates 1~3

    • Abyssal Dungeon Kayangel 'Eternal Cradle of Light' NM Gates 2, 3

    • Abyssal Dungeon Kayangel 'Eternal Cradle of Light' HM Gates 1~3

  • New/Returning Adventurer Benefits

    • Benefits will now be applied to the highest item level character in Roster up to Item Level 1540.

    • Only 'Starting Novice Adventurer' buff will be applied in the said level period.

  • Expanded the boundaries of Procyon's Protection

    • Legion Raid

      • Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza)' HM Gates 3, 4 (Expanded).

      • Plague Legion Commander Akkan' NM Gates 1~3 (Added).

    • Abyssal Dungeon

      • Kayangel 'Eternal Cradle of Light' HM Gates 1~3 (Added).

  • Progression Material Improvement

    • Ability Stone upgrade material 'Light Spear' no longer obtainable from Abyssal Dungeon Kayangel 'Eternal Cradle of Light' HM.

Quests, Una’s, and Achievements

  • New Trade quest 'For Once in My Life' added

  • When performing weekly Una's or Guild quests, changed the 'View Location' button to 'Shortcut' button for some contents

  • When using the search feature in Quest journal or Una's UI, clicking the auto-correct category will lead to immediate searching

  • Reduced the prerequisite quests for Elgacia prelude quest 'The Gate of Paradise Opens' to just 'An Invasion of Chaos'.

  • "Changed the objective for Giant's Heart collection quest '15th Giant's Heart'

    • Previous: Clear Abyssal Dungeon Gate of Paradise 'Alaric's Sanctuary'

    • After: Progress through certain steps after visiting Elgacia's Ereonnor

  • If jump-starting by using North Vern or higher Pass without completing Stronghold related quests, Stronghold guide quest is now automatically accepted.

  • When jump-starting by using Elgacia or higher Pass, Legion Raid and Abyssal Raid guide quests are automatically cleared.

  • When jump-starting by using Elgacia or higher Pass, added a guide quest to show how to go to and from Elgacia to the ground.

    • [Guide] A Way to the Surface

  • When progressing through quest '[Guide] The Road to Faceting', a notification was added in the quest journal.

  • Changed the 'Training Area' honing guide quest to progress naturally as the 'repeated honing QOL improvement' has been applied.

  • Changed deprecated items to 'Eternity Essence' for Feiton World Quest 'Ashen Fate' completion rewards.

  • Changed the two following specifics for Pleccia achievement 'Artist Named Mother' to be able to be completed even after completing Pleccia World Quest.

    • Examine Claudia's icon, Love

    • Examine Claudia's self portrait, Purity

  • Changed the five Adventure Quests for Abyssal Dungeon 'Gate of Paradise' to Roster Quests:

    • In Search of the Gate of Paradise

    • Deep Sea Investigation Preparations

    • Song of the Deep Sea

    • Forgotten Kingdom of Abyss

    • Guardian of Paradise

  • Feiton World Quest 'Will' added to the following three quests' prerequisites:

    • Letters in the Jar

    • Den of Buried Sins

    • Ashen Fate

  • Improved the guide tooltip for the quest step 'Drink Shoddy Booze' in the Music Box quest 'As you Follow the Tracks'

  • Added announcements to show which quests can't be progressed at the same time with Elgacia Prelude 'The Gate of Paradise Opens', which cannot be progressed simultaneously with the following quests:

    • One Night, Two Stories

    • Of Knights and Books

    • The World's Library

    • The Discovery

    • Tabula Rasa

  • Added additional guide tooltips to help players understand the following quest start conditions:

    • Butterfly's Regards

    • Anxious Feelings

    • Fading Expectation

  • Able to receive quest start item if the player has not completed the quest 'Complete and Broken World'.

    • To prevent players from not being able to progress through the quest '15th Giant's Heart' due to item level limitations, changed the item level limit on the quest start item 'Reinvigorated Giant's Heart' to 1460 and above.

  • Moved the blueprint and the quest locations for the Voldis World Quest 'Create a Homunculus: Design' , specifically for the 'Continue Working on the Homunculus Blueprint' step.

  • Changed certain impossible-to-clear achievements related to the gate deletion update to clearable achievements in Memory Tome > Arkesia of Memory > Legion Raids category.

    • ‘Being good-looking is the best!’ Changed to ‘Succubus Charmer’

    • ‘You're There and I'm Here?' Changed to 'Wings Dyed in a Dream'

    • ‘Against the Encroaching Nightmare’ Changed to ‘At the Edge of Dream and Reality’

    • ‘Against the Encroaching Nightmare’ Changed to ‘At the Edge of Dream and Reality’


Balance Updates

203 KB
99 KB


291 KB
  • Identity:

    • PvE damage of Deathblade Surge reduced by 2.3%

  • Engravings

    • Effects of Surge have been updated.

    • Before:

      • Activates the top level of Deathblade Surge, which unleashes the same powerful Attack regardless of the number of Death Orbs available. When skills other than basic attacks hit while in Death Trance state, Surge Enhancement effects will stack in proportion to the number of hits. This effect increases damage dealt through Deathblade Surge by up to 45/60/85%. Damage doubles at the max stack of 60 stacks. When Death Trance ends, gain up to 100% Death Orb Meter according to the number of Surge Enhancement stacks.

    • After:

      • Activates the top level of Deathblade Surge, which unleashes the same powerful Attack regardless of the number of Death Orbs available. When skills other than basic attacks hit while in Death Trance state, Surge Enhancement effects will stack in proportion to the number of hits. This effect increases damage dealt through Deathblade Surge by up to 40/55/80%. Damage doubles at the max stack of 60 stacks. When Death Trance ends, gain up to 100% Death Orb Meter according to the number of Surge Enhancement stacks.

Break Through to Thaemine

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70 KB