May 2023 Release Notes

May 9, 2023
Release Notes

Heroes of Arkesia,

The May “Slay Your Way to Elgacia” Update arrives in Arkesia tomorrow. Downtime will begin on May 10 at 12AM PDT (8AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours. Slay your way to Elgacia with the Slayer Advanced Class and new story quests. The Slayer isn’t the only content arriving in Arkesia— with new progression events, the Ebony Cube, Event Guardians, Legion Raid balance changes, Quality of Life (QoL) updates, and new cosmetics, this update should make everyone’s life better in Arkesia. Find the full list of content, events, skins, and other updates below!


Slayer Advanced Class

The Slayer is the fifth Warrior Advanced Class— a female remix of the Berserker class. A melee warrior who stirs up the battlefield with her greatsword and Burst Mode, this powerful class has the potential to overwhelm anything in her path. Successful attacks with the Slayer fill the Fury Specialty Meter, which, when full, can trigger Burst Mode. During Burst Mode, the Slayer's damage and movement speed greatly increase, and a Specialty skill called Bloodlust (unique to the Slayer) can be used to unleash powerful slashes and stabs. In Burst Mode, Atk. Speed, Move Speed, and Crit Rate are greatly increased. (Atk. Speed +20%, Move Speed +20%, Crit Rate +30%). Bloodlust allows you to quickly slash at foes in front of you to inflict Damage, then perform a powerful stab, knocking them away for more Damage. This skill is only available while in Burst Mode, and can be used with [Z] key.

Learn more about the Slayer’s skills and engravings in the Slayer Lost Ark academy.

Ebony Cube

What is hidden beyond the seal of the cube? Why did they make this cube? The Cube is a secretive ruin made by the Haals, an ancient race that were endowed with powers by the gods. After the disappearance of the Haals, the Cube was filled with demons and monsters. The cube's seal lifted, and its true name has been released - Ebony Cube. Adventures are gathering to break the Forbiddance of the cube— will you join them?

Clear waves of enemies in a new activity that consolidates Boss Rush and Cube. With all the original rewards of both activities rolled into one, completing should feel more impactful while also cutting down on the grind. Four clear ranks exist: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Silver, Gems, Leap Stones, XP Cards, Combat Engraving, Honing Support Materials can all be earned, and both Lucky & Mega Lucky stages can be encountered randomly with bonus rewards. The Ebony Cube will arrive with three levels:

  • 1st Forbiddance - Item Level 1302+

  • 2nd Forbiddance - Item Level 1490+

  • 3rd Forbiddance - Item Level 1540+

Learn more about ticket conversion from Boss Rush & Cube in the Ebony Cube Notice article.

Event Guardians

Event Guardians return to Arkesia! Enjoy a fun twist on Guardian Raids, where you’ll hunt down Guardians (alone or with a group) in an arena with the Scale of Balance applied. To enter, you will need to be Combat Level 50 or above and Item Level 250 or above. Your goal is to attack the Event Guardian to cause it to drop buffs, which stack up to three times. The buffs will increase your damage output by a colossal amount. After defeating all the Guardians, tokens will drop in a rewards chest, which can be claimed once per day per character. Tokens from Event Guardians can be spent at an event vendor, who has a variety of valuable rewards that can be earned each week.

Progression Events

A backend change arrives which allows for multiple progression events to run simultaneously. Thanks to this update, an event Punika Powerpass and Hyper Express Plus (II), will accompany the launch of the Slayer on May 10 and run until August 9. While there won’t be a new Story Express, the existing event can be used with the Slayer if you haven’t designated a character already, and is active until June 14. The other events that launched with the Artist in March will continue until their planned end date of June 14.

Punika Powerpass

With this version of the Punika Powerpass you'll receive Item Level 1340 gear, and unlike previous Punika Powerpass events, Berver's Friend does not need to be completed to receive this pass. To prevent bots from reaching endgame areas, only players with Trusted status or with a Lost Ark account created before December 14, 2022 will be granted a Powerpass. While many players have met the requirements or have been granted legacy Trusted status, new adventurers arriving in Arkesia can earn their trusted status in multiple ways, and can choose the path that’s right for them. The first option is for new players to enable the Steam Guard mobile authenticator, have a Steam profile that’s no longer a ‘Limited User’ account, and be Steam Trusted on the platform. This path won’t require making any Lost Ark purchases. Alternatively, new players can also receive trusted status by making any purchase in Lost Ark through either Steam or Amazon.

