Second Anniversary Community Celebration

February 8, 2024

Heroes of Arkesia,

February 8 marks two years of Lost Ark in the West, and we have a variety of events and gifts planned to celebrate the Lost Ark community. With the 2 Extreme Update, our goal is to thank the Lost Ark community for their continued passion, dedication, feedback, and support as we continue on this journey together. We can’t state enough how much we appreciate those who have joined us on this adventure! Learn about the gifts and special events we’ve planned to celebrate the community in Arkesia this month.

Year 2 Recap

From introducing four new endgame raids to starting new community-centric video series, new player improvements, and many new classes, the second year of Lost Ark in the West has been filled with new adventures. While it’s impossible to capture the magnitude of everything the Lost Ark community accomplished, we hope this encompasses some of the special moments you shared with friends and other adventurers alike.

Data encompasses player activity from January 15, 2023 to January 15, 2024. Data from banned accounts has been removed from the statistics.

Celebrate In-Game

Anniversary Gift

To thank our players for their passion, support, and participation in the Lost Ark community, we’ve prepared a gift that’s now available! Log-in and find the gift in your Product Inventory.

  • 2nd Anniversary Headband Selection Chest x1

  • Winter Trail Effect Selection Chest x1

  • Structure: 2nd Anniversary Cake x1

  • Winter MokoCahni Skin Selection Chest x1

  • Chaos Dungeon Rest Bonus Recovery Brew x5

  • Pheon x50

  • Legendary Engraving Recipe Selection Chest x5

  • Regulus's Light Currency Chest x20

  • Special Legendary Card Selection Pack x1

  • Book of Judgment Chest x1

  • Wishful Amulet x5

  • Menelik's Tome x5

Special Anniversary Events

Join the celebration in-game with multiple special events! Participate in the Arkesia Festival where every two weeks there are new co-op quests for players to participate in, as they earn tokens to trade in for valuable rewards which even include the new Providence and Unity Skins.

In addition to the Arkesia Festival, a new Birthday Bash Event will take players on a trip down memory lane and lead them to earn rewards by re-experiencing some of the most iconic pieces of Lost Ark content that released over the last year.

The Twinkle Twinkle Exchange Shop has also returned, an Event Gold Shop where players can exchange Gold for valuable rewards, such as honing materials, legendary engravings, card packs, and more!

With enhanced daily log-in rewards, special Fever Time events, and more, there’s plenty of ways we plan to thank the community. Head into Lost Ark to checkout the events, or learn more in the 2 Extreme Release Notes.

Celebrate on Twitch

An Anniversary Twitch Drop accompanies the 2 Extreme Update. Rather than tiers, there are 3 Drops, each with their own watch time. Unlike tiered drops, watch time for each drop is earned simultaneously.

  • Drop 1 - 2hrs - Amethyst Shards x1000

  • Drop 2 - 4hrs - Second Anniversary Cotton Gift

    • 2nd Anniversary Cotton Socks (x5)

    • 2nd Anniversary Cotton Towel (x5)

  • Drop 3 - 8hrs - Second Anniversary Mokoko Hat Selection Chest

    • 2nd Anniversary Mokoko Hat (Green)

    • 2nd Anniversary Mokoko Hat (Pink)

    • 2nd Anniversary Mokoko Hat (Blue)

Make sure to head over to Twitch and celebrate with your favorite Lost Ark content creators to earn the drops before they end on March 7.

Lost Ark on

The celebration doesn’t stop in-game, as we’ve also added a Lost Ark themed gift card on Amazon for players to celebrate with not only the heroes of Arkesia, but the heroes in their everyday life as well. Find the gift card here!

Once again, thank you for your continued support, passion, and participation in the Lost Ark community. We’ll see you in Arkesia, and be celebrating alongside you!