September Update

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Jump Ahead

Jump-Start Servers

A new server setup will be implemented in Arkesia, allowing players to jump-start their characters to level 1415 with support all the way to level 1540!

Players on Jump-Start servers will receive materials that provide faster vertical and horizontal progression, including honing materials, card packs, and more.

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It's Gonna Be Legendary

Yoz’s Jar

Grab a Yoz’s Jar, dismantle any tradeable skin and take your shot at getting an Epic or Legendary Skin.

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Fight, Steal, Survive!

Primal Island Battle Arena

Sail over to Primal Island and experience the new battle-royale style event open to players level 1490+. Come to the island if you dare.

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Grab your lederhosen and get to Arkesia for themed timed events, rewards, Twitch Drops and more.

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Express Yourself

Jump-Start and Super Mokoko Express, Story Express, and South Vern Powerpass

Hook your character up to one of these and take a jump ahead. They're only here for a limited time so don't miss out!

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Looking Fresh

Mokoko Kindergarten Skins

School your enemies in style and stand out in the sandbox with the new Mokoko Kindergarten Skins.

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New Fall Fashions

Three characters model sweater vests in pink and blue, white collared shirts, and animal ear headbands. A very preppy look.
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Preppy Skins

Uniforms, sweater vests, and glasses mean one thing: the Preppy skins have arrived.

Three characters model new skins. Black outfits, gold trim, fitted. Steampunk.
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Time Together Skins

These skins are right on time to make you look great.

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