Lost Ark Armory Extension

Showcase Lost Ark character stats on your Twitch stream

Give your viewers insight into your Lost Ark key stats, including your player's class, gear, PvP rank, combat level, and skills!

You will need to install and configure to use this extension - details below. Once it has been configured, the Lost Ark Armory Extension will automatically update your stats as you play.

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What regions does the Armory Extension support?

The Lost Ark Armory extension supports accounts in these regions available in the Western version of Lost Ark:

  • North America West

  • North America East

  • Europe Central

  • Europe West

  • South America

What languages does the Armory Extension support?

The Lost Ark Armory extension supports English, Spanish, French, and German.

How do I set up the Lost Ark Armory Extension?

1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard from your profile

2. Click on Extensions in the left pane, and then search Lost Ark Armory

3. Press Install from the main search results page

4. Press Configure, select your stream language, and select the region your character is in

5. Click Link Accounts. You will be redirected to the Armory extension page, where you can follow the instructions to link your accounts

Note: The extension will only show stats for the character you are currently playing. For example, if you have two characters on your account, the Armory extension will only update with data based on the online character. If you have characters in multiple regions, you will need to update the configuration to the region of the character you want to display in the extension.

6. Activate the extension and set as Overlay

Why is my character not showing up?

Follow these steps to confirm your configuration:

  1. Confirm the Armory extension is installed on your account

  2. Confirm you have successfully linked your Steam account to your Twitch account

  3. Confirm you have selected the correct region that your character is in

  4. Confirm you activated the Armory extension and set as Overlay

  5. Confirm you are streaming the Lost Ark game in Twitch

  6. Confirm you are online