Hyper Express Event II

Pairing well with the Punika Powerpass, players will be able to designate one character between item Level 1340 and 1460 on their roster to participate in the Hyper Express Plus II Event, where they’ll earn honing materials to quickly level up to Item Level 1460 and beyond. The designated character will earn rewards every 15 Item Levels up to 1460 (while having a static +20% honing chance success rate), including Silver, honing materials, Gems, Engravings, and more!

Engraving Support System

As a new feature available with the Hyper Express Plus, the Engraving Support system lets players choose 4 engravings to be in effect at level 3 during the event. Here’s how to get started:

  • After selecting a Hyper Express Plus character, the Engraving Support button will light up.

  • Click the Engraving Support button to open the Engraving Support page and select your 4 desired Engravings.

  • Press the Activate Engraving Support button to start using their effects.

The effects of Engraving Support will also be shown in your Character Profile.

Competitive Proving Grounds Season 3

  • The amount of “Courage Coins” earned last season has been reset to 0.

  • You can once again earn PvP tier points.

  • Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master players will receive special rewards at the end of the Season.

  • Honor rewards purchased in Season 3 will be available until the next season starts.

  • With the start of Season 3, the Proving Grounds Store has been renewed. The higher the rank you achieve, the more items you can exchange.

  • Master Rank requirement was previously rank 200 - 31, and has been updated to rank 100 - 11.

  • Grand Master Rank requirement was previously rank 30 - 1, and has been updated to rank 10 - 1.

Progression Updates

Knowledge Transfer Revamp

  • Removed the transfer requirement based on the number of characters who completed a continent.

  • Transfer amount limit removed.

  • Knowledge Transfer duration decreased to 10 seconds.

  • Added the Rowen Continent to the Knowledge Transfer.

  • Upon completing Knowledge Transfer, rewards are now obtained without needing to enter the Chamber of Mind.

  • Transfer fee adjusted.

  • Removed Stronghold Lv. 15 as a requirement for using Knowledge Transfer.

  • Added a Knowledge Transfer Quest Journal and Mini Info Tab for alternate characters.

New Player Guardian Raid Improvements

In level 1 - 5 Guardian Raids, players will receive free battle items relevant to the guardian, automatically applied as a preset, with in-game guide messages on when to use within the raid. When the player leaves the raid, the battle items will be removed. This helps ensure that newer players won’t have difficulty attaining critical battle items while progressing, and better prepares them for later raids.

Honing Updates

  • The current basic honing growth boost (1415 - 1445) will be expanded to Item Level 1460. The current honing exp 40% reduction between 1445 and 1460 will be overwritten by this boost.

  • Increased T3 Lv. 1340 Gear Level 16 - 17 basic success rate by 10%.

  • Increased T3 Lv. 1340 Gear Level 18 basic success rate by 5%

  • Decreased T3 Lv. 1340 Gear Level 16 - 18 Gear XP requirements by 50%.

  • Decreased T3 Lv. 1340 Gear Level 16 - 18 Honing material and price required by 30%.

  • Removed the T3 Lv. 1340 Gear Level 16 - 18 Gold price honing cost.

General Progression Updates

  • Silver and Leapstone loot increased for T1 - T2 Chaos Dungeons.

General & QoL Updates

Stronghold Updates

  • Adding Stronghold Mood Function: 6 types of moods added.

    • Added one new related achievement.

  • Added the Guest Book functional structure.

  • Added 25 Structures and 12 Skins to the Pet Ranch's Jam Cookie Exchange.

  • Added the Market Area to the Farm Island, which contains all Exchange NPCs so they can be more easily reached.

  • Unlocked the Manor’s 3rd floor.

  • Dispatch Station Revamp

    • The UI has changed to make the Achievement Grade rates more intuitive.

    • Only A, S, and SS grades now exist.

    • The grade received is based on the Adaption rate in a much more intuitive way. Players always have a 1% chance of receiving an SS grade reward by default. All adaption until 100% will increase the chance of obtaining an S grade reward at a 1:1 ratio. All adaption past 100% will increase the chance of obtaining SS at a 1:1 ratio. So at 77% adaption, Players will have a 1% chance at SS, 76% at S, and the remaining 23% at A. Or at 110% adaption, players will receive a 11% chance at SS, and 89% at S.

    • Compensation at each grade has been adjusted. A reward section for each grade is applied, but the amount will vary. You can only obtain the Epic items exchanged for Raid Seals at SS.

    • You can now repair all ships in the Dispatch menu at once instead of individually.

