October 25 Release Notes

October 24, 2023
Release Notes

Heroes of Arkesia,

The Chaos Gate revamp arrives during the weekly maintenance on October 25. Downtime will begin on October 25 at 2AM PDT (9AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours.

Chaos Gate Revamp

The new Chaos Gate is a combination of Chaos Gates, Ghost Ships, and Treasure Map content. Chaos Gates will now consist of countless demons in consecutive waves, and 3 bosses. Defeating each boss will grant players with combat buffs that increases attack speed and decreases cooldowns. There’s also a chance that a special hidden boss will appear after defeating the last boss! No player stat adjustments will be applied, and the difficulty will depend on Item Level and the number of participants. Like the original Chaos Gates, one of the Demon Legions will appear:

  • Darkness Legion: During the boss battle, orbs that grant darkness debuffs will appear regularly.

  • Phantom Legion: During the boss battle, orbs that debuff player damage will appear regularly.

  • Plague Legion: During the boss battle, insects that debuff players' movement speed will appear regularly.

  • Mayhem Legion: During the boss battle, Grotesque Doll that gives a flame debuff will appear.

Entrance & Matchmaking

  • Players can enter from each continent by interacting with the gate. Interacting with gate will make the entry UI pop-up on the player’s screen.

  • Matchmaking is by region, and the required number of players is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 16.

  • Players can also enter Chaos Gates when already in a party.

  • Content resets at 10AM, just like other content that resets.


  • Honor Shards, Honing Support Materials, Legendary Engraving Recipe, Cards (XP cards, random card packs), Gems, Gold/Silver

  • There’s a small chance that the Hidden Boss will appear randomly with special rewards.

Chaos Gate General Updates

  • Some Mokoko Challenge Missions regarding Ghost Ships and legacy Chaos Gates were replaced.

  • Some Achievements have been categorized as 'Unavailable'.

  • Some Achievements' conditions have been changed.

  • Chaos Gate alarm set in the Calendar/Timer will be reset.

  • Information about the continent where Chaos Gate appear will be added to the Calendar/Timer .

  • Content List and Content Guide UI information regarding Chaos Gate, including content guide and main rewards, has been updated accordingly.

  • Exclusive passive skills 'Fighter' in Eibern's Wound crew 'Berald', 'Janes will be removed

  • 'Berald' in Eibern's Wound will now have a new skill

    • The new skill will be from level 1-3 skills based on the crew grade.

    • The new skill effect: Ship speed will increase in Sea of the Dead & Fast Sailing Meter will increase based on sailing length accumulated (the effect does not stack).

  • Codex will no longer list where Ghost Ship and Secret Map items can be obtained.

  • Ghost Ship related Guild/Co-Op Quests will be removed.

  • Ghost Shop related Una's Quest will be modified from clearing Ghost Ships to 'Go to Dead Waters'.

  • Ghost Ship related quest summary will be modified.

  • Partial quests conducted in Yudia will be modified.

    • Achera the Leader of the Whitesand Bandits will not drop the 'Paper Dropped by Achera' item anymore.

    • Zarka's lines will be altered accordingly.