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Heroes of Arkesia,

The May "Chaos Rising" Update arrives tomorrow, as new threats and opportunities to explore emerge in Arkesia.

Downtime begins on May 22 at 2 a.m. PST (9 a.m. UTC) and is expected to last 5 hours. This update brings the Thaemine After Story, the challenging Trial Guardian Raid against Hanumatan, new tales in Music Box of Memories II, the mysterious Cruel Toy Castle Adventure Island, and the Magickal Enchanter Collection in the store! Dive into the full list of new content, events, skins, Quality of Life (QoL) updates, and other changes below. A new episode of "Patch Notes with Henry" is also available for any players looking for an express video explanation and visual showcase.


Content Spotlight

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Trial Guardian Raid - Hanumatan

500 years ago, Guardian Hanumatan crushed enemies in battle for the side of Light. When the war ended, Hanumatan went into a deep slumber.

He awoke only after sensing chaotic energies possessing Arkesia, and concluded that the humans were the threats to the Arkesia. Hanumatan needs be stopped before his wrath destroys Arkesia, and with this new Trial Guardian Raid, now is your time to do so with speed and precision. The Trial Guardian Raid Hanumatan will start on Saturday, May 25, at 7 p.m. UTC (12 p.m. PST) for heroes that want to test their skills and speed against a powered-up version of the Guardian. We wish luck to adventurers who wish to compete in the Trial Guardian first clear race.

However, this Trial Guardian works a little different than previous iterations.

  • Entry/Gold Rewards:

    • Trial Guardian Raid 'Hanumatan' has reinforced skills and patterns.

      • Normal Mode: 1600+ / Hard Mode: 1630+

    • Trial Guardian Raid 'Hanumatan' does not require a set-up in the book of coordination or have adjustments.

    • Upon clearing Trial Guardian Raid 'Hanumatan' for the first time, players can receive first-time clear rewards.

      • First-time clear rewards will be given once regardless of the difficulty mode.

      • First time clear rewards can be obtained once per roster.

    • Clearing each difficulty of Trial Guardian Raid Hanumatan for the first time will give gold rewards.

      • If clearing HM before NM, NM gold rewards will also be distributed

      • Gold rewards can be obtained once per roster

  • Additional updates:

    • New achievement, title, trophy added

    • [Normal] Hanumatan / [Hard] Hanumatan added to 'Trial Guardian Raid' category in Party Finder

Thaemine After Story

Players who have cleared Thaemine Hard will be able to experience the Darkness Legion Commander’s Epilogue in a new story.

The quest, “Shadow of the Moon” can be acquired from Knight Oscar in Luterra Castle. Be sure to pay him a visit to learn more about what has happened with Thaemine after his recent assault on Arkesia. Prerequisites of "Shadow of the Moon":

  • Clear Thaemine Raid HM G4 once

  • Voldis World Quest: Adento's Legacy

  • Thaemine Prelude Quest: Red Mist After Dusk

Music Box of Memories II

The Music Box of Memories is being updated with six new stories to uncover.

These stories are different, and will focus on the lives of some of the everyday citizens of Arkesia. With so much focus on our heroes of Arkesia, these stories will showcase how special the ordinary can be as well and share a glimpse at what life is like for others in Arkesia. This update will also come with new jukebox music, achievements, and titles as well as other UI and QoL updates for the Music Box of Memories system.

  • Six new stories will be added:

    • With new stories, rewards are also updated. Rewards can be accessed via NPC Leviyan.

    • Melody of Memories that can be acquired by collecting Memory Orbs.

    • Players will need to investigate and gather clues to complete the quests that grants Memory Orbs.

  • Related updates:

    • New Jukebox music, achievements, titles.

    • New Cutscenes added to the Memory Chamber in the Arkesia of Memory tab > Music Box of Memories category.

    • Cutscenes are now categorized by Episode.

    • QoL Update: New sheet music to teleport to Music Box of Memories and other UI updates.

New Adventure Island - Cruel Toy Castle Island

A new Adventure Island known as “Cruel Toy Castle Island” has appeared in the southern seas of Shushire.

