December Update Announcement

December 5, 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

We wanted to share our plans for releasing the massive amount of content that arrives alongside Voldis. This month, we will have two major updates, a week apart, on December 13 and 20.

The December 13 update will include Voldis, the Gargadeth Guardian Raid, a new seasonal event, Proving Grounds Season 4, and much more! Stay tuned to next week’s release notes for the full details. After a week of exploring Voldis, encountering the new threats of the Guardian Gargadeth, Field Boss Drakus, and more, the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon will release alongside Elixirs on December 20.

December 13 - Voldis Wonderland


Voldis is a new continent with an entrance Item Level of 1520 and above. The continent of Voldis is the land of sages and alchemy, with the magnificent city of Kalinar located at the mouth of Ketsla River. The city is always bustling with tourists seeking advice from the renowned sages. The city itself has a fantastic view and is full of cute Homunculi dashing to-and-fro as they run the citizens’ errands. Voldis is home to the Sages, who delve into many secrets regarding alchemy, the body, and the mind. They are well-respected for their vast knowledge and powers, and with the Chaos Guardians returning, their aid will be more than helpful in the upcoming war.

Outside of the city, much of the continent is full of giant trees – all part of the Great Rainforest. The Rainforest holds many mysteries, with powerful monsters lurking in the shadows. Players can get help from the Raiyas, the people of the Forest, to enter the Sage’s Tower and reach the end of the story. After the story has ended, players can complete their Adventurer’s Tome, as well as complete a brief set of epilogue quests.

Additional Content

Players can look forward to the Gargadeth Guardian Raid, Proving Grounds Season 4, a new seasonal event, and much more!

December 20 - Endgame Update

Learn about the Abyssal Dungeon and Elixir system below— and be on the lookout for more information and news as we head toward the December 20 endgame update.

Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon

The Ivory Tower is a new Abyssal Dungeon located in Voldis, which has 4 gates. The entrance Item Level is 1600 for the Normal difficulty and 1620 for Hard Mode. The rewards include Honing Materials (Refined Protection Stones, Refined Obliteration Stones, Radiant Honor Leapstones, Honor Shards), Gold, special hidden rewards, and the new Elixir system.


Elixirs are a new system which will drastically increase player’s combat abilities by imbuing their gear with new, powerful effects. Epic elixirs will be obtainable through the Normal mode of the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon, while Legendary Elixirs can be earned via Hard mode. Once obtained, Elixirs need to be refined and imbued onto a player’s gear.

  • To refine an Elixir, players need to first get ‘Ductility Catalyst’ by paying gold and Chaos Stones. Catalysts are also acquirable through Wandering Merchant in Voldis.

  • The refining process requires both a certain amount of Gold and Catalysts. Players have a set amount of tries for each refining process, and players can use the advice from the three Sages of the Tower to pick the best outcome possible. Players will need to think carefully and use the advice well – it’s important to understand the logic of the system.

  • There are powerful Set bonuses to aim for when special conditions are met. The refining process is unlike any other experience in Lost Ark – it relies on a certain amount of luck, but it also requires the players to think carefully and logically to plan for the best outcome.

  • Once the Elixir is done refining, players can imbue the Elixir to their equipment to get bonus effects. There are various types of bonuses that Elixirs provide – categorized broadly into offensive, defensive, and utility. Players can choose a maximum of five abilities for each Elixir and refine two out of the five. There will be 10 abilities once refining is done – two for each equipment (as Elixirs are not applied to the weapon).

We look forward to sharing more information about the December Updates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia!