Mystics and Mayhem Release Notes

October 25, 2022
Release Notes

Heroes of Arkesia,

The October “Mystics and Mayhem” Update arrives in Arkesia tomorrow. Downtime for the update will begin on October 26 at 12AM PDT (7AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours. Celebrate Autumn and the scary season with new costumes, a new Harvest Festival event, and a horrifying gauntlet of powerful enemies. For those looking for a challenge, three raids arrive to hone your teamwork skills and ability to overcome unique mechanics, all while earning rewards. Find the full list of new content, raids, cosmetics, and other updates below.

Spotlight - New Raids

Mystic Abyss Raid Event

The Guardian Mystic, formerly known as the Herald of Vairgrys and the Ark Carrier, has begun to cast dangerous mists from the permeated chaos and must be vanquished in this new, limited-time Abyss Raid.

The event has three gates for players to battle through, and players are rewarded event tokens once the raid is successfully cleared. Mystic Event Tokens can be exchanged for a variety of rewards and items through an Exchange NPC located in each city. Along with the event rewards, there are a variety of Achievements to be earned. Mystic can be challenged once per week, per roster.

During the Abyss Raid event, 'Scale of Harmony' is applied, changing character stats to match the Guardian's level. Item Level 1302 or higher is required to battle Mystic, and is scheduled to run for 3 weeks, starting on October 26 and running until November 16.

Vykas Legion Raid - Inferno Difficulty

The most difficult version of Legion Raids, the Inferno difficulty is all about proving you’re among the best of the best in Arkesia, and earning prestige. Rather than chasing the normal rewards of gear, materials, and everything else you’d receive in a Legion Raid, Inferno rewards instead showcase your victory with titles, achievements, and Stronghold structures! ‘Scale of Balance’ is applied, and the raid requires use of the Book of Coordination, so everyone’s gear is normalized against the level of your Legion Commander opponent. Entry into the Vykas Legion Raid Inferno difficulty will require Item Level 1460.

Achates Trial Guardian

A challenging experience akin to the Inferno difficulty of Legion Raids, the Achates Trial Guardian Raid can only be entered after setting up your build through the 'Book of Coordination'. If defeated, prestigious rewards of achievements and a Legendary Title will be earned by the vanquishing party to award prestige and celebrate their hard-fought victory. A special title is also earned by the first team to clear the raid in a region.

The Achates Trial Raid displays the first clear in the region and fastest clear time. With an inevitable competition brewing for those coveted slots, we will be opening the raid simultaneously at a more friendly time for all regions, Saturday 10/29 7PM UTC, to let as many players as possible participate in the competition fairly.


Competitive Proving Grounds Season 2

Competitive Play ratings have been compressed and adjusted based on performance from previous seasons.

  • If a player participated in a previous season, their rating will be compressed and adjusted based on the previous season's rating.

  • If a player didn’t participate in the previous season, their rating will start at 1150.

This season, we've analyzed past Competitive Play ratings and adjusted various scoring criteria to help you achieve a rank that better matches your ability. Season 2 New MMR Ranks:

  • Bronze - 1-1099

  • Silver - 1100-1299

  • Gold - 1300-1499

  • Platinum - 1500-1699

  • Diamond - 1700-1899

  • Master - 1900+, Leaderboard for Top 200 Players

  • Grand Master - Top 1-30 Players

General Competitive Information:

  • The amount of “Courage Coins” earned last season has been reset to 0.

  • You can once again earn PVP tier points.

  • Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master players will receive special rewards at the end of the Season.

  • Honor rewards purchased in Season 2 will be available until the next season starts.

  • With the start of Season 2, the Proving Grounds Store has been renewed. The higher the rank you achieve, the more items you can exchange.

Aldebaran Harvest Festival

The Aldebaran Harvest Festival is a traditional Arkesian festival to commemorate the time when Aldebaran (the god of life) brought life to the earth for the first time. On this day when the biggest moon rises, there is a custom for the people of Arkesia to eat food crafted from the harvested grain and pray for each other's health. The Aldebaran festival is held on the Mokomoko Night Market Island. Talk to Morimototo in cities to travel to Mokomoko Night Market Island. The Ocean liner will head to the island while the event is live. A new Island Soul and Una’s Task have been added for the Mokomoko Night Market Island.

In a new limited-time event, rewards are available for those participating in the festival. Once a short one-time quest chain is completed, daily quests can be completed to earn food-themed items (tokens) which they can combine to create gift sets. These gift sets can then be used to buy items, including Card Packs, Honing Support Selection Chests and more. This event will run throughout the Autumn season, until December 7.

General Updates

  • Updated and refreshed the daily login bonuses reward track.

  • Added new Fevertime events for the coming weekends.

  • Improved Login Event unclaimed rewards management.

Store Updates

Head over to the in-game store to find new Pets, Stronghold Structures, Skins, Ship Skins, a Wallpaper, and Mounts!

Neria’s Wardrobe - Halloween Edition

The limited-time skin shop has returned! Check out Neria’s Wardrobe and create the perfect costume for your character.

Halloween Pets

Hipster Skins

New Stronghold Structures

Pumpkin Carriage Mount

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the identity tooltip setting to not function while using certain classes.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Berserker's Aura Blade ability to not increase the Fury Meter when the Sword Wound and Exterminate tripods are active.

  • Fixed an issue causing the default Stronghold name to be shown in English while using French, German, or Spanish.

  • Fixed an issue causing targeted skills to target the players location when the auto target setting is enabled with a controller.

  • Fixed an issue causing the quest item used in the "A Nose for News" quest to target nearby enemies instead of the ground when using a controller.

  • Fixed an issue causing Elgacia and Rowen to be shown in the Mokoko Seed collectibles map.

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from changing the Global Chat notification text with a controller.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Point Control Type 1 setting to not apply to Normal Skills that have been changed to Point Type due to Engravings being used.

  • Fixed an issue where sever effects granted by the Strange Movement Tripod for the Destroyer's Earth Smasher skill were not applied as described.

  • Fixed an issue causing keyboard and mouse icons to be shown while viewing various vendor menus while using a controller.

  • Fixed an issue causing the incorrect icon to be shown for the Harmony Leapstones and Life Leapstones in Mari's Secret Shop.

  • Fixed an issue causing the golden Mokoko seed to not show on the collectible map after collecting all Mokoko seeds.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Gunlancer's Shield Charge ability to aim in a random direction in some cases when a controller is used.

  • Fixed an issue causing various settings to be reset to default when the game was closed without using the "Quit" option.

  • Fixed an issue causing the 2nd player in a party to not unlock the 'Adventure: Statue of Gienah' Sea Bounty when progressing through the 'Haberk to the Ship quest' if the party leader interacted with it.

We wish you luck in the new challenging raids and competitive PvP season! We’ll see you in Arkesia!