March Update

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An old enemy brings a new challenge in the Argos Abyss Raid. Your journey continues in the Episode: Kadan, which brings you to secluded islands where you meet one of the seven as you hunt for The Guardian Slayer.

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Argos Abyss Raid

Earn rewards

Participate in an eight-player raid where you’ll face a powerful and menacing Guardian, the likes of which you’ve never seen. Earn rewards as you clear each time-limited phase. Each phase features a bigger, badder Guardian; make sure your raid group is prepared.

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Episode: Kadan

The Guardian Slayer

Long ago, during the Chain War, a human was able to kill a Guardian. Known as one of the seven Sidereals, he hasn’t been seen since the war. Explore new islands, meet new characters, and learn the secrets of what happened to Kadan.

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A rickety bridge connects two sides of the island. Wooden houses, a wooden, dock, palm trees, and people populate the image.
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Isteri Island Token

Vern was named by Queen Azena when the Sylvains, one of the most powerful races created by the gods, were forced out of Rohendel. Explore the abundant resources, enjoy the warm climate, and engage with new characters who will help you unlock Isteri Island.

A grass covered cliffs edge with two rock formations that look like horns. Metal statues of warriors stand before the formations. Large rocks surround the cliffs edge in the background.
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Illusion Bamboo Island

The Sidereals were each given a piece of The Ark to hide. Once they knew it was safe, they wandered Arkesia. It’s rumored that Sidereal Shandi is training an heir, Zinnervale, on a remote island in the Procyon Sea near the continent of Yorn. Could Shandi be the key to Kadan?

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