A Saga of Light



The Dawning Age

The god Regulus brings order and light to balance the darkness of chaos and creates worlds to embody each: Arkesia and Petrania. The order of the light is powered by the Ark, split seven ways for seven gods and spread across Arkesia. When the two worlds nearly destroy each other the Guardians are created to restore peace.

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Rule of Darkness

While Arkesia prospers with the power of the Ark, Petrania embraces chaos until Kazeros, Lord of the Abyss, emerges to establish a dark order. He creates the Red Moon to imitate the sun, kills off most of the other demons, and forms an army of demon legions. The prophecy of another rift is nigh.

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Eon of War

In the absence of gods, the Sacrian Order seeks the collective power of all seven pieces of the Ark. This triggers a world war that awakens the Guardians. The Guardians restore peace and punish the Order and their allies, but not before a dimensional rift opens up. Kazeros invades Arkesia through the rift and establishes a reign of chaos. Finally, the Ark is used to close the rift and imprison Kazeros beneath a volcano. The seven pieces of the Ark are spread across the seven continents again as peace returns to a battered world.

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Epoch of Exploration

In the wake of Kazeros' catastrophic invasion, the world rebuilds with new factions and nations, led by the glorious war hero Luterra. The split Ark leaves behind a scarce and powerful mineral: Arkesium, quickly hoarded and used for weaponry. But, mostly, peace reigns for nearly 500 years.

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Age of Innovation

The current peace in Arkesia is threatened by the ancient and long-forgotten evil of chaos. The volcano imprisoning the most dangerous enemy this world has ever known, Kazeros, is about to erupt. Begin your adventure in a world on the brink of war...

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