Players can enter using Procyon’s Compass, and will find an Ominous Paper when disembarking that will send them on a curious quest. Cruel Toy Castle Island adds:

  • New achievements

  • Title

  • Mokoko Seed

  • Island Soul

  • Toy


Store Update

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Magickal Enchanter Collection

The new western cosmetics were designed to evoke '80s and '90s anime, where students went to school during the day and moonlighted as magical beings at night.



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  • The Arkesia Grand Prix event will end, making way for new events and a new event shop.

  • New Daily Login Rewards and Fever Time Events have been added.

Chaos Assault Event

The first part of the Kurzan Prelude Event, Chaos Assault, will arrive in May.

Players will need to head to Mount Zagoras, where Chaos has taken hold, and defeat hordes of enemies by entering Distorted Chaos rifts that will open in Mount Zagoras. There’s a special Suppression Meter for the event that increases as more enemies are defeated, and resets daily at 10 a.m. server time. Defeating enemies or filling up the suppression meter will grant special powders that can be exchanged for special rewards at the event shop, and players can also earn a special new drop called Wishful Embers. The difficulty of the field varies depending on the player's character item level, but the same rewards are distributed regardless of the item level.

Wishful Embers can drop a range of special items, with a different loot table from Fate Embers. Drops include Silver, Epic, and Legendary Cards (including selectors); Card XP; Sailing Coins; Epic and Legendary Elixirs; and Processed Chaos Stones to improve Armor and Weapon quality.

The event shop will have some extra special items, including a mount and Stronghold Structures! Make sure to hop in game and earn Shadowfallen Chaos Powder to access a variety of impactful rewards.

Endgame Acceleration Event

With the faster content cadence in the West, we wanted to reward endgame players with additional materials to help them prepare for both Thaemine and the upcoming Echidna Kazeros Raid.

The event is structured to grant players clearing the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon and Thaemine Legion Raid with additional Elixirs and Transcendence materials as they clear gates, along with gold to use for progression. We’re excited to see players continue to power-up their characters to combat the newest threats arriving in Arkesia.

Ivory Tower NM & HM
  • 3 Gate Clears

    • Clear Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x2

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x60

  • 6 Gate Clears

    • Clear Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x2

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x60

  • 9 Gate Clears

    • Clear Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x2

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x60

  • 12 Gate Clears

    • Clear Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x2

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x120

    • Gold x1,000

  • 15 Gate Clears

    • Clear Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x4

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x120

  • 18 Gate Clears

    • Clear Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x4

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x120

  • 21 Gate Clears

    • Clear Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x4

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x120

    • Gold x2,000

Ivory Tower HM
  • 3 Gate Clears

    • Splendid Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x1

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x120

  • 6 Gate Clears

    • Splendid Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x1

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x120

  • 9 Gate Clears

    • Splendid Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x1

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x120

  • 12 Gate Clears

    • Splendid Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x1

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x120

    • Gold x2,000

  • 15 Gate Clears

    • Splendid Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x2

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x240

  • 18 Gate Clears

    • Splendid Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x2

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x240

  • 21 Gate Clears

    • Splendid Elixir of Wisdom (Potent) x2

    • Stabilized Ductility Catalyst x240

    • Gold x5,000

Thaemine Legion Raid NM & HM
  • 2 Gates Cleared

    • Dark Fire x15

    • Ancient Soundstone x2

  • 4 Gates Cleared

    • Dark Fire x15

    • Ancient Soundstone x2

  • 6 Gates Cleared

    • Dark Fire x15

    • Ancient Soundstone x2

  • 8 Gates Cleared

    • Dark Fire x15

    • Ancient Soundstone x2

    • Gold x5,000

  • 10 Gates Cleared

    • Dark Fire x15

    • Ancient Soundstone x2

  • 12 Gates Cleared

    • Dark Fire x15

    • Ancient Soundstone x2

  • 14 Gates Cleared

    • Dark Fire x15

    • Ancient Soundstone x2

    • Gold x5,000

The event will last until July 17 for players to earn all the rewards!



