November Update

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An Arkesian feast of daily rewards, a new class full of tricks, plus new items in store.

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Arkesian Feast

Harvest time in Arkesia

Login daily to stock-up on rewards. Stockpile as much as you can, the winter looks very cold, cruel and demonic.

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A New Class Comes to Arkesia

Call forth clones, go invisible, or wield lightning-fast blade attacks. Reaper is ideal if you’re looking to bewilder your enemies before destroying them.

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New Store Items

Two characters stand wearing all black, fitted, uniforms, gold buckles and metals adorn the tops. The male on the left has a blue sash. Two swords are in the rock in front of them.
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Dress You Up

Looking for a more formal fashion? Look no further. A classic, monochromatic all-black uniform with a pop of color (and a little brag) from your medals is just what you need.

Reaper stands wearing a red off the shoulder top, short black shorts, thigh-high boots with fascinators and holds a glowing red sword.
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Reaper Wear

This package has a style for everyone and blades to match.

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