Jump-Start Server Update

September 8, 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

We’re excited to announce that Jump-Start servers, a system we hope will provide a fresh beginning for new or returning players who are interested in giving Lost Ark another try, will release on September 13 in our September update.

We’re excited to welcome new and returning players to the shores of Arkesia and help them experience the many unique raids, dungeons, and character systems that make Lost Ark special. We recognize that the game encountered many challenges at launch, with a steep progression curve, bots, and stability issues. We’ve made serious strides in addressing these and feel confident that we’re in a good place to bring players back.

Players on Jump-Start servers will receive materials that provide faster vertical and horizontal progression, including honing materials, card packs, and more! Find details on some of the ways we plan to help players level up in the Events & Rewards section. Players will get a South Vern pass to “Jump-Start” a character immediately to Item Level 1415. There will be a server available in each region:

  • West - North America - Lauriel

  • East - North America - Azakiel

  • Europe Central - Kayangel

  • South America - Elgacia

Jump-Start servers will be isolated from other servers, with independent PvE matchmaking, Party Finder, Marketplace, and Auction House (PvP matchmaking and rank will be shared with the rest of the region). This allows restarting players to have an independent experience that’s unaffected by existing servers/regions. We will be closely monitoring the progression and populations of Jump-Start servers, and plan on reconnecting Jump-Start Servers with their respective regions within the next six months.

Special Events & Rewards

Jump-Start Servers will include a medley of special events to help players progress quickly and jump into the endgame. In addition to all the specific events listed below, Jump-Start Servers will also have unique Hot-time and Log-in events!

South Vern Powerpass, Story Express, & Jump-Start Mokoko Express Event

A Story Express event is available for Jump-Start players to quickly experience Lost Ark’s story on their main or on an alternate character. Story missions will take the player from Item Level 1 to 1415. Select a Story Express Character through the ‘Event Quest’ window and clear story missions for valuable progression materials. The event will last until December 13, 2023. Any character that has not yet completed the ‘On the Border’ quest from Rethramis can become a designated Story Express character.

An Event South Vern Powerpass will be available for players to use on Jump-Start Servers until December 13, 2023. Pairing well with the South Vern Powerpass, players will be able to designate one character between Item Level 1415 and 1540 on their account to participate in the Jump-Start Mokoko Express Event, where they’ll have discounted honing rates and earn honing materials to quickly level up to Item Level 1540 and beyond. There’s also Combat Style Setting Support options for players to easily set skills and Engravings through presets, and get item support for accessories and Ability Stones.

The designated character will earn valuable rewards as they level up, including Silver, Honing Materials, Gems, Engraving Recipes, and more! The Jump-Start Mokoko Express Event also includes an Engraving Support system that lets players choose 5 Engravings to be in effect at level 3 during the event.

Welcome Giveaway (First Log-in Gift)

A special gift will be awaiting players who log into Jump-Start Servers!

XP Boost

Characters on Jump-Start Servers will have increased XP gains (200%)

  • Roster Level XP up to Lv. 100

  • Character Level XP up to Lv. 60

  • Stronghold Level XP up to Lv. 60

  • Trade Skill Level XP up to Lv. 60

Exclusive Mokoko’s Shining Harvest Event

In this special event rewards are granted to help players rapidly progress. Clearing (and reclearing) Legion Raids, Challenge Abyssal Dungeons, Chaos Dungeons, and Challenge Guardian Raids grant extra (and valuable) rewards. The items include Relic Accessory Chests & Ability Stones, Soaring Card Packs (containing only the cards from entry card sets Deep Dive / You Have A Plan), Gold, and more! This will help players kickstart their accessory and card collections, while also helping populate the Auction House for the player-driven economy to thrive on the new servers.

Arktoberfest Exchange Shop

The Event Shop on Jump-Start Servers will be different than the Event Shop on regular servers, with the goal of helping Jump-Start players progress vertically and horizontally. Jump-Start Servers will have a variety of items for players to earn by exchanging event tokens, which will help them progress their Stepping-stone Card sets, level-up their ship, Rapport, Skill Tree, and Honing. Event tokens can be gained by completing Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and by participating in the Blooming Mokoko event.

Special Store Packages & Cosmetics

For players looking to further enhance their characters, the Jump-Start in-game store will have special packages and items. With heavily discounted material packages to boost vertical and horizontal progression (such as Card Packs, Pheons, Silver, and Honing Materials), we want to ensure players on Jump-Start Servers looking to dive into the end-game have options that give them value. And for those looking to vanquish the demonic hordes in style, a variety of cosmetics will be returning from the vault, available exclusively on Jump-Start Servers. Jump-Start players will have plenty of cosmetic customization options available.

Looking Ahead

We’re excited for new and returning players to experience the many unique raids, dungeons, and character systems that make Lost Ark special. Current players will have plenty to look forward to in September with Primal Island, Yoz’s Jar, new Rapport Affection Ranks, a new Ark Pass, and more! We have a few more surprises and updates planned— so make sure to checkout the September Release Notes next week. We can’t wait to hop in the Jump-Start servers with everyone on September 13. Until then, we’ll see you in Arkesia.