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  • Loot auction removed from the following content:

    • Abyssal dungeon: Oreha's Well 'Aira's Oculus', 'Oreha Preveza'

    • Abyssal Raid: 'Argos'

  • The items appearing in the loot auction will now be obtainable by chance when clearing the respective content.

Combat, Skill, and Character

  • Reduced cooldown for Deadeye/Gunslinger's stance change while moving.

  • UI will no longer appear when entering UI hotkeys during Clash minigame.

  • Damage will now show from the separated hit boxes if they are separated.

  • Added the following descriptions to tooltips for Bracelet Effect 'Cheers', Gear effect 'Destructive' 2-set effect 'Protection Effect' to match the actual effects.

    • Added lines: Does not apply to protection effects without duration time.

  • The Drone no longer turns around to cursor location and immediately uses skill when a Machinist uses the following skills:

    • Command: Active Pulse

    • Command: Final Explosion

  • When Machinist's 'Hypersync' is disabled due to animation scenes, specialty meter will be refunded according to the amount remaining before the scene started.

  • When Shadowhunter's 'Demonic mode' is disabled due to animation scenes, specialty meter will be refunded according to the amount remaining before the scene started.

  • If the Friendly combat effect is set to invisible and an ally Summoner is 'Charmed', the Summoner's companions are visible to party and raid group members.

  • Improved the sporadic differences between displayed HP UI and the actual HP when the character takes continuous damage.

  • Improved visibility to make it easier to see Purification success status in combat situations.

  • Improved visibility to make it easier to see Status Ailment Immunity success by skill.

  • Slightly enhanced saturation of the attack range of Souleater's awakening skill 'Deathbringer' after the screen turns black and white, to make it easier to notice attack warning range.

  • When a debuff is removed or stack is reduced with 'Inanna' Sidereal skill in the following contents, a Purification effect will appear:

    • Legion Raid 'Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine' Gates 2 & 3

    • Legion Raid 'Plague Legion Commander Akkan' Gate 1

    • Legion Raid 'Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza' Gate 3

  • Can change Specialty hotkey from default to another key.

  • The following companions will not be targeted by NPCs when attacking:

    • Artillerist 'Heavy Turret'

    • Summoner 'Kelsion'

  • Updated certain parts of the 'Advanced Class Preview' to fit current standards..

  • Changed the start of Tier 2 item effect depredation range to fit the start of Tier 3 levels

  • During NPC interaction screen, projectiles and partial 'Betrayal' gear effects will not be displayed.

  • During cutscenes, projectiles and buff effects from characters will not be displayed.

UI, Systems, and Settings

  • Added an option to set Notification Settings Effects and Incomplete Transfer Effects when setting skill tree notifications.

  • Improved UI to show skill tree levels already obtained in the skill tree notification window.

    • With this change, skill tree notification icon's location was moved to each skill tree's top right position.

  • Changed the showing standards for certain notification buttons to be displayed on the left side of the minimap.

  • Added a guide tooltip to show specifics for each option in Auto-dismantle settings' 'Apply Auto-Dismantle'.

  • Changed the method for showing 'Dealt Damage' in battle results window for Proving Grounds.

  • When gear honing animation is immediately ended by clicking on the screen, the sound effect is also ended.

  • Added QoL improvements for playing certain pieces of sheet music

    • Song of Escape' CD reduced from 1 minute to 30 seconds.

    • Shortened the playtime for 'Song of the Heavens' and 'Song of Great Memories'.

  • When refaceting a gem, the changeable list of skills will now match the order of skills shown in Skills window.

  • If a player checks on 'Do not display the Guide anymore today' pop-up while granting bonus on bracelets, the pop-up will not show up in other bracelet bonus grants.

  • Reduced the camera's moving distance in Selfie mode to allow for more specific compositions.

  • Improved to auto-move scroll bar to align with the currently located channel when opening channel list on top of the minimap.

  • Added frames per second limitation and background frames per second limitation option to Settings in the ‘Video’ category.

  • Moved 'Screen Space Reflection' setting's location from Video 'Screen Effects Settings' to Video 'Post Processing FX Advanced Settings'.

  • When HUD is changed due to dismounting or disabling toys, the HUD is changed back to previous state.

