Launch Update

February 11, 2022

Heroes of Arkesia,

Good news! We were able to resolve all deployment issues delaying launch, and our new launch timing will be 2:15pm PT / 10:15 PM UTC. Thank you again for your patience while we worked through these final issues. We look forward to seeing you in Arkesia!


We appreciate everyone’s patience. Our team is continuing to work on resolving these issues. We will be adding 3 days of Crystalline Aura to all players who log in to the game between launch and 9am PT / 5pm UTC on February 13 as a small thank you for your support and understanding. Please continue to stand by for more updates.

Character Creation Limits

As launch approaches, our goal is to get as many players into Arkesia and playing Lost Ark as quickly as possible. One of the ways we are doing this is to ensure server wait times are limited; this means that we will begin placing account limits on servers as wait times increase.

When an account limit is in place, new players will not be able to join the limited server or create characters there. If you already have a character on one of these servers, you will still be able to play and create additional characters for your Roster. These account limits will not be permanent, but will likely remain in place as long as they are needed to help regulate server queue times.

We understand that everyone wants to play with their friends and settling into your forever servers may take some time; please communicate with your play group to coordinate which server will work for everyone. We also want to recommend being cautious when it comes to redeeming your Founder’s Packs and Starter Packs, as the items in these packs will become tied to the server you are playing on. (And don’t forget, for those folks that redeem their Founder’s Pack before Monday at 12 PM PT / 8 PM UTC, you will receive a bonus set of some Founder’s items that you can use on another server, if you so choose.)

Please also keep in mind that the order of servers on the server selection screen will not remain static; as more servers are added the order of this list may shift and change, so be sure you’re coordinating your server selection based on the server name and not its current place on the list.

Here’s where you can find us:

Thank you for your patience and support.