June 2024 Region Merge Policy

May 16, 2024

Heroes of Arkesia,

On June 5, we will conduct a region merge to fold South America into North America (NA) East. The Vairgrys world will be integrated into NA East. No servers (and therefore rosters) are being merged into each other. Policies that merge or sum item counts will only apply to players with an account in both server regions, and players within those regions can find the specifics below. Before we dive into the specifics, we have a team update on how the merge will impact the Thaemine The First Race.

With the Region Merge, the leaderboard race for Thaemine The First will draw to a close for all regions. The verified teams and winners will live on the website and receive their in-game rewards after the merge. Teams merged into the same region will retain the titles and rewards corresponding to their clear in their original region. The First mode will still be playable until the maintenance period currently scheduled for October 16th, 2024 for players wishing to earn the rewards and challenge themselves in this special difficulty.

Merge Policy


  • Active Market & Auction House product registrations will be cancelled ahead of the merge in both regions, along with listings on the Currency Exchange.

  • All Auction House and Market transaction history, recent transactions, and interested lists will be deleted after merge.

  • South America specific Blue Crystal price reductions will not be carried over into the new region, as the economy will be fully merged.


  • Overlapped character names from accounts on South America will be reset. When logging in for the first time after the merge, players will be prompted to change their name.

  • Overlapped Guild names from Guilds on South America will have a “#” added before their name. A Guild name change will be automatically available to the Guild Master by navigating to Guild > Management > Guild Name Change.


  • Friend Info & Recent List

    • Friend requests and Friend list will be retained as-is. Some character names from the South America region may change due to the duplicate name removal.

    • Names from the recent list will not be changed and stay pre-merge as it is saved in the local client level.

  • We will retain the global chat in NA East but South America global chats and chat history will be deleted. This means anyone who has a chat setup in South America will need to remake it once they are merged into NA East.


Super Mokoko Express, Event Missions & Story Express Events

  • The event status on the roster with a higher max Item Level will remain. If the item levels tie, the event info with the latest login record will be kept.

  • Event rewards from completed missions will be added. Any unclaimed event mission rewards from the event status to be deleted, will be delivered to the Universal Storage.


Powerpasses, Character Slot Extension Tickets, Reskin Tickets, Name Change Tickets, and Guild Name Change Tickets will all follow the same policy:

  • Purchased Tickets/Tokens will be added together.

  • Free Tickets/Tokens will equal the lowest amount.

  • Unclaimed powerpass distribution mail will be deleted.

    • If a player has not claimed the Powerpass from the mail, an event power pass token will be granted directly.


  • Stronghold Gift - Sent - Each World’s Stronghold data will kept

  • Stronghold Gift - Received - Returns unclaimed gifts

  • PC Entry State in Stronghold - Evicts all PCs

  • Stronghold Guestbook - Merges data

  • Stronghold Community: Saved Strongholds - Each World’s Stronghold data will kept

  • Stronghold Community: Allied Strongholds - Each World’s Stronghold data will kept

  • Stronghold Community: Activity History - Each World’s Stronghold data will kept

  • Stronghold recommendation list - Resets South America region data. A list recalculation including the South America region will be made at the following week's reset.

  • Instant Equip feature for both Mannequin and Weapon Display Rack, where the Stronghold owner can instantly equip outfit and weapon skins may not work after merge. Once re-putting the outfit and weapon skins to the Mannequin and Weapon Display Rack post merge, the feature will be back to normal.


  • Proving Grounds: Upper Ranker Settings

    • Removes South America Region data

    • Only the NA East Region data will be shown to players until the following week's reset.

  • Trial Guardian Raids: Recommended Skills

    • Removes South America Region data

    • Only the NA East Region data will be shown to players until the following week's reset.

  • Legion Raids: Recommended Skills

    • Removes South America Region data

    • Only the NA East Region data will be shown to players until the following week's reset.


  • Products in Product Inventory will be merged.

  • Product purchase limit will be added.


MMR info of previous seasons was reset when the previous Proving Grounds Season ended. The Previous season's Ranking info will be reset with the merge. Unclaimed season rewards will be sent to Universal Storage on May 22 in preparation of the region merge.


  • New & Returned Attendance Events

    • Eligibility for the event will be decided based on a region data with the latest log-in record.

  • Thaemine The First

    • Players will retain any special rewards and ranked placements.

  • Ark Pass

    • Event information and progression will be naturally carried over without merge.

  • Log-in Rewards

    • Unclaimed Log-in Rewards will not be granted and will be lost. Players should claim all login rewards before the merge takes place.

The expected Region Merge maintenance downtime for South America and NA East will be shared closer to June 5, stay tuned to our official social media channels and Discord for updates.