  • Changed the menu hotkey colors for quick menu on the bottom right side of the screen, to improve visibility.

  • If closing UI after selecting a random category in party finder, and opens the UI to click on 'Search', a system message guiding category selection will show up

  • Minigame UI will be shown when entering Trade skill minigame with the UI status unseen.

  • Players can now use the hide UI feature (hotkey: Alt+X) in trade skill minigames.

  • If a player looks up a Bounty acquisition info in rapport rewards, the map leading to the Bounty will show up on the rapport UI's reward info.

  • Improved visibility for Selfie mode tutorial guide button.

  • Partyfinder UI updated; If a party's number count is decreased, the status will be updated accordingly without having to refresh.

  • Newly added content will be more visible in the content list.

  • If the content list can be scrolled when using 'Main Content' UI in contents list, scroll emphasis effect will be displayed.

  • Tooltip will not disappear when moving mouse cursor within the product area where the tooltip gets displayed.

  • Icon size and location of the tier, end content, view more reward in Lobby UI have been altered.

  • Previous/Next button images of the Preview UI will be unified.

  • Confirm button location of the Skill Tree transfer result UI have been altered to match that of the Skill Tree transfer conduct UI.

  • If transmuting effect percentage is 0%, the Elixir Transmuting screen will display effect numbers in grey.

  • Location of Rapport Rank display is changed within Rapport UI's information list per rewards.

Stronghold Systems

  • Expanded and optimized Design Points:

    • Integrated and expanded Structure points and Character points into 'Design Points'.

    • With the Design Point integration, Design Point-related research effects are now changed:

      • Design Point increase through research doubled

      • Research that previously increased structure or character points now increase integrated 'Design Points'

    • Expanded the min/max Design Points of Stronghold areas.

    • Optimized certain structures' Design Points.

  • Structure Codex added.

  • 29 new structures updated: Exchangeable through Pet Ranch cookie exchange NPC 'Totocookie'.

  • New structure 'Signboard' added: Can exchange 'Structure: Wooden Notice Board' through structure exchange NPC 'Kayla'.

  • Teleport improved:

    • Players can now use 'Teleport' menu more comfortably in Strongholds.

  • Attractions improvements:

    • Visitors can play in the open Attractions area even if the lord is absent.

    • If a play start gets voted down, players can now see the total number of vetoed counts voted.

    • Added option 'Permissions for starting activity when the lord is vacant' in stronghold option settings.

    • Added menu for stronghold settings in Attractions and Attractions management UI.

    • Changed the marks for 'Design Themes' and 'Recommended Themes' in stronghold theme lists.

    • Added structure exchange NPC 'Kayla' and Monster Structure Exchange NPC 'Keken' to all attractions area.

    • Players can now buy the following 6 lethal monster structures through Monster Structure Exchange NPC 'Keken':

      • Structure : MK-P1

      • Structure : MK-P2

      • Structure : MK-P3

      • Structure : MK-P4

      • Structure : Skeleton Archer

      • Structure: Phantom Limai

  • Structure preview improvements:

    • Added camera mode to check the structure's size in preview for the following menus: Lost Ark Shop, Exchange, Structure Codex.

  • Changed the category view method to allow players to check Stronghold structures in Lost Ark Shop by theme.

  • Removed the purchase limit for 'Structure: Guest Book', exchangeable through Structure Exchange NPC 'Kayla'.

  • When using auto formation in 'Special Dispatch', changed to prioritize based on Adaptation levels of ships and crews rather than type of vessels.

  • Added potion merchant 'Poshian' to Stronghold's 'Market' area.

  • Improved to allow structures to be placed near Farming Site's track, and also be able to move closer to the Farming Site's track.

  • Improved to allow interactions with certain merchant NPCs in other strongholds when progressing through stronghold-related quests:

    • Trade Skill Tool Merchant NPC 'Genius Collector Yongchae'

    • Jukebox Music Exchange 'Nickella'

    • Pet Management NPC 'Working Achatemeow'

  • If a player enters the Attractions area in another player's stronghold and tries to view currently ongoing stronghold-related quest location view, the world map will show the player's own Stronghold map.

