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Specialty packs

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Acceleration Pack

Pheons x60
1000 Crystal Bundle
Ancient Platinum Coin x120
Acceleration Honing Material Chest
5 items

Starter packs

Essential Starter Pack items including a silver chest, silver coins, blue crystals, and a white feather.
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800 Crystal Bundle
Crystalline Aura (30 days)
Additional Items
2 items
Premium Starter Pack including a green chest, a black chest, piles of jewels, cards, and an ornate silver chest with a gilded lion.
64 KB


1000 Crystal Bundle
Crystalline Aura (60 days)
Premium Starter Item Chest
8 items
Premium Starter Honing Material Chest
8 items
Ultimate Starter Pack items including a winged lion, a purple and gold chest with coins and jewels piled beside it, and a man and woman wearing formal wear.
79 KB


2000 Crystal Bundle
Crystalline Aura (90 days)
Ultimate Starter Item Chest
9 items
Ultimate Starter Honing Material Chest
8 items
Additional Items
4 items
612 KB
178 KB


Where can I see the odds for in-game store products containing random items?

View the odds for random items included in this pack. This link can also be accessed from the in-game store.

Are Starter Packs refundable?

Starter Packs purchased on Amazon are non-refundable. Please review the Amazon Games Refund Policy for more information.

Starter Packs purchased on Steam are subject to the Steam Refunds policy.

If I experience any issues purchasing or receiving a Starter Pack, where do I go for help?

If you experience any issues with purchasing, receiving, or using portions of the Starter Pack, please navigate to our support page.

How do I upgrade my Starter Pack?

Starter Packs cannot be upgraded. You can purchase one of each Starter Pack type.