    • When reaching SS/S grade for Chaos Dungeon Special Dispatch Missions, the probability of obtaining an Engraving is the same as if you manually completed the dungeon.

  • You can now check the results of and claim the rewards of all completed Dispatch Missions at once

  • Revamped the Design Themes. Filters, Favorites, and a Search Bar have been added to the Design Theme menu, and new Themes have been added:

    • Moonlit Magick Tree Garden Theme

    • Charge Naruni Play Theme

    • Cozy Forest Shelter Theme

    • Spring Trail Theme

    • Fall Trail Theme

    • Winter Trail Theme

    • Maze Theme

  • The Entertainment menu can now be used while inside the Manor.

  • The "Change View" button inside the Manor has been updated.

  • Added a search bar and "View Owned Outfits Only" toggle in the Wardrobe menu.

  • The layout of the Stronghold Option Settings menu has been updated.

  • Some of the uneven geography on Stronghold islands has been flattened. The structures placed on the now flattened land may be displayed awkwardly, but when the structures are moved or replaced, it will be displayed normally.

  • When checking the information on items produced in the farming UI under ‘Gatherables Info’, if the research is not completed and you mouse-over the locked item, the guide will be displayed indicating the research needed for crafting.

Guild Updates

  • Replaced Cube & Boss Rush related Weekly Guild Tasks and Guild Requests with Ebony Cube tasks.

  • Weekly Task 'Try Team Deathmatch' updated to 'Try Proving Grounds'. The tasks now require playing matches, rather than defeating opponents or winning.

    • Difficulty 1: Defeat opponents 4 times in Team Deathmatch updated to Try Proving Grounds 1 time.

    • Difficulty 2: Defeat opponent 6 times in Team Deathmatch updated to Try Proving Grounds 2 times.

    • Difficulty 3: Defeat opponent 8 times in Team Deathmatch updated to Try Proving Grounds 3 times.

    • Difficulty 4: Win 3 times in Team Deathmatch updated to Try Proving Grounds 4 times.

    • Difficulty 5: Win 5 times in Team Deathmatch updated to Try Proving Grounds 5 times.

  • Weekly Task 'Try Co-Op Battles' Completion Conditions Downgraded.

    • Difficulty 1: Defeat opponent 5 times in Co-Op Battles updated to Defeat an opponent 1 time.

    • Difficulty 2: Defeat opponent 7 times in Co-Op Battles updated to Defeat an opponent 2 times.

    • Difficulty 3: Defeat opponent 10 times in Co-Op Battles updated to Defeat an opponent 3 times.

    • Difficulty 4: Win 2 times in Co-Op Battles updated to Try Co-Op Battles 1 time.

    • Difficulty 5: Win 3 times in Co-Op Battles updated to Try Co-Op Battles 2 times.

Increased the Guild Raid "Proxima" weekly guild bloodstones.

  • 1st Place: 28,100 Weekly Guild Bloodstones increased to 39,300

  • 2nd Place: 23,700 Weekly Guild Bloodstones increased to 33,100

  • 3rd Place: 19,200 Weekly Guild Bloodstones increased to 26,900

  • Within 10th Place: 14,800 Weekly Guild Bloodstones increased to 20,700

  • Within 70%: 13,300 Weekly Guild Bloodstones increased to 18,600

  • Within 100%: 11,800 Weekly Guild Bloodstones increased to 16,600

Trade Skill Updates

  • These are new nodes/resources that can be gathered in the respective zones and grant materials used to purchase Secret Pouches from Secret Traders in Punika (Rayni) and South Vern (Evan). A new Tradeskill quest is available, along with 6 new World Tree Leaves. The new resources are:

    • Platinum Ore

    • Candaria Rabbit

    • Paunchy Fish

  • Rayni always has 10x "Secret Pouch: Mysterious Green Pouch" available for 300x Gathering Powder now which can be crafted at Tradeskill Merchants in all major cities. This is the only Secret Pouch offer which players can purchase multiple times between both Rayni and Evan and grants random Tradeskill materials when used. All other Secret Pouches can only be purchased once per roster and can be used to obtain a World Tree Leaf.

  • In addition to the Mysterious Green Pouch, Rayni in Punika also has a rare chance to have either:

    • Secret Pouch: Soft Pouch, purchasable with 1x Akam Wood Block which can be purchased from Stronghold Trade Merchants and grants World Tree Leaf #75.

    • Secret Pouch: Splendid Platinum Pouch, purchasable with 1x Crystallized Platinum which can be acquired from Platinum Ore in Starsand Beach and grants World Tree Leaf #76..

