Community Emote Design Competition

April 8, 2024

Heroes of Arkesia,

Nearly a year ago the first community emote design competition accompanied Maykoko fest, and we’re excited to announce that a new competition will be returning, starting today! This year, the theme will be ‘Lost Ark Characters’ to allow players a wide variety of creative freedom. Emotes should be based around fan-favorite Lost Ark NPCs (including Sidereals, Legion Commanders, rapport characters, Mokokos, or other notable characters from Arkesia). If you're looking for inspiration, you can think about these characters emotions when seeing or facing Thaemine.

In Korea, player-centric emotes were added to the game when the first group proved victorious over Thaemine. While we have plenty planned to celebrate the first groups to clear in the West (learn more in the Thaemine The First Details Article), we wanted to open up the emote section after the wildly successful competition last year that resulted in many of the most popular emotes being added to the game.

Competition Details

Submission collection for the emote contest will run from April 8 to April 29. After the submission deadline ends on April 29, our teams at Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG will spend a few days selecting 10 finalists. Once the finalists are selected, the 10 emotes will be added to Discord, and the Lost Ark community can vote on their favorites by using reactions in Discord from May 3 - 10. At the end of the week, the top 5 will be selected as winners and added into the game for all players to use! Adding the final emotes to the game will take several months, and a final date will be announced after the competition.

The prizes? The five winners will have their emotes uploaded into Lost Ark for the community to use! Additionally, all ten finalists will receive the ‘Masterpiece Creator’ Title in game, and the 10 finalist emotes will be available for players to use in the Official Lost Ark Discord.

You can enter your submissions to the emote contest through the official Lost Ark Discord by creating a post in the 2024 Emote Contest section of Discord (#2024-emote-contest-entries) with the image of your artwork attached. The submission requirements include:

  • Submissions must be centered around an NPC in Lost Ark (including Sidereals, Legion Commanders, rapport characters, Mokokos, or other notable characters from Arkesia). Player characters do not count.

  • A JPG or PNG under 25mb

  • Ideal emote size is 500x500 at 300 DPI.

  • Submission emotes need to be static images with transparent backgrounds unless there are intentional design decisions requiring a background color.

  • Submissions must include character name and server name of the player submitting.

When preparing the winning emotes to be put in-game, some details may be removed or adjusted to better fit the game. Find the full contest rules here.

If you’re unable to find the 2024 Emote Contest section of Discord, you can add the relevant channels to your list of viewable channels on the left side of your screen by navigating to “Channels & Roles” in the top left of the Discord UI, then navigating to “Browse Channels” and selecting the channels you would like to see.

We’re excited to see what the community submits! Don’t forget to enter your emote submissions before the April 29 deadline, and check back on May 3 to vote on your favorite finalists.