  • Party finder UI is now shown above Stronghold HUD menu button inside Strongholds.

  • When minimizing party finder UI in Strongholds, default location changed to locate under stronghold HUD menu button.

  • When a different character eats a Feast in a stronghold, feast-eating emote will always be shown regardless of Combat Effect Visibility settings.

  • Eased the visuals when certain stronghold objects had too much light reflection in specific conditions.

  • When entering Selfie Mode in stronghold, faraway structures will now show up.

  • When purchasing structures through exchange, the purchased item will be automatically registered.

  • When purchasing structures from Lost Ark shop, changed to disallow purchasing more than the max. limit.

  • Added structure registration status with tooltips in structures sold in Lost Ark shop and exchange lists.

  • Stronghold items with purchase limits in the Lost Ark shop can only be bought at Lost Ark shop.

  • When placing 'Unity/Providence' weapon skins for Scrapper, Wardancer, and Striker on the weapon display rack, location adjusted to be closer to the rack.

New Hairstyles

  • Added a 'New' category to the customizing hair tab.

  • Added two new male and female hairstyles.

Items and NPCs

  • Players can now search in Market and Auction House via Context Menu even if the item is 'Locked'.

  • If a player already has a certain pet upon using a pet selection chest, preview window will mark it as 'Owned'.

  • If a battle item stack is over 999 in battle item storage, it will now show as 999+.

  • Battle item stack count will now show in front of the item type icon in Battle Item Storage.

  • If a player right-clicks a stored item in storage while Storage and Battle Item Storage is turned on, the item will now move to inventory, not pet inventory.

  • Added the Acquisition info about the following two items:

    • Structure: Small Pleccia Gramophone / Large Pleccia Gramophone

    • Structure: Awning

  • Removed the currently unobtainable item 'Structure: Arkesia War Table' from Item Codex.

  • Added 'Indestructible' tooltip to the following two items:

    • Splendid Elixir of Wisdom (Potent)

    • Clear Elixir of Wisdom (Potent)

  • Collected card will be displayed as 'Completed Bonus Collections' in Exchange list.

  • If Specialties in Adventurer's Tome have been cooked or collected, some of the cooking ingredients will not be looted from monsters anymore.

  • Tooltip line break format of partial event items have been unified with the same event items.

  • Icons changed to distinguish following event type elixir items with non-event type elixir items:

    • Clear Elixir of Wisdom (Potent)

    • Splendid Elixir of Wisdom (Potent)

  • Some chest items can now be used only if there are enough inventory slots left.

  • Meat Bug loot information in Punika Adventurer's Tome changed to be accurate.

  • Bloody Fist loot information in Feiton Adventurer's Tome changed to be accurate.

  • Some of Aeromancer's gear icons and craft skins changed to depict the real appearance more accurately.


  • When a player clicks on an inactivate rapport NPC's activation conditions in rapport info window, information regarding activation quest will show.

  • Added tabs to show info for 'Disinterested', unactivated NPCs in rapport info.

  • Specific location info will be shown in tooltip for NPC 'Neria''s favorite rapport item.

  • Added preferred NPCs for certain rapport item tooltips that were omitted before:

    • Added 'Piyernamite' to Zinnervale's preferred items

    • Removed item 'Press-Grilled Sulfur Mushroom' from Samly's preferred items

Quests & Arkesia Tour

  • When a prerequisite quest is displayed for 'Docking Mode' and 'Dungeon Entrance' UI, a button to show quest location will appear if the quest has not been completed.

  • Arkesia Tour Updates:

    • Players can progress with a daily/weekly repeated quest even if it has been completed already with Arkesia Tour.

    • Clicking on Arkesia Tour’s 'Guide' button for each mission will show additional guide for the selected mission.

    • Players can only receive a mission complete reward when they have completed all missions in the 'Arkesia Tours' step.

    • When completing Arkesia Tour 2nd tier mission, Starlight Isle's quest 'The Soul Left in X-301' will not be completed automatically.