  • Evan in South Vern will always have 1 of 3 offers available:

    • Secret Pouch: Gem-studded Pouch, purchasable with 1x Completed Stone Tablet acquired as a Quest Reward for completing Glowing Mud in South Vern and grants World Tree Leaf #85

    • Secret Pouch: Tough Leather Pouch, purchasable with 1x Full-Colored Leather which can be obtained from Candaria Rabbits in the Candaria Territory and grants World Tree Leaf #83.

    • Secret Pouch: Marvelous Magick Pouch, purchasable with 1x Elegant Ring which can be obtained from Paunchy Fish in Bellion Ruins and grants World Tree Leaf #84.

UI/UX Updates

Quest UI Updates

  • Updated the Quest Search function, and added a search function to the Quest Journal [J].

  • The search function helps auto-complete quest names while searching.

Oceanliner UI Updates

  • Ocean Liner UI has been changed to a map UI.

  • You can choose to add a list of Ocean Liners similar to the old UI by using the 'View List'.

  • Included the ability to add favorites in 'View List'.

  • Queue for both boarding and departure decreased to 10s max.

Item & Codex Updates

  • Revamped the UX for Chest Items. The "Open" button now automatically changes to "Close" if there are no more chests of the respective type within the players inventory. The color of the "Open" button has been changed to yellow.

  • Revamped alerts for accumulated item acquisitions, such as honing shards and silver.

  • Revamped the UI Alert message for moving skins still within the 3-day waiting period to roster skin storage.

  • Added usage information in the codex for:

    • Adventurer's Tome cooking ingredients.

    • Partially craftable honing materials.

Item Tooltip Updates

  • Added an item tooltip quick-view system which can be turned on/off in Settings. This will toggle how much information is displayed on Gear/Items, such as gear set bonuses. The default mode is set to full-view. The setting name is "Show Tooltip Details" and it can be found in Gameplay > Controls and Display > Item Settings.


  • Friends UI updated. If you set yourself as offline in the Friends UI, the tooltip will tell you how long you’ve been shown offline to your friends/guildmates. (To warn you that appearing as offline for too long could get you expelled from your guild).

  • Updated the world map UI to better distinguish the lines between different continents.

  • Added a Gem Filter option for Wandering Merchants:

    • Filter: My Tier / My Item Level.

  • Chaos Gate location tracker updated on the calendar (gates will be shown as a symbol).

  • Information regarding an NPC’s rapport reward source will no longer be displayed if the NPC’s rapport is unlocked.

Integrated Dungeon UI

  • Added the status for gold loot in end game content.

  • Added a symbol to designate end game content.

  • Removed Boss Rush.

  • Replaced Cube with Ebony Cube.

Task Tracker Menu

  • Added ‘End Contents’ Category, and Gold Loot in the ‘End Contents’ Category to track which characters have collected. You can now check the "Weekly Gold Earnings Information" option to view this information in the Task Tracker. New corresponding symbol icons have also been added.

General Updates

  • Added a new daily log-in reward track.

  • Added ‘The Gate of Paradise Opens’ Quest. Uncover some of the secrets of Elgacia as you prepare to adventure to the home of the Lazeniths next month. Prerequisite quests include:

    • To the Sound - Whispering Islet

    • Blue-Blazing Blade - Episode: Kadan

    • Tabula Rasa - Wisdom Isle

  • Changed Pheromone Bomb Battle Item Type from ‘Bomb’ to ‘Essence’.

  • The drop rate of Sidereal Energy has been slightly increased.

  • Updated the map symbol for the Gold Shop NPC to be more easily distinguishable.

  • Added an option to change the background while previewing skins in the Skin Storage menu.

  • The health of boss-level scarecrows summoned in the Trixion Training Center have been increased.

  • Added 10 new Trophies.

  • The Return function on mail can now be used when the mail has items attached.

  • When the recipient of mail is changed while being drafted, the attached items registered to the mail will be unregistered

  • You can no longer re-enter a Chaos Gate if you left without having participated in the battle.

  • Deadeye and Gunslinger non-combat stance changed (guns are now stored while not in combat).

  • Updated the Deadeye and Gunslinger weapon glow.

  • Enabled 19 emotes for MVP use.

  • MVP Motion settings updated so you can set a motion for both 'raids/dungeons' and 'proving grounds' or either individually.

  • Added a Memo Function in the world map to add personal memos within your map (wordcount limit: 15).

