Spells in Spades

A spellbinding class, a Legion raid that some say is unbeatable, and a pool party!
July 2022
Four cards hover above the Arcanist's open palm.  A dark storm rages behind her.
Wrath of The Covetous Legion June 2022: Wrath of The Covetous Legion

Defend yourself against the Covetous Legion Commander in the most difficult Legion Raid to date. The Frost Predator awaits you in a new Guardian Raid. If that’s not enough, there are 50 levels of a twisted dimension dungeon swarming with demons.

Destined For Destruction May 2022: Destined For Destruction

Two new enemies invade as The Destroyer arrives. But it’s not all demolition and destruction in this May update, there’s a time-limited skin shop to make sure you look your best as your odyssey continues.

The Throne of Chaos April 2022: The Throne of Chaos

A new class arrives as demon legions unite on a new continent. You’ll need all your allies to face them and defend Arkesia from the Throne of Chaos.

The Guardian Slayer March 2022: The Guardian Slayer

An old enemy brings a new challenge in the Argos Abyss Raid. Your journey continues in the Episode: Kadan, which brings you to secluded islands where you meet one of the seven as you hunt for The Guardian Slayer.