    • After completing Arkesia Tour 2nd tier mission, and in progress with or has completed 'Under the Starlight Lighthouse' of StarlightIsle, the following quests will be completed automatically:

      • A Lighthouse for the Soul

      • For the Lost Soul

      • The Pianist of the Lonely Lighthouse

      • Starkeeper's Records

  • Slightly adjusted the size of the location guided by quest for certain steps in Voldis World Quest 'Return to Kalinar'.

  • Quest item 'Enchanted Charm, distributed during Pleccia's normal quest 'A World of Illusions', can now only be used within Pleccia.

MVP System

  • MVP system will now only record battle results of monsters Boss-tier and higher.

  • Guardian 'Healer' type of MVP contribution will be specified according to content's damage rate..

  • Guardian, 'Healer' type of MVP contribution will be adjusted according to battle time length

  • Changed the number and style of medals shown on MVP character screen.

  • Enlarged the size of medals to make it easier to check the medal itself and the tooltip

  • Three new medals added:

    • Destruction Medal

    • Radiant Supporter Medal

    • Purification Medal


  • Chaos Gate - Updated so that players cannot inflict damage to boss monster upon its initial spawn.

  • Skip Prologue is now disabled while using track move (pressing G to move on a track, such as jumping, ziplining, etc.) in Trua, the Forgotten Land prologue.

  • Changed the location of NPC 'Novice Instructor Ino' in the following major cities:

    • Rohendel 'Rothun'

    • Yorn 'Great Castle'

    • Feiton 'Kalaja'

    • Punika 'Nia Village'

  • When entering 'Medeia' while the siege event 'Medeia War' is in progress, players are now able to participate in the competitive quest 'Medeia War'.

  • Changed item 'Mariner's Treasure Chest' to be usable for all classes.

  • Global Open Chat added.

    • General Information:

      • Adding Open Chat feature in Global Chat.

      • Item Level 1491 is required for both chat room creation and participation.

      • Players can search various open chats that they want to participate in.

        • Can search chat rooms via hashtags, chat room titles

        • Chatroom list refreshes in certain period of time based on newly created rooms / recently updated chatroom over certain number of participants

      • Anyone can create open chats, and enter / exit the chats without permissions of the chat’s "Lobby Master".

    • Chatroom Creation:

      • Can create or participate in 20 chatrooms max.

      • 3 Chatroom hashtags can be selected max.

      • Can select chatroom icon.

      • Chat Room participant limit: 1~500.

      • Can set PW for the chatroom (still visible in search result).

      • Chat Room settings can be edited anytime.

    • Participation:

      • Conversation record will be saved up to 1000 messages for 30 days.

        • Chat rooms that were dormant for 90 days can be dispersed.

      • Conversation Restriction Mode can be used by Lobby Master & Lobby Deputy.

        • This can be set via Chat Configuration to activate this mode.

        • With this setting, only the Lobby Master & Deputy can input chat.

    • Re-enter queue will apply if the player got banned for certain amount of times.

      • ex. a player banned from the same Open Chat 2 times cannot re-enter for a day.

      • With chat invitations from Lobby Master & Lobby Deputy of the chatroom, the person will be able to still participate.

  • Changed certain effects in-game similar to certain expressions.

  • Fixed the issue when effect range for Mining Bomb did not work properly after using it on Spida Island's biggest egg.

  • Added a guide tooltip to show why players are unable to enter when trying to enter a Hunting secret dungeon without a map in the inventory.

  • When checking a 'Skin' in the Lost Ark Shop Wardrobe, dye information will be displayed in tooltip when the skin in possession is mouse-hovered.

  • When entering Dungeons/Regions where only 1 person can enter will now display loading screens related to the region.

  • New report type dedicated to reporting inappropriate Stronghold activities added.

  • Guild Gold Deposit feature removed to prevent Bots from circulating/laundering Gold via the Guild Gold Deposit System. Gold earned from legitimate Guilds participating in GvG events will still be able to be distributed.

  • Updated tooltips and item names related to powerpasses to align and streamline the naming conventions.

  • An economic adjustment will occur when new packs are added to the Steam store alongside this update, and players outside the United States may see pricing changes for these and other store offerings based on economic shifts that have taken place since the last Steam store update.

Chaos Rising

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