March 2023 Update

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“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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A New Ally


Not all heroes fight on the front line. This Specialist advanced class supports friends by summoning beasts from paintings and fighting enemies with her giant brush. Welcome, Artist.

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Get Ready to Rumble

Tulubik Battlefield

Defeat your enemies and enter the base to capture it; sounds easy, right? Oh, did we mention there’s 96-players?

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Ark Pass

Season 3

The regular Ark Pass is completely free and grants a variety of helpful rewards, such as Pheons, honing material selection chests, a Legendary Card Pack, and even the Chromarong Pet!

Exchange Royal Crystals for two premium reward tracks: Premium & Super Premium. Super Premium includes Dark Priest Skin Collection.

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Step Right Up

Dark Priest and Baseball?

Try-on the dark side with Dark Priest character / weapon skins and Warhouse mount. Or step into the light and round the bases with baseball themed skins. Either way, get a lethal dose of cuteness from a Chromarong pet!

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