  • Added a banish system for Adventure Island based on contribution, where a player will be banished after a warning alert if no contribution is made after the alert.

  • Updated the conditions for consecutive co-op quests on Adventure Islands.

  • Due to the release of the Ebony Cube, 5 Mokoko Challenges have been changed. Rewards remain the same.

  • Co-op Battle Revamp:

    • Battle Ready queue decreased from 90s to 60s for Ironlands / Blue Dragon Territory / Golden Eagle Battlefield

  • Target scores updated for proving grounds:

    • Ironlands: 300

    • Blue Dragon Territory: 350

    • Golden Eagle Battlefield: 650

Store Updates

The first Western Exclusive Skins arrive alongside special launch skins for the Slayer Advanced Class. Learn more about the new Arthetine Nightrider skins tomorrow in a special behind the scenes blog, but find them showcased in the meantime below. Along with the new cosmetics, more items can now be previewed, such as, pet tricks, and stronghold structures.

Arthetine Nightrider Cosmetic Collection



Martial Artist




Hound Pet

Machinalis Mount

Slayer Balanced Fury Cosmetics

End-game Raid Updates

Learn more about our approach to updating and balancing raid content for newer players in the recent letter our teams at Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG released. Below, find the changes to improve rewards across a roster of characters and updates to Argos and lower-level Legion Raids to help new players adjust to raiding in Lost Ark.

End-game Reward Restructure

The updates apply to the Valtan, Vykas, Kakul-Saydon, and Brelshaza Legion Raids.

Updated Entry Limit and Gold Rewards:

  • Weekly entry limit removed.

  • Can choose to receive or not to receive gold rewards before entering a raid. Even if you decide not to claim the gold rewards, the other rewards (such as honing materials and Legion Raid Gear crafting materials) can still be earned.

  • Each character can earn gold rewards for 3 times per week (up to 6 characters).

View More Rewards

  • After 6 characters have looted gold rewards, the other characters can choose to claim the ‘View More Rewards’ in the UI of the cleared raids for free.

  • Legion Raid free ‘View More Rewards’ is restricted to 3 times per character.

Raid Balance Updates

The Legion Raid changes listed below will only be applied to Normal & Hard difficulties (and Rehearsal), and will not be applied to the Inferno Difficulty.

Argos Abyss Raid

Gate 1

  • Improved the pattern of transferring "Solar energy" and "Lunar energy" to Argos so that the conditions required for transferring are more visible.

  • If the pattern of transferring "Solar Energy" and "Lunar Energy" to Argos fails, the players receives significant damage instead of wiping the party.

Gate 2

  • During the battle with "Veorix", removed the the "Lunar Energy" transferring pattern that occurred when Argos created a magic pattern in the sky.

  • During the battle with "Veorix", improved the visibility when Argos creates the magic pattern in the sky.

  • During the battle with "Veorix", increased the time until the fluorescent bugs explode.

  • During the battle with "Tarvos", the remaining time until the boss uses the powerful attack is displayed during the pattern of transferring Moon and Sun crystal orb power.

  • During the battle with "Tarvos", when the pattern of transferring Moon and Sun crystal orb power fails, the character receives significant damage instead of death.

Gate 3

  • When the pattern of searching "Seeds of the Sun" fails, players now receive significant damage instead of death.

  • During the pattern of searching "Seeds of the Sun" the area where characters should gather is now larger.

  • When the pattern of gathering for characters having "Seeds of the Sun" and "Seeds of the Moon" fails, the character receives significant damage instead of death.

  • During the gathering patterns of "Seeds of the Sun" and "Seeds of the Moon", increased the buff effect of the "Solar Energy" and "Lunar Energy" granted to characters.

  • When the pattern of removing "Seeds of the Moon" fails, the character receives significant damage instead of death.

  • When stepping on the "Seeds of Water" in rainy weather, the effect of "protection of water" will be acquired, providing invincibility for a short time.

  • Shortened the duration of the "addiction" debuff given when stepping on the "Seeds of Water" in dark weather.

Valtan Legion Raid

Gate 1

  • Add an effect that allows players to visually check the absorbed energy in the pattern of Lugaru and Lucas absorbing energy.

Gate 2

  • After using the pattern of throwing an axe from the air twice before the outer wall was destroyed, the triple dash attack was updated to have shorter intervals.

  • When the pattern of doing 3 counterattacks to Valtan consecutively fails, the character receives significant damage instead of death.

