Lost Ark x Adobe Collaboration Stream

August 17, 2022

Heroes of Arkesia,

From auto-looting items to providing stat bonuses and storage, every hero needs a trusty pet by their side on their journeys through Arkesia. Pets will be more important than ever when the Pet Ranch releases next week in the August Update! What if you had a chance to help make one?

On August 18, you can! In partnership with Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Gen Create, and DatModz, Lost Ark fans will be invited to collaborate live on Twitch to create a unique future Twitch Drop.

Starting at 12PM PT (7PM UTC) on August 18, on DatModz’ Twitch channel, Amazon Games Creative Marketing Lead Gabe Abarcar and Community Manager Roxanne Sabo will sit down with DatModz and reimagine a fan-favorite pet with the help of Twitch Chat, all powered by Adobe Creative Cloud tools. Throughout the stream (with the guidance of DatModz, Gabe, and Roxanne) the Twitch community will provide input and creative direction in a true collaboration until a final design is selected. During the livestream we'll also share how Amazon Games uses Adobe Creative Cloud in their creative processes behind the scenes, and chat about Lost Ark!

This week’s creative stream is just the beginning— after collaborating on reimagining the pet, we’ll work with Smilegate RPG to build the design in-game and add it to a future update. The partnership with Twitch, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Gen Create, and DatModz will continue when the pet is ready. We’ll play Lost Ark, discuss the new unique in-game companion, and enable it as a Twitch Drop for Lost Ark viewers to earn.

Make sure to tune in on August 18 to DatModz’ Twitch Channel to help with the collaboration stream! Until then, we’ll see you in Arkesia.