  • Reduced the damage received when the pattern of blocking Valtan from collecting mana (blue orbs) fails.

Vykas Legion Raid

Gate 1

  • The changing color types of orbs have been reduced in the pattern of guiding orbs to the 'Dimension Gate'.

  • Improved the visibility of the initial place where orbs were created when the pattern of stopping Incubus Morphe and blocking him from absorbing orbs.

  • Getting hit by the circular or donut shape pattern summoned by Nightmare Morphe across the battle arena will result in significant damage instead of death.

  • When the player needs to find a safe zone in one of the cardinal directions, the player receives significant damage instead of death.

  • Decreased the damage and modified the hit effects of various patterns when fighting both the Incubus Morphe and Nightmare Morphe.

Gate 2

  • When the character is attacked by a pattern that predicts Vykas' Illusion attack after acquiring the red and purple energy generated by Vykas, the character receives significant damage instead of death. Effects were also added to increase the visibility Vykas' illusion attack.

  • The failure condition of the pattern where players need to prevent black and red beads from being absorbed by Vykas was changed so the damage will scale depending on the number of failures.

Gate 3

  • Improved the Hallucination and Sword pattern so that some players' Covetous Meter will change while the pattern is in process.

  • Vykas will no longer use the counter-attack charge pattern before moving to the Throne and Charm pattern.

  • Players will now be able to inflict damage to the Giant Covetous Lump regardless of their Meter.

  • Removed the pattern in which players had to absorb 4 orbs with the Vykas in the center.

  • Decreased the damage Covetous Monster inflicts upon contact.

  • Decreased the amount of Covetous Meter gained periodically after Vykas' HP turns 0.

  • Vykas will no longer open a single wing in the “medusa” pattern when players have to look away.

Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid

All Gates

  • Removed the Paralysis effect when hit by the cross-laser pattern shooting from a player with Mayhem meter 50% and up.

Gate 1

  • Increased the time between the dice-throwing and card-shooting when Saydon immobilizes the players and guided cards are shot.

Gate 2

  • Decreased the damage Kakul deals when the boss spins in a certain direction.

  • Increased the time for counter-attacking when Kakul flips the body and dashes.

  • Increased the time for showing pre-attack boundaries in some patterns, and added additional pre-attack boundaries.

  • To prevent Kakul from repeating the pattern where he throws the ball in the air consecutively, Kakul will not cast the air-bombing pattern when the boss's HP is high.

Gate 3

  • When removing the 'Stun' debuff while crossing the fourth 'Blade Execution' (while a player is completing the platforming level), the message 'Can Operate Lever' will appear (applied to all difficulties, including Inferno).

  • Kakul-Saydon will no longer get the 'Flowing Mayhem' effect.

  • The Grotesque Doll will no longer be affected by taunts while shooting flames.

Revamped Dungeon Voting System.

  • Updated the system message display. All system messaging relating to voting (Continue, Restart, and Stop) have been improved to be more clear.

  • It is no longer possible to play the Song of Escape or Song of Return while a Continue/Advance vote is in progress.

  • There's now a cooldown to initiate another Advance/Continue vote after one fails.

  • Changed the color of the ‘Proceed’ button.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the ‘Change Chat Channel’ window to be cutoff while using specific resolutions and aspect ratios.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Arcanist's Evoke gem to not properly increase damage while using the “Magick Addiction” tripod.

  • Fixed an issue causing background music on Anguished Isle to occasionally end abruptly.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Expert engraving to not add effectiveness to the shield applied by the Machinist skill Command: Active Pulse.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Specialist's "Basic Move" and "Moving+" tattoos to start in an inconsistent place compared to other classes.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Sharpshooter's Arrow Shower skill to incorrectly apply an Evasion buff while the Law of Jungle tripod was being used.

  • Fixed an issue causing the last pickaxe swing to not make sound while mining ore.

  • Fixed an issue causing Stronghold BGM music tracks within the Jukebox to occasionally not emit any audio.

  • Fixed an issue allowing the menu shown while opening some chests containing random rewards to occasionally be resizable.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Artist's "Paint: Crane Wing" skill to only use Select Point Type 2 targeting while the tripod "Crane Ambush" is applied with a controller.

  • Fixed an issue blocking some Sidereal Unity skills from being usable while Select Point Control Type 1 with a controller.

  • Fixed an issue allowing for controller users to input letters in the password field when creating a Lobby in the Find Party menu.

That’s everything in the May Update - but keep an eye out for exclusive Twitch Drops that keep the rewards coming! In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia.